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McDonald's Australia Monopoly Is Back (And There's An App)

Say goodbye to your waistlines, and hello to eating a ridiculous amount of cheeseburgers in an attempt to win, well, more cheeseburgers (also maybe a car). That’s right, McDonald’s Monopoly is back! And this time it has a mobile game to go along with it.

The 7 Grossest Things The Internet Has Done To McDonald's Food

McDonald’s food is already pretty unappealing, but as a lifetime of internet consumption has taught me, the moral bottom is limitless. Here are the most repulsive secondary preparations for food ostensibly cooked by a 53-year-old clown.

What Happens When You Pour Sulfuric Acid On A Big Mac

Video: For a brief moment there, nothing happens. A Big Mac gets drenched in sulfuric acid, and it just kind of looks exactly the same. And then it starts getting gross.

What A Day's Worth Of Kilojoules Looks Like In US Fast Food

If you find yourself eating at fast food restaurants every day, you’re not doing your body any favours. The recommended caloric intake for the average adult is around 2000 calories (8368kj), while the average fast food combo often delivers more than that — in a single meal.

US McDonald's Happy Meal Fitness Trackers Are Giving Kids Rashes

McDonald’s in the US will no longer be shipping fitness trackers with its Happy Meals. The fast-food giant is discontinuing the cheap step-counters it was set to include in kid’s meals because the plastic bands are giving children rashes.

McDonald's Plan To Put Fitness Trackers In US Happy Meals Is A Cruel Joke

Letting kids eat a lot of McDonald’s is a great way to make them fat. But sometimes parents can’t resist buying something so cheap or addictive. Thankfully, the geniuses at McDonald’s have happily come up with a solution for every potential heart condition that rolls into a Macca’s drive-through.

NZ McDonald's 'Create A Burger' Campaign Destroyed By The Internet

You have to be really, really careful when you run a creative competition on the internet, especially one where customers have access to your assets. Sadly, McDonald’s New Zealand was taught this lesson only recently, with its create-a-burger campaign quietly shut down after being overrun with, well, tasteless jokes.

Pokemon GO Partnership With McDonald's Begins Tomorrow In Japan: Report

Pokemon GO — the game that’s sent Nintendo’s value soaring past Sony — is finally launching in Japan tomorrow, according to a new report from TechCrunch. And as Gizmodo first reported and TechCrunch now confirms as well, it’s also where Niantic will debut “sponsored locations”, starting with McDonald’s.

McDonald's No Longer Offering Free Porn In The US

Bad news American perverts: McDonald’s free public Wi-Fi will begin using filters to keep customers from watching porn in its US restaurants. The filtering will eventually affect all corporate-owned locations. McDonald’s says the new policy is aimed at creating “a safe environment”.

Pokemon GO Partnership With McDonald's Is On, Source Says

Several Redditors discovered decompiled code in the Android and iOS versions of Pokemon GO earlier this week that indicated a potential sponsorship deal with global burger chain McDonald’s. Now a well-placed source has confirmed with Gizmodo that the sponsorship is moving forward, and is set to launch in one country in Asia.

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