What Are Your Actual Chances Of Winning At McDonald's Monopoly?

Man, was I ever excited when I saw that McDonald’s Monopoly was back this year! I had a blast looking at the Roll Up the Rim stats last year, and hoped I could do the same for Monopoly this year.

See How The First Moon Photos Are Being Recovered In An Old McDonald's

Earlier this year, the internet was collectively tickled at the reports of how NASA was conducting the recovery of some of the first photos of the moon inside an abandoned McDonald’s. This new video takes a closer look at how this surreal research lab came to be.

This Guy Collected 75,000 McDonald's Items Over 50 Years

This is Mike Fountaine, a guy who has spent almost 50 of his 60 years in this planet collecting stuff from McDonald’s. From more than 1000 cups and glasses to dozens of Happy Meal boxes, he has a 75,000-object collection, fully catalogued, divided in 389 categories displayed over 3km of shelves.

This McDonald's Burger And Fries Combo Is Actually Made From Cookies

Few things are better than eating a burger and fries, even if it comes from McDonald’s. This might qualify though: a full McDonald’s meal — burger, fries, coke — made completely out of cookies. Everything is somehow a cookie!

Here's What McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Are Actually Made From

It isn’t pink goop. It’s more like a beige-ish sludge. Gross? Not entirely because ground up raw chicken meat made on a mass level will probably never look appetising, no matter how clean the process and how delicious the result is. But at least it’s good to know you’re not eating alien meat?

Man Loses 17kg By Eating Exclusively At McDonald's For 90 Days

A man lost 17kg, and his cholesterol level dropped from 249 to 170, by eating exclusively at McDonald’s for 90 days. He ate everything: from Big Macs to salads to sundaes to shakes to quarter pounders. It’s the antithesis of Supersize Me, the pseudo-documentary of a man who did the same — with two crucial differences.

McDonald's Turns Its Tables Into NFC Smartphone Racetracks

The Happy Meal is as synonymous with McDonald’s as the Big Mac, but now the international fast food chain is experimenting with what it’s calling the Happy Table. It’s another attempt to lure kids in that uses simple NFC stickers to turn its dining tables into virtual interactive race tracks.

Why The Heck Doesn't McDonald's Serve Breakfast All Day?

Look, say what you will about McDonald’s — they know how to do breakfast. The Egg McMuffin is such a perfect packet of good-morning deliciousness, I swear Ronald McDonald must’ve cut his burger-flippin’ teeth in the kitchen of a roadhouse diner. But unlike my favourite cafes, where breakfast is an all-day affair, inside the Golden Arches lunch takes over at 10:30am. What gives?

Wow, These Beautiful Animation Videos Are Ads For... McDonald's

You usually know an advertisement for McDonald’s when you see it. Ethnically diverse group of friends who stay impossibly thin even though they eat at Maccas, perfectly dressed burgers and fries that you can almost smell, internal monologues about the deliciousness of the food, so on and so forth. These ads are not like that. They’re abstract animations that show McDonald’s in a completely different way.

McDonald's French Fry Holders Should Come Standard In Everything

Resisting the temptation to dig into your french fries after leaving the drive through at McDonald’s takes discipline that only a handful of monks on Earth possess. McDonald’s Japan just wants you to stop fighting the urge altogether with the introduction of the potato holder that makes it easy to perch your large fries in your vehicle’s cup holders.

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