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Knock-Off Neck Massager Soothes And Tears Your Hair Out

You probably don’t need another reason to avoid buying cheap knock-off electronics on the street or eBay. But in case you were tempted by a surprisingly sweet deal on a neck massager, here’s an important PSA to stay clear of them.

USB-Powered Massager Can Be Synced To Your Tunes

Osim is best known for its far-from-portable massage chairs. So for relief on the go the company created this electronic muscle stimulator called the uPixie that’s powered and controlled by a USB dongle.

Does The World Need A Hula Hoop Butt Massager?

Hidden far behind the glamorous main halls at CES is the International Exhibit Hall – home to vast rows of Chinese inventors. I love these guys. As a writer, you can find some real gems…both unseen and bizarre (like the butt massager in this quick video). But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s for your feet. I actually have no bloody clue. Please tell me what the hell this is!

USB Heated Burger Massager Cures Its Own Induced Stomach Ache

I prefer to rub myself down with the real thing, myself, but this $US12 plastic USB burger massager, with heat, will have to do until my next quarter cow is delivered. From Brando, natch.

The Headtime Scalp Massager: Relax While You Look Like A Moron

There’s no real chance of retaining any dignity while wearing the Headtime scalp massager, a gadget that looks like an oversized bike helmet. And call me crazy, but the inside of this thing kind of scares me.

Vintage Massagers Look Like Torture Devices

The geniuses at Oobject have curated a hilarious gallery of 18 forgotten vibrators/massagers, all of which look more likely to induce pain than pleasure.

Lightning Review: Tinge Razor Massager, Shaver Combo Gadget

A couple months ago, a company asked if I was interested in reviewing their razor/personal massager combo. I said sure, never expecting them to send one all the way over to China. Well, they did.

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