35 Of The Best Space Movies Mashed Up In One Hypnotising Video

Editor Max Shishkin combined the soundtrack of Intersellar, the voice of Anthony Hopkins reading Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas, and footage from 35 of the best space movies to make this amazing mashup.

Names And Faces Of Celebrities Combined In A Series Of Hilarious Mashups

Combining celebrity’s names like Yoko Bono or GandAlf is a lot of fun, but Swedish designer Kalle Mattsson took the joke to a whole new level of hilarity when she decided to mashup also their portraits.

Just An Awesome Two Minute Video Of Badass Action Scenes From Movies

Oh, nothing to see here. Oh wait. Just kidding. There is everything to see here. This two minute clip of action scenes from MovieClips Trailers is so badass that I’ve watched it multiple times now. I can’t get enough. In fact, it has me hankering for an action movie so bad. Good thing John Wick is out soon, right?

Brilliant Mashup Covers 20 Queen Songs In One Minute

Video: Being a Queen fan since I was little kid, I had my doubts about anyone covering 20 Queen songs in one single 60-second song and making any sense. I stand corrected: This medley is brilliant, smoothly morphing one song into each other while keeping every single hit recognisable.

This Anabelle And Toy Story Mashup Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

Video: I never thought Woody could be portrayed as a horror character until I saw this video of Toy Story mashed up with Annabelle. It’s so scary that it will haunt my dreams tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week.

A Vision Of The Universe Captured In One Single Mashup Picture

Briefly: This blurry abstract painting is the mashup of 100 of the most popular Hubble Space Telescope images, made by Michael West of the Maria Mitchell Observatory.

This YouTube Mashup Confirms That Music Is Better When Played Together

Musician and YouTuber Kutiman is a mashup master of sorts. However, he doesn’t deal with the common music fodder that most Frankenstein-type musicians use. Instead of stitching together popular verses and choruses from mainstream music, Kutiman pulls from an entirely different source — amateur YouTube videos.

Watch: Soderbergh's New 'Psycho' Cut Butchers Hitchcock And Van Sant

Stephen Soderbergh is a big fan of Psycho. The original Hitchcock thriller is 54 years old now, so we think it’s ripe for a bit of re-interpretation. Gus Van Sant’s 1999 shot-for-shot remake is newer, but as a tribute work we reckon the rules are a little looser. So does Soderbergh, apparently — he’s made a mash-up of the two films and posted it online.

Watch This Video To See How Incredibly Awesome People Were In 2013

The end of the year is here, and hopefully you did something awesome in 2013. If you didn’t, that’s OK, because you have a brand new year ahead of you to do something memorable.

Every Major Australian News Story Wrapped Up In 10 Minutes Of Beautiful Audio

Sit back, relax, and let the major news stories of 2013 wash over you.

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