A Vision Of The Universe Captured In One Single Mashup Picture

Briefly: This blurry abstract painting is the mashup of 100 of the most popular Hubble Space Telescope images, made by Michael West of the Maria Mitchell Observatory.

This YouTube Mashup Confirms That Music Is Better When Played Together

Musician and YouTuber Kutiman is a mashup master of sorts. However, he doesn’t deal with the common music fodder that most Frankenstein-type musicians use. Instead of stitching together popular verses and choruses from mainstream music, Kutiman pulls from an entirely different source — amateur YouTube videos.

Watch: Soderbergh's New 'Psycho' Cut Butchers Hitchcock And Van Sant

Stephen Soderbergh is a big fan of Psycho. The original Hitchcock thriller is 54 years old now, so we think it’s ripe for a bit of re-interpretation. Gus Van Sant’s 1999 shot-for-shot remake is newer, but as a tribute work we reckon the rules are a little looser. So does Soderbergh, apparently — he’s made a mash-up of the two films and posted it online.

Watch This Video To See How Incredibly Awesome People Were In 2013

The end of the year is here, and hopefully you did something awesome in 2013. If you didn’t, that’s OK, because you have a brand new year ahead of you to do something memorable.

Every Major Australian News Story Wrapped Up In 10 Minutes Of Beautiful Audio

Sit back, relax, and let the major news stories of 2013 wash over you.

The Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe Mashup Is Here, And It's Wonderful

Remember the first time you ever heard your favourite band? What about the first time you heard Queen, or The Beatles? Now think back to that time, because this is the exact opposite to that. Unless you’re a pop fanatic like me, and then this is incredible. Presenting Call Me Gangnam, the inevitable mash-up of PSY’s viral hit Gangnam Style and Carly-Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.

Gotye Mashes Up All The Somebody That I Used To Know Covers, Wins Internet

Think the Gotye track Somebody That I Used To Know is overplayed? Try this on for size as the man himself takes every cover version uploaded to YouTube and mashes them into a new version, Kutiman-style. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Anything You Can Who, I Can Who Better

This mashup video clip of Doctor Who and Sherlock is exceptionally silly — and a whole lot of fun.

Must Watch: 39 Songs Sampled In Rockin' 3 Minute Electro Mashup

Need to kick start your Monday morning? Watch this 17 year old’s mad skills as he uses a Novation Launchpad to mash together 39 electro pop tracks — from the likes of Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Kylie Minogue — to create a 3 minute floor filler.

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