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This Life-Sized Marty McFly Is Creeping Me Out

I can’t look away. This “realistic” life-sized Marty McFly I found on eBay is just too… creepy. The uncanny valley is definitely in full effect here.

If The Back To The Future Shoes Were Made Today, They Would Look Like This

The Nike MAG, which we lovingly know as the Back to the Future shoes, always had the aww-inducing charm of the 80’s. Even though they were meant to represent style of 2015, the shoes were totally retro futuristic. These Nikes though? They look as if the Back to the Future shoes were invented in 2012.

Pre-Order The Back To The Future Hoverboard Right Now

Just as expected, the official Mattel Back to the Future hoverboard made infamous by Marty McFly is now available for pre-order. The hoverboard only costs $US120 and actually comes with a hoverboard scaled for 6-inch action figures too. That’s a steal in my BTTF-loving book.

Watch Michael J. Fox With Nike Air Mags On Letterman

Michael J. Fox showed up on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to officially announce the Nike Air Mag (aka the Back to the Future shoes). It’s Marty McFly himself, ladies and gentlemen!

Will Nike Finally Release The Shoes Marty McFly Wore In Back To The Future?

OH MY GOD. I’ve waited my entire life for this. The guys over at NiceKicks think Nike will announce the Nike Air Mag tomorrow. The Nike Air Mag, as you may know, is the shoe that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II.

How Marty McFly And Doc Brown Became Friends In Back To The Future

Did you ever wonder how Marty McFly, teenage cool guy, and Doc Brown, looney mad scientist, became friends? I mean, seriously, an old white-haired guy and a skateboarding teen? Well, according to the co-creator of BTTF, it’s because of young Marty.

Things We Learned At The Back To The Future Reunion

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Bob Gale, Neil Canton, Robert Zemeckis and Huey Lewis all gathered in New York to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Back To The Future. Here’s what we learned.

Marty McFly's Resizing Jacket, Nike Sneakers Up For Auction

I’ve seen Back to the Future at least a hundred times with my brothers and sister, which is why I’m excited about sinking myself in debt to get Marty McFly’s resizing jacket, his Nike sneakers and Biff’s porn mag.

Michael J. Fox Goes Back To Back To The Future

It’s just a teaser for the upcoming Scream Awards on Spike, but god damn is it good to see Marty McFly back in the saddle. That Blu-ray release needs to get here yesterday.

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