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Mark Zuckerberg Wants You To Run 587km This Year

Mark Zuckerberg has big ambitions for 2016. Not content with making Ex Machina a reality, he’s also challenging us all to run 587km by the end of the year. Are you game?

It Took Less Than A Year For The Plot Of Ex Machina To Become A Reality

Mark Zuckerberg just announced that his “personal challenge” for the new year is to build an artificial intelligence to help him around the house. Sound familiar? It’s basically the (horrifying) premise of Ex Machina.

Mark Zuckerberg's 2016 Resolution: Build An AI To Run His House

Mark Zuckerberg just revealed his 2016 resolution: build a simple AI to help him run his home.

Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates Birth Of First Born Child By Giving Away (Almost) All Of His Facebook Shares (Eventually)

In a Facebook post addressed to his recently born first child, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg subtly made two major announcements. One, his wife Priscilla gave birth to a baby girl named Max. Two, Mark and Priscilla will give away 99-per cent of their Facebook shares within their lifetimes.

How Mark Zuckerberg Is Engineering Facebook To Be More Like Google 

A billion people logged into Facebook on a single Monday this past summer, prompting all sorts of hot, hot theories about where Facebook is headed. Now Mark Zuckerberg has given us some insights, and describes a future for Facebook that sounds… a lot like Google.

Mark Zuckerberg Warns Of Too Much Net Neutrality

There is such a thing as too much freedom. If nothing was illegal, people would rob and kill each other! There’s no such thing as too much net neutrality, however. Unless you’re talking to the billionaire son of a dentist who’s trying to make every person on the planet sign up for his internet website.

Zuckerberg Wants Everybody On Facebook By 2020

At the United Nations on Saturday, Mark Zuckerberg declared his intentions to get the entire world on Facebook online, arguing that internet access is the key to ending extreme poverty.

Zuck Is Having A Baby, But What About That Adorable Dog?

Congratulations have been pouring in ever since Mark Zuckerberg posted (on Facebook, of course) that he and his wife Priscilla Chan are expecting a daughter in a few months. It’s wonderful and all (mazel tov, you two!), but most people took a look at their photo and wondered, is that a dog — or a mop?

Mark Zuckerberg On VR, AI And Sending Thoughts Over The Internet

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg ran a Q&A on Facebook, answering questions about the future of the social network, its technology and the internet more generally. Here are some of the choice cuts.

Here's Facebook's Little Red Book: A Guide To Zuckerbergian Truth

Facebook, like many Silicon Valley giants, has a mythology that’s used to indoctrinate workers. To help spread this ancestral origin story, Facebook enlisted its in-house print shop to publish a book of cultish aphorisms to guide inductees towards the light.

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