How Drones Are Being Used To Track Malaria

America’s got pretty good at using drones to hunt and kill big tangible things, but Hellfire missiles and Reapers aren’t all that good at tracking little insects. But that hasn’t stopped researchers from using (smaller, less deadly) drones to help fight the spread of infectious disease.

Your Electronics Are Probably The Product Of Forced Labour

The internet keeps a close eye on what companies like Apple, Samsung and Sony import out of Southeast Asia, since those components hint at products coming down the pipeline. The US Department of Labor keeps a close watch too, but for a very different reason: uncovering “modern-day slavery” by the factories that make electronics.

The Largest Legoland Water Park Ever Will Have 50 Million Bricks

Ever been to Legoland, man? Ever been to Legoland on waterslides? Visitors to Legoland Malaysia will soon be able to, once the largest such waterpark on Earth opens in mid-October.

Court Sentences Man To 100 Apologetic Tweets

In the modern-day equivalent (I guess?) of scrawling your apologies on a chalkboard, a Malaysian court has ordered social activist Fahmi Fadzil to say he’s sorry 100 times on Twitter. Hope no one told him how to copy and paste.

Even Paper iPads Are Sold Out

I’d heard that certain cultures like to furnish their deceased loved ones with paper tokens for the afterlife – think Monopoly money, paper Viagra, that sort of thing. But those iPad-lovers need their tablets for the afterlife too, according to the Malaysian families who have bought up paper iPads in bulk.

Can 6000 Mutant Mosquitoes Kill Off Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever. It causes pain, nausea, and can be deadly. Worst of all, there’s no known cure or vaccine. Which is why 6000 genetically modified mosquitoes are being deployed in Malaysia to kill of dengue at the root.

Malaysia Defeats Indonesia Thanks To Laser-Shooting Soccer Fans

As soon as the team took to the pitch, they were bombarded with lasers to the point where they literally walked off in the 54th minute. No, this wasn’t Tron, dear readers, it was a soccer match. With laser pens!

Want To Steal 10,800 Hard Drives? Just Drive The Truck Away

A group of brazen and possibly lucky thieves made off with $US1.2 million worth of Western Digital hard drives. The master plan behind their daring heist? They just got in the delivery truck and drove it away. Someone’s getting fired!

Giz Tech Tip: Share the Karaoke Mic Or People Will Stab You

An unfortunate man in Malaysia learned the first rule of Karaoke by the painful way of being stabbed to death last week. (This is what he should have done to appease his attackers.)

One of Malaysia's Anti-Piracy Sniffer Dogs Found Dead at Home

Gizmodo’s resident dogspert, Jones, will be wearing a black legband today to honour Manny—he’s the blond in the raver’s jacket, above—who was found dead at his kennel last week. The dog, who had arrived from Northern Ireland with his chum Paddy, both of them from the Motion Picture Association of America, was one of the newest members of Malaysia’s pirate DVD sniffer dog team, had not yet started work, as he had yet to acclimatise to the tropical heat in his new home. Lucky and Flo, the original members of the snooper-doggy-dog team, which rounded up over $6 million-worth of counterfeit DVDs during their tour of duty, had had a US$28,000 bounty on their furry heads, foul play is not thought to be responsible for Manny’s demise. Nevertheless, a post-mortem is taking place. [New Straits Times via Register Hardware]

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