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MakerBar Is An Awesome Concept That Needs To Come To Australia

Whenever you go to cover a tech conference, there’s always an outing to a local bar to satiate the desire almost every journalist has to have a buzz on. When we went out for the obligatory brew at Computex this year, I had no idea I was about to get a lesson in 3D printing, electronics and foozball all at the same time. It’s called Makerbar, and it’s an awesome concept.

Frisbeecam Records The Ultimate First-Person View

Mankind might not be able to fly yet, but until that day comes it seems we’re pretty happy to simulate the experience by strapping cameras to everything from falcons, to drones, to now even frisbees. Although that last one requires a cleverly designed mechanism so that the footage from a flying, spinning disc isn’t completely sickening.

A Tiny Letterpress Printer Made By A 3D Printer

The letterpress was a huge leap forward for mass communication when Johannes Gutenberg perfected the moveable type machine way back in the 1450s. These days, it’s considered a specialty craft. But this tiny letterpress is thoroughly modern: It’s assembled with parts printed on a standard 3D printer. Whoa.

Mini Maker Faire Melbourne! Saturday Jan 14

We’re big fans of Make here at Giz, so we’re excited by the first Australian Maker Faire at Swinburne University of Technology next month. Expect tinkering workshops and exhibitions for all sorts of technology and science, including DIY rockets and robots!

Remix The US Prez With The Obama Board Keyboard

For anyone who might have complained about the quality of our sitting president’s addresses, you can write your own with the Obama Board Keyboard. Featured at Maker Faire Detroit, you can remix choice lines from Obama’s 2009 inauguration speech to write your own.

It was designed by Canadian Maker Ashley Lewis. If she follows Obama on Twitter, she definitely isn’t one to unfollow him. [MAKE]

Makerbot's 3D-Printing Sweatshop Costs Just $US1225

They’re calling it a revolution in 3D printing. I call it a revolution in laziness. Why else should we applaud the first 3D-printing machine that can print out various objects automatically, without buttons needing pressing in between?

Playing The Dr Who Theme With Millions Of Volts Of Electricity

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ArcAttack graced us with their musical Tesla coils – and an entertaining interview – at last year’s Gizmodo Gallery. And as impressed as we were with their performance then, I’m downright giddy that they’ve added the Dr Who theme to their repertoire.

OK Go Perform Underwater With Fish Bowls, Snorkels At Maker Faire

We love OK Go in these quarters, not least because of their stage antics. The band took to the Maker Faire arena over the weekend and actually played two songs underwater; snorkelled-heads stuck in fish bowls.

Wooden Peep Hole Iris Features Unsurprising "No Finger Zone"

Get too close to this cog and gear-driven peep hole, spotted in actionat Maker Faire, and you could lose more than just an eye. Hence, the thoughtful “No Finger Zone” signage that greets operators when they turn the crank.

No One Messes With The Kid Who Has The Pet Dragon

Two high school DIY-ers will present Saphira, their animatronic dragon, at the upcoming Bay Area Maker Faire. I’m not sure they quite understood when the guidance counsellor told them to stand up to bullies by fighting fire with fire. [Make]