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Roundup: The Best of CES/Macworld 2009, All In One Place

The biggest news week of the year in gadgets is now over. Here’s a full guide to our coverage of both Macworld and CES 2009 with everything you need to know.

Apple Going to CES Next Year, Source Says

A Cult of Mac source says that Apple will “go large” at CES next year, replacing Macworld. Wait, didn’t Apple just say that they were killing Macworld because they think trade shows are irrelevant?

Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Built to Handle Digital Content

A trackball? In 2009? Indeed, Kensington is going retro with a new design that they claim is the first to “allow users to navigate and manipulate digital content through the ball itself.”

Modbook Pro Is Secret Son of an iPod Touch and a MacBook Pro

No XL iPod touch pro or fabled Apple tablets at the Philnote. Too bad, because I want one badly. Maybe the new pen and touch-enabled Modbook Pro will do.

As Macworld Fades Into CES...

As our warriors move from the beachheads of SF to the trenches of LV, here’s today’s recap, and reminder that the war week is far from over:

First Look at The Sharper Image's New Direction: Cheap iPod Docks

The Sharper Image is rebranding itself as a gadget maker here at CES, and now we have our first hands-on with their cheap iPod docks. Welcome to the future!

New Skype Beta For Mac Lets You Connect Via Boingo Hotspots In One Click

Skype has always been great for travellers, allowing free (or at the very least cheap) phone calls anywhere in the world via your PC or Mac. The latest beta version for Macs, announced today at Macworld, makes it even more traveller friendly with the ability to connect to Boingo Wi-Fi networks around the world using your Skype credit.

Skype Access, as it’s called, scans for available Boingo wireless networks and presents a pop-up dialog box with the price per minute for using the network. The price is a global flat rate of about 26 cents per minute, which even when coupled with the cost of Skype-out charges, is still a lot cheaper than calling home from your mobile while overseas. Plus, there’s the added convenience of not having to worry about giving your credit card details to a Wi-Fi hotspot provider.

Fastmac's Mac-Specific Blu-ray External Drive Is Slim and $US99

The boys at Crunchgear spotted an intriguing portable Mac-intended “Blu-ray SuperDrive” from Fastmac–and while it’s not swathed in unibody aluminium or glass, it looks like a pretty good get for $US99.

Apple Keynote Beer Goggles to Become Obligatory in 2009

This one slipped even below Jim Goldman’s rumour radar: The Apple Keynote Beer Goggles. Judging from today’s snoringfest, I won’t be surprised if they make them obligatory for every event in 2009.

Did You Enjoy The Keynote Any Less Without Steve Jobs?

Aside from the actual speculated products, the big news surrounding the Apple Macworld keynote was that Steve Jobs would be out sick. But as I refreshed the Gizmodo liveblog, I wondered, did it matter?

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