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Lytro's Immerge System Could Capture The Most Convincing VR Video Yet

Lytro’s had a rough go since introducing the world to its very cool light field capture technology just over four years ago in 2011. Following a few consumer camera flops, the company’s rolling on to the pros. Immerge is perhaps the most sophisticated virtual reality camera yet.

Man, I Hope Lytro Can Find A Good Use For Its Amazing Tech

I’ve never been more impressed by something as useless as Lytro’s incredible cameras. Let’s hope the company can actually find something useful to do with it before it expires. Right now, the company’s laying people off and going into survival mode.

Lytro Branching Out From Just Making Cameras

Briefly: Lytro is branching out from just making cameras, and is now licensing its technology out to other businesses with its Lytro Development Kit.

Lytro's Light Field Tech Is Amazing, But Is It Already Obsolete?

Lytro wants to bring photography into the future by creating cameras that do the seemingly impossible — allowing anyone viewing the image to choose which part is in focus. It’s called light-field technology, and it might already be completely obsolete.

Lytro's New Professional-Grade, Light Field Camera Is A Serious Stunner

Two years ago, a little startup called Lytro shook up the world of photography by introducing the world’s first light field camera. It hasn’t replaced normal cameras, but now Lytro now has a new toy: a professional-grade model and software platform. After you see what this camera can do, you’ll never look at still pictures the same.

Apple Patents Lytro-Style Camera Technology For Refocusable Images

Apple was just awarded a patent for a “plenoptic” or light-field camera, much like the one that Lytro started selling a couple of years ago. This is the type of technology that enables you to refocus photos after you’ve taken them. It would also seriously take iPhone photography to the next level.

Lytro Has An iOS App Now

The Lytro light-field camera is miles in front of other cameras in the way that it handles light and focus, but it has been lagging behind in photo upload for some time now. That’s about to change, however, as the folks at Lytro roll-out the first iOS app today.

Is Nokia Investing In Lytro-Style Camera Tech For Phones?

Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia is planning to invest in a Californian startup that creates Lytro-style camera technology slim enough to squeeze into a mobile phone. The company in question is Pelican Imaging, which produces a complex sensor array and combines it with algorithmic processing to allow users to adjust an image’s focus after it has been captured.

How Your Smartphone Will Get Lytro-Like Superpowers

As neat as they are, the Lytro camera’s re-focusing tricks aren’t going to convince most of us to replace our highly pocketable cameraphones. So a California company called DigitalOptics has found a way to give us the best of both worlds with a new ultra-thin sensor that promises Lytro-like tricks.

Toshiba Is Working On A Miniature Lytro Sensor For Your Smartphone

Imagine for a second that your smartphone could snap in-focus images every single time. While it might seem like a pipe dream, we might actually see it in the next two years thanks to Toshiba.

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