Philips' New Logo Is An Awesome 1930s Throwback

Seventy-five years after Philips debuted a circular “shield” logo filled with twinkling gold stars, the Dutch electronics giant has brought the design back as a bold monochromatic logomark. The new version is “modernised for use in this digital age,” according to company reps — in other words, it’s been flattened and simplified for digital screens.

Twitter Was Almost Called Smssy (And Almost Looked Awful Too)

If you’ve ever thought Twitter was a silly name, be grateful that’s what they settled on. During the research for a new book about the site, Nick Bilton has unearthed some of the early name and logo ideas, and they… they aren’t pretty.

If Brand Slogans Were Brutally Honest

Since advertising is all about the power of suggestion, it’s fun to see what happens when the conceits of well-known campaigns are totally undermined. Honest Slogans takes well-known advertising and turns the slogan into some real talk about the product, or at least designer Clif Dickens’s take on it.

Watch Six Famous Corporate Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes

Just like the products and services they sell, company logos have a tendency to change over time. In this series of animations by Nick DiLallo, you can see how the logos of six big firms have changed over the years. Update: The videos have been removed from YouTube.

The US Army Guide That Teaches Soldiers To Recognise Terrorist Logos

Modern warfare is defined by ambiguity — and with it, soldiers (and training) have had to adapt. Posted online this week, a US Army document guides soldiers through the rigors of recognising terrorist and insurgent groups in the wild. Not through weaponry or language, but through branding.

The History Of The Pixar Logo Animation

Pixar’s production logo — that animation sequence that pops up before a Pixar movie — is as iconic as they come. Who can’t help but smile when they see cute little Luxo Jr. squash the I in Pixar and turn its bulb towards you. But the Pixar logo animation wasn’t always so adorable, a few of Pixar’s early shorts had much plainer sequences. Jay Orca combined a lot of them into this wonderful 3-minute video showing the history of Pixar’s logo.

What's The Best Logo Of All Time?

People tend not to like big changes, either in celebrity hairstyles or branding, which explains why so many major logo unveilings of the past few years have ended in disaster. But rather than harp on Yahoo’s spicy meatball of a new logo, let’s dig into the neglected category of the well-designed ones.

Yahoo's New Logo Is Boring, And That's The Whole Point

Yahoo finally unveiled its new logo after 30 days of zany decoy versions. It’s a staid little number, the main surprises of which are its intense new shade of purple, an ever-so-slight serif, and an odd architectural shadow effect. It’s a more traditional, adult design — and it hints at how Yahoo is changing on a larger scale.

Are Any Of These 29 Decoy Yahoo! Logos Better Than The Original?

Yahoo! is about to unveil its new logo. If you’re confused — yes, Yahoo! has been “unveiling a new logo” (read: comic sans rendering of Yahoo!) for the past 29 days. It’s all part of an unusual plan to evade the virulent public backlash that has haunted many recent corporate rebrands. But will it work?

Can You Name The Brands Behind These 20 Translated Logos?

The logo of a multinational brand needs to be recognisable in any language, which is why so much time and effort goes into developing a strong design. But it’s still fun to see what Subway’s logo looks like in Chinese, or what Pizza Hut looks like in Farsi.