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Lucasfilm And Disney Are Now Selling Their Own Flawless Star Wars Props

When spending $1700 on a prop lightsaber, you want to be absolutely sure you’re buying as accurate a replica as possible. So instead of licensing designs and schematics to third-party companies, Disney and Lucasfilm have launched its own line of prop replicas that promise to be the most accurate ever created.

Has It Really Taken This Long For Lightsaber Pool Noodles To Exist?

You’re supposed to use them for lazily floating around a pool on a hot summer’s day, but in no time at all those long foam noodles quickly become a sword you can safely swing around like a samurai, ninja and now a Jedi, thanks to Swim Ways.

This Amazing Fan Film Showcases All The Things We Love About Darth Maul

Video: There is one good thing to come out of Episode I: The Phantom Menace: Darth Maul. This fan film, Darth Maul: Apprentice showcases all of the things that we loved about the red-and-black Sith Lord.

Prove Your Star Wars Devotion With A $34,000 Floating Lightsaber Fountain Pen

Think you’re the biggest Star Wars fan in our neck of the galaxy? Here’s your chance to prove it once and for all, because only the most loyal of Star Wars devotees will be willing to spend just shy of $US25,000 ($34,402) for a lightsaber fountain pen and a nifty floating display stand.

This Lightsaber Made With A Thin Burning Flame Is So Bad Arse

Video: This totally bad arse “lightsaber” uses a thin burning flame as its blade. It’s a firesaber, sure, but it looks like so much fun to handle (and probably just as dangerous to play with) that I’m going to consider it a lightsaber anyway.

Here Are All The Star Wars Characters Who Got Killed By Lightsabers

According to Obi-Wan Kenobi, the lightsaber is “an elegant weapon for a more civilised age”. It’s also a brutally effective choppy death stick. Here are all the Star Wars characters — both major and minor — who met their maker at the hands of a crystal-powered plasma blade. [Warning: Contains Force Awakens spoilers!]

Gorgeous Hubble Flyby Reveals A Lightsaber In Space

Here’s a beautiful flyby video of the Herbig-Haro object called HH 24 courtesy of the Hubble. We saw the absolutely striking still image earlier which shows a newborn star shooting out twin jets into space. To learn more about this awesome phenomenon, read here.

The Brutal Amputations In Star Wars Done By Lightsabers

Video: Lightsabers are dangerous as hell. If I had access to one in this here real life, I’d be legless, armless, headless, and torsoless in less than 5 minutes. Not even kidding. Even people who know how to use lightsabers get their body parts laser chopped off. Check out this compilation of all the amputations in Star Wars from Pablo Fernandez Eyre, many done by lightsabers.

Guy Builds Gigantic Glowing Lightsabers For The Best Christmas Display Ever

When it comes to home made lightsabers — a popular pastime for Star Wars fans — Bob Clagett doesn’t mess around. He was recently hired to build a pair for a client’s holiday display, and the gigantic results put any Christmas tree, gingerbread house, or nativity scene to shame.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber Chopsticks Look Impossibly Uncomfortable To Hold

It might look cool in all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teasers and trailers, but the tri-blade design of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber just doesn’t work elsewhere. Take these novelty chopsticks, for example, that look like the most uncomfortable thing you could ever try to hold in your hand.

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