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Guy Builds Gigantic Glowing Lightsabers For The Best Christmas Display Ever

When it comes to home made lightsabers — a popular pastime for Star Wars fans — Bob Clagett doesn’t mess around. He was recently hired to build a pair for a client’s holiday display, and the gigantic results put any Christmas tree, gingerbread house, or nativity scene to shame.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber Chopsticks Look Impossibly Uncomfortable To Hold

It might look cool in all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teasers and trailers, but the tri-blade design of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber just doesn’t work elsewhere. Take these novelty chopsticks, for example, that look like the most uncomfortable thing you could ever try to hold in your hand.

Awesome GoPro Video Shows The First-Person View Of A Jedi

Video: This is so much fun. Bill Parker imagined what it would look like if a Jedi wore a GoPro and came up with this kickass first-person footage of the Jedi swinging his lightsaber around to fight Stormtroopers and blow up AT-ATs. Like those other GoPro videos that feature crazy stunts, seeing another point of view lets me pretend that I’m the person in the video. And I feel pretty badass as a Jedi.

Everything You Need To Build A Triple-Bladed Lightsaber

It’s easy to figure out exactly when Star Wars fans first started building their own replica lightsabers — it was almost certainly the same day the original film premiered back in 1977. And if the triple-bladed lightsaber seen in the teaser for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens has inspired your DIY side, this infographic will walk you through building a simple replica that actually lights up.

iFixit Tears Down The One Gadget We All Really Want: A Lightsaber

To celebrate May the 4th, the most important date on a Star Wars fan’s calendar, iFixit has set aside its Apple Watches and laptops and instead focused its expertise in disassembling on the one gadget everyone in this galaxy (and those far, far away) really want: a lightsaber.

You Can Finally Build Your Own Crazy Multi-Blade Lightsaber

The internet is still trying to figure out what the deal is with that crazy three-bladed lightsaber revealed in the first teaser forStar Wars: The Force Awakens. But with Hasbro’s upcoming Star Wars Bladebuilders kits, you can outdo both George Lucas and J. J. Abrams with a Jedi or Sith weapon that defies all logic and the laws of the universe.

The Hilarious Ridiculousness Of The New Star Wars' Crossguard Lightsaber

Like the rest of us, Machinima Happy Hour wondered what would happen after the crossguard lightsaber scene in the new Star Wars trailer. Unlike the rest of us, they created this hilarious animation imagination of how ridiculous that fight would be because adding light sabers to just anything is just crazy.

A Real-Life Laser Tri-Blade Lightsaber Is The Best Worst Idea

A Wicked Lasers product has long been the closest you can get to a real-life lightsaber, but there are some Jedi weapons better left on the screen. If the tri-blade lightsaber revealed in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser has caught your eye, and safety isn’t your utmost concern, with the help of a 3D printer you can now make your own… kind of.

Lightsaber Replacement Keys: No Need To Use The Forced Entry

Despite what you think of the Star Wars prequels, or even the original films, lightsabers will always be awesome. And despite there being everything from lightsaber BBQ tongs to glowing knitting needles already out there, how could you not welcome these lightsaber-themed replacement keys with open arms?

Are Lightsabers Possible?

Fortunately, we do actually have a pretty good idea of how lightsabers are supposed to work thanks to the extensive technical manuals written by the Lucas team. But in addition to asking what a lightsaber is, and how it works, there’s also another, perhaps more interesting, question: what’s the closest thing we could possibly make to that?

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