Magnets Let You Rearrange These Modular LED Lights On The Fly

Conventional lighting systems suffer from a serious but seemingly unavoidable limitation: sockets. Along with wires, plugs and fixtures, this basic infrastructure dictates where lights can go and what they could look like. How would a designer get around that? Magnets, of course!

Huge Neon Signs Photographed From Below Become Futuristic Abstractions

It’s a wonderful sensation when you encounter something you’ve seen countless times before, only from a different vantage point. The electric glow of neon signs is familiar in all big cities around the world, but seeing them from the vantage point of photographer Rainer Torrado lends them an entirely new shape.

The Very American History Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a uniquely American tradition. That’s not just because the first electric Christmas lights appeared in America. The tradition embodies a certain American-ness, an ingenuity and hunger for innovation, that’s easily overlooked. America doesn’t just make things. America makes things spectacular.

A Glow In The Dark Forest Is A Magical And Trippy Place

My, this is beautiful. Artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad teamed up in this projection map installation to create a ‘bioluminescent forest’. The entire forest glows with light, from the mushrooms to the trees to the leaves to the grounds to the insects. The darkness is transformed into a magical place.

NYC's Skyline Could Get A Lot Darker, And That's Great

Big city bright lights, the city that never sleeps, blah blah blah. New York has a big-time problem with light pollution, and now a plan is in the works to significantly dim its skyline to cut carbon costs. It’s about damn time!

Neighbourhood Teams Up To Create Crazy Synchronised Christmas Light Show 

Video: The neighbours of this community synchronised the Christmas lights on their houses together to create this impressive show. I can’t imagine the endless discussions to agree on colours, types of lights or music — a nightmare before Christmas.

A Beginner's Guide To Home Automation Standards: Z-Wave vs Zigbee

Two primary standards are fighting it out to control your home and make life more comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s what you need to know about lighting your Australian home of the future.

Here's How Stunning The Night Sky Would Look If There Were No Lights

I wish we could turn of all the lights in the world just for one night, and I wish that all the light pollution would disappear, and I wish the darkness would reveal the night sky as it should look. As a stunning and glittering and spinning wonder that will make me forget about life down here and dream about the beyond.

These Wirelessly Powered Christmas Lights Would Decorate Tesla's Tree

It’s probably time to think about finding a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, that also means trying to untangle the seven kilometres of tree lights, a solid 50 per cent of which will have broken in the last year.

Your Desk Isn't Geeky Enough! Here's A Stackable Tetris LED Lamp

Tetris has come to us in many forms since its release in 1984, some more interesting than others, but few manage to combine functionality with fun as well as this stackable Tetris LED lamp, which only lights up pieces that are connected to each other.