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I Need To Ride This Totally Trippy Slide Right Now

Video: You could get on this water slide completely sober and emerge feeling like you went on the wildest acid trip ever. The Aqua Racer slide on the Norwegian Escape cruise ship packs multiple levels that offer visual stimulation in so many ways. The slide’s colourful, twirly LEDs make it feel like you’re in a space tunnel on drugs — while the brief moments of darkness make you feel like you’ve hit the end of the universe (on drugs too, of course).

IKEA Keeps Getting Weirder, Now Sells Hydroponic Gardens

The world mostly knows IKEA for its flatpack furniture and mediocre meatballs. In the past year, however, the company’s doubled down on a new category: gadgets. And you know what? They’re kind of awesome.

An App Manages The Brightness Of Petzl's New Headlamps To Maximise Battery Life

When you’re heading out for a night run, or hiking through the bush after dark, a working headlamp is almost as important as the shoes on your feet. So Petzl is upgrading its hands-free headlamps with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity to intelligently manage brightness and battery life.

Can Christmas Lights Really Play Havoc With Your Wi-Fi?

A telephone regulator has warned that festive decorations can spoil your festive internet fun. Here’s the science.

Christmas Lights Might Slow Down Your Wi-Fi

Did your Netflix stream grind to a halt as your loved one set up the Christmas decorations? According to British telecoms watchdog Ofcom, it could be the fairy lights that slow down your Wi-Fi network at this time of year.

This Cambridge Cathedral's Light Display Is A Glorious Ode To Knowledge 

The interior of a Cambridge chapel comes alive with light in an eye-popping immersive project art installation. It’s the creation of artist Miguel Chevalier and the installation was commissioned by the University of Cambridge for a fundraiser last month — the first time the university has invited an artist to do such a project in its famed King’s College Chapel.

An Aeroplane Fuselage Gets Transformed Into A Stunning Interstellar Light Show

Video: Wow. PlayMID’s Porta Estel·lar is a trully stunning visual light show inside an old aeroplane fuselage. It mimics the concept of interstellar travel, “from departure and takeoff to the sighting of comets, planets, galaxies and alien worlds, until finally returning safe to earth”. Watch it, it’s a total trip (in every sense of the word).

Bicycling Through Forests And Moonscapes Lit In Different Colours Is So Cool

Video: Doing things at night is always a little more edgy, a little more scary, and a lot more fun. Doing things at night while lighting up entire forests in the Pacific Northwest and moonscapes in Utah in different colours is all of that night fun with a giant load of awesome added in. It looks like a completely different world.

This Dancing Drone Is A Beautiful Painter Of Light

To show off the world’s most precise drone system, PRENAV made this video demonstrating how exact its drones can be. The drone basically plots points in the air and then becomes a dancing array of light that’s oh-so-fun to watch. The PRENAV system supposedly lets drones write letters and draw shapes in the sky too, but I’m totally cool with watching the lights.

A Cheap $10 Bike Brake Light That Only Glows When You're Stopping

Automatic brake lights that only come on when your bike is slowing and stopping aren’t a new idea. But the folks at Sigma have come up with cheap and clever solution so that their $US10 LED bike brake light doesn’t need a pricey built-in accelerometer.

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