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Riding A Bicycle With Lights On Its Wheels Is Basically Tron

Video: Bicycles with lights ringing their back wheels and expert visual editing basically turns regular mountain biking into light cycles on The Grid in Tron. It’s already a cool effect in real time because the lights start spiralling with the wheels, but reaches another level of awesomeness with some editing in post-production because the frames get stitched up to look as if the light were leaving colourful trails in nature. I wish this actually happened in real life.

Guy Builds A Water-Cooled 72,000-Lumen Torch And Boy Is It Bright

Video: Unimpressed with the torches sold at your local outdoors store? Need to be able to spot bears at night from 8km away on your next camping trip? Just do what YouTube hacker Samm Sheperd did and build your own using eight 100-watt LED chips that produce somewhere around 72,000 lumens.

This New Light System Shines As Bright As 21,700 Suns

Researchers from Europe have developed a solar simulator that replicates the heat and light of the sun’s radiation — and then some. The system, with a luminous flux equivalent to over 20,000 suns, is being used to test various materials in extreme conditions.

Philips Hue System Adds A Motion Sensor That Will Turn Your Smart Lights On Automatically

Before the idea of a ‘smart home’ came long, people had to actually walk over to a switch to turn lights on and off — it was barbaric. Now you can illuminate your entire house with just a few taps on a smartphone app, but Philips wants to make life even easier than that with a new motion sensor that automatically turns its Hue lights on and off for you.

I Need To Ride This Totally Trippy Slide Right Now

Video: You could get on this water slide completely sober and emerge feeling like you went on the wildest acid trip ever. The Aqua Racer slide on the Norwegian Escape cruise ship packs multiple levels that offer visual stimulation in so many ways. The slide’s colourful, twirly LEDs make it feel like you’re in a space tunnel on drugs — while the brief moments of darkness make you feel like you’ve hit the end of the universe (on drugs too, of course).

IKEA Keeps Getting Weirder, Now Sells Hydroponic Gardens

The world mostly knows IKEA for its flatpack furniture and mediocre meatballs. In the past year, however, the company’s doubled down on a new category: gadgets. And you know what? They’re kind of awesome.

An App Manages The Brightness Of Petzl's New Headlamps To Maximise Battery Life

When you’re heading out for a night run, or hiking through the bush after dark, a working headlamp is almost as important as the shoes on your feet. So Petzl is upgrading its hands-free headlamps with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity to intelligently manage brightness and battery life.

Can Christmas Lights Really Play Havoc With Your Wi-Fi?

A telephone regulator has warned that festive decorations can spoil your festive internet fun. Here’s the science.

Christmas Lights Might Slow Down Your Wi-Fi

Did your Netflix stream grind to a halt as your loved one set up the Christmas decorations? According to British telecoms watchdog Ofcom, it could be the fairy lights that slow down your Wi-Fi network at this time of year.

This Cambridge Cathedral's Light Display Is A Glorious Ode To Knowledge 

The interior of a Cambridge chapel comes alive with light in an eye-popping immersive project art installation. It’s the creation of artist Miguel Chevalier and the installation was commissioned by the University of Cambridge for a fundraiser last month — the first time the university has invited an artist to do such a project in its famed King’s College Chapel.

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