light painting

Fantastic Video Recreates Ghostbusters Effects Using Stop-Motion

Video: Joey Shanks has a series of videos where he shows how to create Hollywood movie effects using household objects. For this one he created the proton streams from Ghostbusters just using coloured lights, long exposure photography and stop-motion.

Using Light-Painting Effects To Recreate The Ghostbusters Proton Streams

When you find yourself in times of trouble, always remember: Don’t cross the streams. Egon’s ghostbusting words of wisdom still hold true today. Joey Shanks at PBS Digital Studios knows that. But he’s risked total protonic reversal to show us how to recreate the glowing effects of everyone’s favourite Slimer-busting backpacks using simple light painting techniques.

This Robot Is The Rembrandt Of Painting With Light

The more traditional technique of light painting involves creating freehand designs using a point of light in front of a camera taking a long exposure photo. The results are occasionally recognisable — but most often random — and that’s part of their appeal. Jeff Crossman and Kevyn McPhail take a different approach though, using a robot arm to create perfectly pixelated light painting images.

LED-Covered Drone Traced This Neon Light-Graffiti Through The Sky

Light painting is awesome, whether you use your own two hands and a LED glowstick, or leave it up to a Roomba-like robot. But the folks at the production studio Fiction decided to take it up a notch by bring a makeshift UFO into the mix.

Who Needs Fireworks When You Have A Psychedelic LED Rave Plane?

Sure, light painting is awesome when you’re doing long exposure shots with a PixelStick or something, but that’s only one way to cover your world in glowing graffiti. Take, for instance, this LED-powered rainbow plane.

A Giant Tube Of LEDs Can Turn Anyone Into A Glowing Graffiti Artist

Light painting is rad: a long exposure, a dark background, and a flashlight all come together to make an eerie, sci-fi effect. High-tech, LED-powered light painting is even cooler, but so far it’s been a fringe hobby for die-hard DIYers. Pixelstick, with a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign, wants to put crazy nighttime picture and GIF-making powers into anyone’s hands.

This Font Was Created Using Light Streaks From An iPhone

This font, called Phone Streak, might not be the most practical typeface in the world, but it was probably the most fun to create — because it was put together by capturing long exposures of an iPhone being swept through the air.

Creating The World's Largest Light Painting

Last year, Michael Bosanko created what is reportedly the world’s largest ever light painting. This video shows how he did it.

You Won't Believe How This Car Was Light-Painted

Light painting is something that’s almost always impressive to me — ooh! look at the lights! — but this is just off the charts. The Found Collective teamed up with Marshmallow Laser Feast used a gigantic plasma TV on a track to create 3D imagery. It’s like 3D light printing.

These Girls Are Wearing Nothing But Light

Light painting is one of those magical photography techniques that never gets old. Fancy effects! And even… dresses? Mmhmm. Atton Conrad, an advertising and art photographer, used light painting to dress his models and make them look gorgeous.