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LG's Curved HS8 Soundbar: Australian Review

If you have a curved TV, buying a straight soundbar or flat external speakers kinda misses the point; you want something that matches your screen not only in style but in shape. There are a few different models out there, but LG’s HS8 curved soundbar looks just about as good as all-in-one sound systems for your TV can.

LG Just Launched A Case For The G5, A Phone That Doesn't Yet Exist

LG hasn’t launched its new flagship G5 smartphone yet. It won’t for at least another week. But in a rather daring piece of marketing, it has just launched a case that you’ll put the new phone in.

LG G5 Rumours: Everything We Think We Know

Last year’s LG G4 was fantastic. It kept the best features of Android alive (like having a removable battery and expandable storage), while ushering in a few new things, like a slight curve to the phone’s body, optional leather cases and a camera that’s actually worth a damn.

LG Is Finally Selling Flat 4K OLED TVs In Australia

LG has been at the forefront of OLED TV development, and it’s still the only TV brand with OLED screens in Australia. After releasing a few curved OLED TVs last year and one pioneering panel in 2014, it’s now just answered the prayers of many a home cinema junkie — it’s now selling flat 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs around the country.

LG's Rumoured 'White Card' Looks Like Another Smart Card Disappointment

In case you weren’t already inundated with payment options, LG apparently thinks you could use one more. A new leak suggests that LG is ready to enter the payments world, but unlike its biggest competitors Apple, Google and Samsung, LG will not be using smartphone technology to power your payments. Instead, the company is making a smart card — much like the big busts released by Coin, Plastc and Stratos.

This Week's Tech Rumours, Smartphone Edition

As we inch closer and closer to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we’re expecting smartphones aplenty, the rumour engines are currently cranked to eleven. New small iPhone details? MicroSD-equipped Galaxy?! Surfacephone.com?!?

A Sceptic's Guide To Buying (or Not Buying) A 4K TV

I bought my beloved television half a decade ago, a (then) impressively thin 32-inch Samsung for around $700. Today, you can buy a 50-inch 4K TV for around that much. The real question is: Should you buy a 4K TV at all?

There's A Huge 4K TV Hiding In This Photo

Can you see LG’s super-thin 4K OLED television in the photo above? It’s just 2.57mm thick, giving it a virtually invisible profile.

The Future Of TV Is Beautifully Boring And That's A Good Thing

You could say that, historically, televisions are the star of CES. After all, it was at CES in 1998 that the world saw the first ever high-definition TVs. Plasma TVs debuted at CES in 2001, and OLEDs appeared in 2008. This year, however, everything was pretty damn boring. That’s not a bad thing.

Hands Too Filthy? You Can Open LG's New Fridge With A Foot Tap

LG has added a see-through door to its new Signature line of fridges that lights up when tapped, so you can check its contents without letting out the cold. And to save you the strain of actually physically opening the door when you see something you want, a simple foot tap now does that for you.

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