LG Music Flow: Australian Review

Multi-room audio is, in Australia, the Next Big Thing. If you have a big apartment or a house, buy three or four speakers within one brand and you’ll be able to play music from them all simultaneously, filling your home with sound. Despite the company being a relatively new entrant to the game, LG’s Music Flow speakers are more than a match for Samsung or Sonos.

LG G3 Getting Android 5.0 Lollipop Within Days

Briefly: Are you the lucky owner of an LG G3? Good news: you’re getting Android 5.0 Lollipop for your phone real soon.

Is OLED Dead At Samsung?

At last year’s CES, we heard how OLED was the future of TV. Blacker blacks, more vibrant colour and dangerously sexy curves. Flash forward a year and Samsung is cheering for a new technology: SUHD TV, powered by Quantum Dot technology. But what of OLED? Can you still buy a great Samsung OLED TV in 2015?

Two LG Factory Workers Die In Nitrogen Leak

The Korea Herald reports that two workers have died and four been injured during a nitrogen leak at an LG Display factory in the South Korean city of Paju. The incident occurred while the workers carried out regular repairs on the ninth floor of the factory, which sits 40km north of Seoul.

LG's New Smart Watch Is Powered By WebOS

A few outlets have now managed to confirm that LG’s new smartwatch is powered by webOS. The watch has been shown off at CES by Audi, where it was used to beckon a car on to the stage.

LG's Curved OLED TVs Now Come With Swarovski Stands Because Why Not

Image Cache: Is your $10,000 TV not sparkly enough? Why not try on LG’s new Curved OLED TVs with Swarovski stands. That’s a thing at this year’s CES.

LG's Ludicrous 8K TV Is Too Insane For My Eyes To Handle

4K is for losers. The real mind-blowing screens at this CES are the giant 8K prototypes that will seriously blast your eyeballs. I just saw LG’s 98-inch 4K-times-four OLED screen, and yes, it was absolutely insane. I’m not sure exactly how insane though because my eyes just aren’t good enough.

LG At CES 2015: Quantum Dot UHD, OLED TVs And The G Flex2

Looking for a quick precis on what Korean tech giant LG is showing off this year at CES? Here’s your easy go-to guide.

LG G Flex 2 Hands On: Back, Bent, Better

LG’s ludicrous banana phone wasn’t just a one-off; it’s back for a second go. Like its older brother, the G Flex 2′s main trick is still just being curved, but this time it’s also just a way better phone.

Google Cast For Audio: Can Google's AirPlay Answer Be More Open?

The newly announced Google Cast for Audio gives Chromecast-like audio powers to Wi-Fi enabled speakers and soundbars. It basically sounds like Google’s version of AirPlay. Does that mean it’s going to suffer from AirPlay’s unfortunate drawbacks?

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