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I Need LG's Foldable Keyboard In My Life

“Hello, LG? Yes, this is Luke. Go ahead and take as much of my money as it takes to get this keyboard-based sorcery into my travel bag.”

LG G Watch Urbane Gets Australian Price And Release Date

The vast majority of smartwatches are unstylish. This much we know. LG is doing everything it can to bring the age of the unfashionable wrist-computer to an end with the G Watch Urbane: a sexy smartwatch which is finally coming to Australia.

LG G Pad Updated With Modest Spec Bump

LG’s G Pad II is an upgrade for the G Pad series, famously copied for the much-loved Nexus 7. But aside from a decently-sized battery, this new tab is pretty run-of-the-mill.

LG's Latest Innovation Is... An Android Flip Phone?

Do you miss T9? Do you dislike productivity? Then the new LG Gentle is for you.

LG EG960T Ultra HD OLED TV: Australian Review

Plasma TV is dead. (I’m still getting over this.) With plasma gone, there was a difficult couple of months where if you wanted a TV with excellent contrast — perfectly deep blacks, bright whites, beautiful colour — you had to buy an extremely expensive, top of the line LCD. Then OLED came along at a reasonable price, late last year, and we rejoiced. Now we’re finally seeing OLED TVs that support Ultra HD start to hit store shelves, and that’s a very good thing — this $9999 Ultra HD OLED screen is almost the perfect TV.

LG G4: Australian Review

A beautiful design, an incredible camera, powerful and portable hardware, and an Android skin that doesn’t get in the way — these are all things that can individually make or break the experience of using a phone. Get two wrong, and it’s hard to get over. Get two right, or get more right, and you have a recipe for a great device. Thank god, then, that there’s a smartphone that has all four — the LG G4. It’s one of the best all-round Android phones I’ve ever used.

LG's Ultra HD OLED TVs Are Out In Australia Right Now

LG’s amazing curved, Ultra HD, OLED television absolutely blew me away when I looked at it in October of last year — I called it the perfect TV. It’s taken eight months to get stock, but we’re finally getting them in Australia. These TVs are the absolute creme de la creme, the state of the art, the best screens money can buy.

Telstra LG G4 Pre-Orders Get A Free Bluetooth Speaker

LG’s G4 superphone goes on sale in a couple of weeks, and Australia’s biggest telcos are tempting you to pre-order with some pretty nifty extras and freebies.

Optus Is Giving Away A $479 Smartwatch To G4 Pre-Orderers

Want a LG Watch Urbane to complement your new phone? Get in quick with Optus as only the first 100 people to sign up get the freebie.

The Key To Longer-Lasting Smartwatches Might Be Stupidly Simple

Smartwatches are not endowed with the greatest battery life, thanks to the limited space available. But for the increasingly large number of circular smartwatches on the market, there’s one simple change that could yield a quarter more power: stop trying to fit rectangular batteries into round bodies.

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