LG's 18-Inch Flexible Display In Action Is What The Future Looks Like

We only recently learned about LG’s new 18-inch flexible display that can roll up like a magazine. It sounds crazy, but seeing it bend and twist in on video makes my heart palpitate.

LG UB980T UltraHD TV Review: This Picture's Not Worth The Price

The march of progress moves to the beat of early adopters patting their wallets and chanting, “shut up and take my money”. Unfortunately, LG’s latest high-end offering can’t seem to keep up with its price tag.

Android Wear Smartwatch Teardowns: Good Guts, Small Packages

Android Wear devices are finally out in the wild, and while we’re all still waiting on the Moto 360, the Samsung and the LG ain’t bad. The folks at iFixit tore them apart to see what’s underneath the surface, and what they found was mostly what you’d expect. With one exception.

LG G Watch Review: A Wearable You'll Actually Consider Wearing

The LG G Watch is one of the first Android Wear wristables to reach the arms of those anxiously waiting for a smartwatch that’s more than hype. Until now, the options have all been a little clunky, lacking either beautiful hardware, usable software or both. This is better. But that doesn’t make it good enough — yet.

LG G Watch Hands-On: A Smartwatch That Feels Like A Watch

Months after it was first announced, those in the US will be able to pre-order LG’s Android Wear-powered G Watch for $US229 today. I had the chance to handle the hardware for the first time, and I saw a true smartwatch that actually works like a watch.

LG G-Watch Pre-Orders To Hit Australia In A Few Hours [Update: It's Available Now!]

For once, Australia won’t be completely left out of the Google I/O announcements! You’ll be able to get your hot little paws on the world’s first Android Wear smartwatch right now.

LG G3 Review: Brains That Finally Keep Up With The Brawn

The LG G2 was the worst kind of disappointment, a powerful device held back by lame software. The G3 keeps the strength, and actually manages to get out of its own way. For the most part, that is.

LG 29UM65 UltraWide Monitor: Australian Review

Widescreen monitors are great. They’re spot-on for watching Blu-rays or downloaded TV, and they’re well suited to modern PC gaming. But if you want to multi-task, regular widescreen can be a bit restrictive; it’s just not wide enough. LG’s 21:9 UltraWide UM65 monitor is made for serious productivity, but it’s equally at home running through a couple of rounds of Titanfall or Battlefield.

LG G3: Australian Hands-On

LG doesn’t just make flagship Android devices. It makes bona fide Nexus phones. Both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 have been based on some brilliant LG hardware, and the new LG G3 is brilliantly on form.

LG's Glueless Packaging Is Almost As Impressive As The OLED TV Inside

A product’s packaging is usually nothing but the last obstacle between you and a shiny new gadget, but often there’s as much thought that goes into the design of a cardboard box as the device inside. For instance, LG put a remarkable amount of design effort into the box its OLED TVs ship in, and most consumers will never even notice.