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Top 5: The Best Smartphones Of 2015

Chart: Looking for a new phone? Here are the best smartphones, whether they’re Android or iOS, available in Australia as of November 2015.

The First Android Wear Watch With A Mobile Connection Has Been Pulled From Stores

The LG Watch Urbane 2 was notable among many other Android Wearables because of what’s inside: a mobile radio. But due to an unidentified ‘quality issue’, LG is pulling the watch from stores, offering refunds, and cancelling the worldwide rollout.

LG's CordZero Handstick Vacuum Is Convenient, Compact And Battery-Powered

LG is making a lot of noise about its CordZero battery-powered vacuum cleaners recently — including bloodying Dyson’s nose over suction power — so I decided to give one a test drive.

The Latest In TV Technology: 4K, OLED, Netflix And Beyond

Gizmodo Video Guide: LCD TVs. OLED flat screens. Big screen Netflix. Ultra High Definition! This video will help you understand the latest entertainment tech for your lounge room.

The Nexus 5X Review: An Old Favourite With Some New Tricks

I have a confession to make. I love the Nexus 5. Despite its obvious flaws compared to newer and shiner phones (all of which I’ve tried and tested), the Nexus 5 has some intangible quality for me that no other phone has replicated before or since.

LG's Crazy-Light Gram Series Laptops Are Ready To Take On Apple's Macbook Air

LG is known for lots of great things — chief among them being televisions and wonderful G series smartphones. But laptops? Not so much. But now LG’s trying to entice people with its new Windows 10-equipped laptops, called the LG Gram Series.

LG Is Making More OLED TVs, And They're Getting Cheaper

OLEDs are often seen as the holy grail for TVs, but high prices have kept them out the hands of most consumers. But now with growing demand and better technology and yield rates, you can pick up a large screen model for the price of a second hand car, instead of a new car!

LCD Versus OLED: Which Is A Better TV?

It’s an age-old question, like cats or dogs, Kirk or Picard? PlayStation or Xbox? All tough questions with equally tough answers, and the same can be said for LCD versus OLED televisions.

The LG Watch Urbane 2 Is Android Wear's First LTE Smartwatch, And It's Big As Hell

LG has hit the ground sprinting when it come to smartwatches. One of the first out the door with the original G Watch, followed by the G Watch R, and the Watch Urbane this spring. Now, they have got yet another smartwatch to sell — and this one is an Android Wear first.

LG's Got A Shiny New Watch, And A Crazy Smartphone To Go With It

LG’s watch Urbane is one of the best-looking Android Wear watches you can buy (admittedly, not a high bar). The second edition takes the same formula, and adds a sprinkling of LTE. Oh, and there’s a bonkers new smartphone with two screens.

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