Lenovo Just Made The X1 Carbon Even Cooler

The first Carbon X1 did the impossible by making business laptops cool. Now, the newest version of the 14-inch ThinkPad is even cooler, thanks to some minor improvements and the addition of an adaptive keyboard.

2014's Laptops, Ultrabooks And Hybrids: What Should We Expect?

Let’s pull out the roadmaps and gauge how developments in processors, display and operating systems are shaping the slimmer, faster, more power-efficient laptops of 2014.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review: Flipping Fantastic

Two years ago, Windows 8 birthed what feels like a thousand different varieties of twisting, bending, hybrid laptops. In the vast army of oddities, only a few stood out as being actually good. Of those select few, the Lenovo Yoga was our favourite. Now it’s back with a refresh, and it’s better than ever.

Wait, Ashton Kutcher Was A Product Engineer For Lenovo's New Tablet?

You’re on the market for a new tablet, you’ve scoured the web for spec sheets and pricing, and you’re still stuck on which is best for you. What’s a dead cert to swing your choice towards one tablet over another? Knowing that ex-Mr Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, was “product engineer” on one, of course!

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Coming To Australia

Ashton Kutcher is on stage right now in New York, and as a new “Lenovo employee” (ugh), he announced the new Lenovo Yoga tablet: a nifty little Android tablet with a battery that lasts a whopping 18 hours.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: Basically A Perfect Upgrade

Last year’s Lenovo Yoga was one of the better laptops we’ve ever used, although it never officially made it to Australia. It was certainly right at the top of Windows 8 convertibles. This year’s Yoga 2 Pro refines the hell out of that notion, and adds a super high res screen on top.

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga: Finally A Convertible With Some Grit

Out of last year’s selection of fledgling Windows 8 convertibles, Lenovo’s Yoga was our favourite by far. Now we’re getting one with some ruggedness to it. You know, a little bit of raw strength. Meet the Thinkpad Yoga.

Meet The Next Wave Of Convertible Ultrabooks

An exciting new wave of convertible ultrabooks broke cover at Computex Taipei, many packing Intel’s new speedy and efficient Haswell processors. From Sony’s latest 13-inch slider to a new Asus Transformer running both Windows 8 and Android – there’s lots to see. Dell, Acer, LG, Lenovo, MSI and Gigabyte are also along for the ride, so let’s take a look.

Computex Taipei 2013 Preview: New Tablets, Laptops, Processors And More

The next generation of hybrid tablets and laptops is just around the corner. Luke and I, from Gizmodo AU, head to Taiwan next week for Computex — Asia’s largest computer expo (and the second biggest in the world after CeBIT). Last year, 130,000 visitors saw 1700 companies showcase their latest, led by Taiwanese brands like Acer, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Thermaltake, Antec and Nvidia. Intel and AMD will also be there, of course, along with stacks of great new tech. Here’s a preview of what we’re expecting to see…

Lenovo ThinkPads Get Thinner, Prettier

The ThinkPad T series isn’t traditionally the prettiest out there, and it’s certainly not one you’d usually see highlighted. But Lenovo went and made them pretty. It’s got a new thinner body (20.6mm), a thin bezel, and a carbon fibre top with a magnesium exterior. It doesn’t look quite as great as the X1 Carbon, but it’s nice just the same.

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