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LEGO Batman Calls His New Batmobile The Speedwagon

Entertainment Weekly has the first shots of two upcoming sets for the LEGO Batman movie that’s due to hit theatres next year. Yesterday we got our first look at the movie’s minifig versions of Robin and the Joker, but these sets reveal other characters that will be appearing in the film, plus Batman’s latest ride.

The LEGO Batman Movie's Robin And Joker Aren't Quite What We Were All Expecting

We’ll be seeing more from the LEGO Batman Movie at Comic-Con this week, but we’ve now got our first look at characters in the film beyond Will Arnett’s goofy Dark Knight — and they’re looking a little different from their usual incarnations.

LEGO's Largest Technic Set Can Dig A Moat Around Your Home

We got a sneak preview of LEGO’s new Bucket Wheel Excavator at the Nuremberg toy fair earlier this year, but now we have official details on the monstrous set, which will come with over 3,900 pieces, officially making it the largest Lego Technic set to date.

Sweep Everything Off Your Desk And Make Room For This LEGO Pizza Hut Machine

Video: The latest addition to Astonishing Studio’s line of “sets LEGO should really be making” is a miniature Pizza Hut that dispenses personal pizzas after you feed it five dollars using a working currency slot. Imagine having pizza on-demand at your desk at all times. Suddenly you’ll look forward to going to work.

Our First Look At LEGO's Upcoming Adventure Time Set Is Missing A Few Characters

Back in March LEGO revealed it was officially putting aBetterMonkey’s Adventure Time LEGO Ideas set into production, after it received 10,000 votes from supporters. Today we have our first official look at the new set, although it appears to be missing a few characters from the original.

A Brilliant Leaning Mechanism Lets This LEGO Wheel Corner Like A Motorcycle

Video: As part of his research into building a functional LEGO version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BB-8, Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks created this brilliant remote control monowheel that’s able to steer itself by shifting a counterweight inside from side to side, causing the vehicle to lean into corners.

DC's Heroes And Villains Get Some Sweet (And Adorable) Rides In These Mini LEGO Sets

DC is not only expanding on the big screen, it’s doing it on a smaller scale, too. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are getting brand new Mighty Micros LEGO sets, which will include the debut of Doomsday as a minifigure.

Palpatine Says 'Meh' To This Lego Star Wars: Freemaker Adventures Trailer, But We Disagree

Star Wars Rebels is in between seasons. The new movie is several months away. How do you fill that Star Wars void in your heart? Maybe with Disney XD’s new show, Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which just revealed a new trailer.

A High-Speed Timelapse Build Of Lego's Giant New Porsche Is 25 Minutes Long

We already knew Lego’s new Porsche 911 GT3 RS Technics set weighed in at a whopping 2,704 pieces, and measures almost two feet long when fully constructed. But the complex build takes so long that even an accelerated timelapse video of it being assembled is still over 25 minutes. But it’s not like you have anything better to do this morning.

Smash Your Foes With This Massive, 4500-Brick LEGO Hammer From Overwatch

Alright, so the Red Dwarf LEGO set from yesterday didn’t do it for you. You’d prefer something that isn’t just an idea. Something solid. Heavy. Existent. Fair enough. How about this 4500-brick rocket hammer from Blizzard’s Overwatch?

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