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The Best LEGO Sets of 2015: Star Wars, Jurassic World, Doctor Who, And More

2015 is coming to a close, and it’s time to start looking back at the many things the year gave us. So why not the best Lego sets of 2015? We could look back at sports results (too fat), news events (too sad), or gadgetry (OK, we love a bit of that), but let’s do something a little bit more fun, eh? Let’s look at some of the brilliant Lego sets that got unleashed upon the world since January 1st.

Art Of The Brick: DC Comics Premieres In Sydney

“This is just so awesome,” Deputy Premier Troy Grant says as he gets ready to open the world first Art Of The Brick: DC Comics exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and it really set the tone for the rest of the morning. This stuff really is awesome. The DC Comics inspired offshoot of LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya’s internationally acclaimed The Art Of The Brick exhibition was announced at San Diego Comic Con this year, and kicks off on Saturday, seeing its world premiere right here in Sydney.

This Giant LEGO TARDIS Is A Shameless Ad And I Don't Care

This life-size LEGO TARDIS is not a thing that you will ever buy, or touch, or see. It’s really just a reminder of the hundred-dollar LEGO sets you should probably buy your kids. But I still love it wholeheartedly.

These Drones Are Like Floating Lego Bricks

Ever wish your Lego bricks could fly? Someone invented the next best thing — BitDrones are tiny box drones that work like 3D building blocks.

If A LEGO AT-ST Gets Obliterated By Logs In A Forest, Does It Make A Sound?

The Star Wars hype train has well and truly pulled out of the station. Your only (new) hope is to jump on board as it take those sharp corners on the way to December. Or… you could find your own way to psyche yourself up, like building an AT-ST out of LEGO and smashing it to pieces with a pair of logs. Hey, it worked for the Ewoks.

How Many Geeks Does It Take To Build A 2.7m Tall LEGO Masterpiece?

Last weekend, something magical was coming together at the Glebe Island Exhibition Centre, thanks to LEGO artist Bricktascale. It didn’t really look like much at first — a big, grey LEGO backboard with a smattering of red squares across it — but over the course of the weekend it started blossoming into something beautiful.

All This 10,000-Brick LEGO Sandcrawler Needs Is A Tiny Plastic Tatooine

We’ve seen our fair share of LEGO sandcrawlers over the years, but this latest build from resourceful pair Calvin Hartley and Jarren Harkema takes the cake. (Or should that be droids?) There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to their caterpillar-tracked monstrosity and you’ll be surprised by all the neat odds and ends they’ve managed to cram inside.

This Scale Replica Mine-Clearing M4 Sherman Tank Is Made From LEGO

Built by LEGO enthusiast Tommy Styrvoky, this remote-controlled M4 Sherman Crab required two months of work to complete and comes in at 1/18th the size of the real deal. There’s a lot more to it than its mostly featureless grey exterior would have you believe — under the hood are seven motors powering everything from the moving turret (including elevation) to its electronic clutch and braking system.

This Tiny Computer Stacks Together Into A Colourful LEGO Brick 

Any LEGO lover in the market for a new computer would want a system that stacks together into a compact brick. Even better, one whose case is made entirely of Lego. Rejoice, nerds, Total Geekdom’s Mike Schropp has heard your silent plea.

The Bricasso Is A LEGO-Built Printer That Prints With Real LEGO

On the neat / practical scale, the Bricasso rates much higher on the former end than the latter, but that’s good enough, right? As long as you don’t need anything printed in a hurry and don’t mind it being made completely of tiny plastic blocks, this printer from JK Brickworks has you covered.

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