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I Only Love Han Solo When He's Cold

Han Solo is my favourite character ever. In anything. I’m guessing I’m not the only person who feels that way. He’s simply a badarse with a swagger that’s second to none. For some reason, though, I personally have a weird fetish when it comes to Solo. I only love him when he’s cold.

You Can Finally Build The US Capitol Out Of LEGO

Almost every building in Washington DC is iconic and recognisable in its own way. But no structure in the city, or the country, serves as a more iconic symbol of America than the US Capitol building, with its soaring dome and imposing structure… one that’s now slightly less imposing as LEGO’s newest Architecture set.

Crashing A LEGO Plane In Slow Motion Is Spectacularly Destructive

Video: The Slow Mo Guys have channelled their inner 10-year-olds for their latest high-speed experiment that involves crashing a LEGO airliner into a miniature city built of plastic bricks. It’s something we all probably did as kids at one time or another, but the results are far more satisfying when filmed at 2500 frames per second. And in this instance, cleaning up after all the destruction is actually easier.

Fully-Functional Mobile Crane Shames Everything You've Ever Built From LEGO

Do you remember how proud you were the first time you built something with LEGO — without instructions — that other people could recognise? We’re sorry to say it was probably complete garbage compared to ShineYu’s fully-functional, remote-controlled Liebherr LTM 1350 all-terrain crane model.

At Least This LEGO Version Of Suicide Squad Is Actually Worth Watching

Video: The critics have not been kind to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, which is unfortunate given what the cast and crew apparently had to deal with while filming. But even if the film itself is a mess, this LEGO version of its first trailer, created by Forrest Whaley and Sean Willets, is an absolute delight.

Walking On A LEGO-Covered Treadmill Might Be The Most Painful Thing Ever

Video: There are a lot of unpleasant experiences you can go through in life, but few might be as excruciating as the LEGO Treadmill Challenge created by the brave souls at WheresMyChallenge. The idea is simple: see how long you can walk barefoot on a treadmill while random Lego pieces are poured on it. The hard part is enduring this torture for longer than half a second.

Watch Silicone Get Happily Poured Over Lego Bricks

Video: There’s really not too much to this, but if you need a break from the world or a little time-out on brain activity, just watch this totally silly video of silicone being poured over Lego bricks. It’s stupid but it’s kind of, sort of, fun to see the layers of goo neatly pile up until they collapse all over each other. At that point, the silicone crawls and oozes down until it satisfyingly fills the crevices around the bricks.

LEGO Batman Calls His New Batmobile The Speedwagon

Entertainment Weekly has the first shots of two upcoming sets for the LEGO Batman movie that’s due to hit theatres next year. Yesterday we got our first look at the movie’s minifig versions of Robin and the Joker, but these sets reveal other characters that will be appearing in the film, plus Batman’s latest ride.

The LEGO Batman Movie's Robin And Joker Aren't Quite What We Were All Expecting

We’ll be seeing more from the LEGO Batman Movie at Comic-Con this week, but we’ve now got our first look at characters in the film beyond Will Arnett’s goofy Dark Knight — and they’re looking a little different from their usual incarnations.

LEGO's Largest Technic Set Can Dig A Moat Around Your Home

We got a sneak preview of LEGO’s new Bucket Wheel Excavator at the Nuremberg toy fair earlier this year, but now we have official details on the monstrous set, which will come with over 3,900 pieces, officially making it the largest Lego Technic set to date.

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