Finally, Something That Can Beat The Tesla Model S P85D In A Race

We’ve been following the racing prowess of the frankly-bonkers Tesla Model S P85D for a while now. It seems to monster anything it comes across. But now a challenger has appeared in the form of a Lamborghini appears to be able to take down the supercharged electric monster car.

Crashing A Lamborghini Into A Lake Is Nothing But Bad News

Video: If you’re the lucky owner of a stupidly-fast Lamborghini Gallardo, you’re going to want to show it off on a drag strip every now and then. Before you take off, however, you should probably check for nearby lakes you could end up accidentally parking your supercar in. Here’s what that looks like.

Hands-On With A $6000 Android Phone: An Overpriced Assload Of Meh

Tonino Lamborghini is really good at making expensive things. For decades, that’s mostly meant cars — beautiful, beautiful cars that 99 per cent of people will never even get the chance to sit in, let alone drive. But where these overly luxurious autos can inspire car envy, the Lambo smartphone, called the 88 Tauri, really doesn’t.

Uber Sydney Is Giving You Supercar Rides Today With This Code

Feel like taking a ride around Sydney in a Lamborghini or Ferrari today? Go download Uber, fast.

Dubai Has The World's Fastest Police Car

When you’re patrolling around the streets of Dubai, you need a car that stands out amongst Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces. Even though it’s a few years old now, the Dubai police’s new Bugatti Veyron can still lay claim to the title of world’s fastest police car.

Watch This Heartbreaking Lamborghini Aventador Crash In Monaco

Video: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken? A vase in your house when you were little? Maybe you got your phone wet. How about an $800,000 Lamborghini super car? That’s what this valet driver did when he was trying to park an Aventador in Monaco during the Grand Prix this week.

Watch The Ballistic Lamborghini Huracan Barrel About In This First-Look

The Geneva Motor Show is on right now, and we’re seeing plenty of supercar announcements. Perhaps the most interesting one is for Lamborghini’s new rocket, the Huracan. The first-look video is pretty special.

The New Lamborghini Huracan Has Its Own Trailer

Car unveils appear to be serious business these days. That’s why Lamborghini decided to make its own trailer for the new Huracan supercar, officially being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

These Guys Made A $2 Million Lamborghini With Only $15,000 And A Volvo

If it looks like a Lamborghini, if it smells like a Lamborghini…it still might just be a Volvo. Yep, the $2 million supercar you’re staring at above was made at home from guys at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan using a 30 year old Volvo 740. The total money they spent to make a carbon copy of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was 15 grand. Not a bad deal!

Lamborghini Cross-Country Should Be A Winter Olympics Event

How many of you have watched the Winter Olympics so far in detail? Be honest. I’d guess that the number is fewer than the Sochi organisers might like. Maybe to spice up the coverage, the IOC should allow people in Lamborghini supercars to compete on the snow?

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