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Kotaku Is Giving Away A $3,550 Custom Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet

Kotaku is celebrating the Aussie release of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fistavailable now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital — with a humdinger of a competition. Up for grabs: A custom ArcadeWorx cabinet with Street Fighter artwork, a 32-inch Dick Smith LED TV, an Xbox 360 (with Ultra Street Fighter IV) and two Mad Catz SXT Cross Arcade Fightstick Pro sticks. But be quick — today is your last day to enter! [Kotaku]

Will Disney Destroy The Star Wars Universe?

Disney paying a cool $4 billion for Lucasfilm — which essentially means Mickey Mouse now owns Star Wars — is stupidly big news. Disney’s record with Marvel suggests it won’t automatically wreck a beloved cult property, but do we need more Star Wars movies anyway? And what does it mean for Star Wars gaming? Kotaku’s Mark Serrels and Lifehacker’s Angus Kidman debate the issue.

Sleeping Like Superman: I Witnessed One Man's Journey Into Madness

Last week, Kotaku Australia editor Mark Serrels set out to accomplish something massive: to adjust his sleep schedule from a solid eight hours per night into what’s know as a polyphasic sleep schedule. That is, to go from sleeping eight hours a night, to having 20-minute naps every four hours. It took a week before the the experiment was called off, and what I witnessed during that time was one man’s slow descent into madness.

Gizmodo Vs Kotaku: Is Gaming Truly Mainstream?

Games are becoming more mainstream – apparently. But if that’s the case, why does mainstream media continue to take potshots at gaming as a medium? I nutted out the issue with Mark from Kotaku.

What Happens To Existing Games When We Get R18+?

It looks likely we’ll finally get an R18+ rating for games, but what does that mean for existing games and future titles? Over at Kotaku, Tracey has a comprehensive explanation of how re-classification works which is well worth a read. [Kotaku]

Giz Vs Kotaku: Will Apps Force Cheaper Console Games?

How long can blockbuster console games come in at $100+ when these days, ten to twenty bucks gets you a handful of phone or tablet games? And you get almost as much enjoyment, especially in terms of play time. Kotaku editor, Mark Serrels, and I go toe-to-toe. What’s your stance?

Gizmodo Vs Kotaku: Will The 3DS Reinvigorate Portable Gaming?

Nintendo is hatching its 3D portable games machine, the 3DS tomorrow. But will 3D revolutionise the portable games industry, or is it just a gimmick hoping to continue the DS cash cow Nintendo have created? Mark from Kotaku and I duke it out in a battle of wits to discover the answer.

Gizmodo Vs Kotaku: Is The iPad 2 The Ultimate Games Machine?

The iPad 2 goes on sale on Friday afternoon. But what’s its potential as the ultimate gaming device? Mark from Kotaku and I debate the merits of the iPad 2 as the ultimate portable gaming machine.

Pokémon Company Squashes Twitter Rumour Of Creator's Death

A spokesman for the Pokémon Company said all employees, including Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri, are alive and safe following Thursday’s tremendous earthquake in Japan, specifically rebutting a widespread rumour that Tajiri had died in the disaster. [Kotaku]

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