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What's More Fun Than The Fail Whale? This Dinky Whale Speaker

How cute is this little-widdle whale speaker? It wraps around iPhones, and plugs right into the audio jack with its trusty 3.5mm jack. Unfortunately he’s native to the Korean waters, but hopefully he’ll swim over to the US where he’ll sell for around $US30. [EarlyAdopterShop via Technabob]

What Kind Of Beach Uses 7937 Umbrellas To Block Out The Sun?

This is Haeundae Beach in South Korea. It’s ridiculously popular with up to a million visitors per day. But the funny thing is, it’s not the open sunny beach we know. Instead, it’s lined with umbrellas to block out the sun.

Landslides Destroy Everything In South Korea's Path

The torrential rains in South Korea have set off flash floods and landslides throughout the country, killing 41 people and sending 12 missing. It’s horrible out there, and with landslides like the one above it’s hard to feel safe.

Mad Scientists Create Glow-In-The-Dark Dog

For some reason, crazy scientists from South Korea have created a dog that glows in the dark. Seriously. The beagle, named Tegon, was cloned and genetically modified so it lights up when you put it under ultraviolet light.

How A Tae Bo Class Shook An Entire Korean Skyscraper

Contemporary architecture is designed to hold up against a lot. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Fad fitness martial arts. Wait, what? You mean Billy Blanks can shake buildings to their very foundations? That’s… that’s embarrassing.

Buy Groceries At A Virtual Supermarket Inside A Subway Station

I would never do my grocery shopping inside a subway station. The smells? The rats? The slime? Gross. But what about a virtual supermarket where you scan QR codes of items and have it delivered to you by the end of the day?

Apple Calls Samsung A Copycat On Its Home Turf

Riding on their wave of American court success, Apple has filed suit against Samsung yet again for copying the design of iPhone/iPad in their Galaxy series of phones and tablets, but this time in a South Korean court. You know, Samsung’s home base. Crazy. [Reuters]

South Korean Man Operates Dropbox For Abandoned Baby Disposal

Seoul pastor Lee Jong-rak has an unusual operation going on in his house. Caring for disabled kids isn’t anything out abnormal for a religious charity – but having a literal baby dropbox attached to the side of your home is.

This Island Is Actually A Massive Buoy Held In Place By 28 Chains

Eat your heart out, Dubai – the world’s largest floating island has just opened in Seoul, South Korea, where it’ll be joined by several other artificial islands to become an archipelago.

This Is North Korea's Computer For The People

When you think of North Korea, you probably picture images of extreme poverty and a country still in a technological Dark Age. But now North Korea is making three models of state-controlled PCs for its citizens, according to a report from the country’s state-run TV channel. That’s the office model, above.

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