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Kogan's Gaming Laptop Isn't Much Of A Gaming Laptop At All

This morning, Kogan lifted the lid on its latest laptop line, centred around what it calls “flagship gaming and performance”. Sure, it’s a laptop that can play a game or two — as long as that game isn’t an especially graphically demanding one.

Should You Buy Kogan Mobile 2.0?

Kogan Mobile came back from the dead yesterday, complete with super-weird Lion King references. But after what happened last time, should you go with the revived carrier?

The Grey Area In Grey Imports: How I Bought A OnePlus 2 From Kogan That Was Loaded With Malware

The story of how I found malware on my ‘brand new’ OnePlus 2 from Kogan.

Kogan Is Now Offering Discounted Travel

Everybody’s favourite discount online gadget retailer, Kogan, is branching out into travel with a bunch of heavily (and not-so-heavily) discounted package vouchers, available only online. If you want a cheap package deal with flights and accommodation, there are a few good deals on offer.

New Kogan Agora: Octa-Core Power For A Proper Cheap Price

They say that nothing good comes for cheap, and that’s especially true in the world of smartphones. But after a prolonged hiatus away from the smartphone game, Kogan is back with a new Agora designed to give you solid processing power for a cut-price rate.

This Is Kogan's $359 Windows 8.1 Laptop

Kogan is king when it comes to ridiculously cheap technology. $55 camcorders, $139 televisions, and now one of the cheapest Windows 8.1 non-netbook notebooks in Australia — and it even has a not-terrible Full HD display. This is how much laptop you get from Kogan for a whopping $359.

Aldi Is Selling A Crazy Cheap 4K TV Today

Screw the fact that 4K content is still hard to come by. The panels themselves are still freaking gorgeous when upscaled. Kogan’s $999 4K TV had previously been the cheapest way to get in on the high-resolution dream, but now Aldi has skin in the game, selling a 4K TV for just $800.

Kogan's New Office Is Looking Pretty Shiny

The folks at Kogan have moved over to a new office, and we’ve acquired some photos to make you all jealous. God bless startups with more money than sense for making all our offices seem boring in comparison.

Where In The World Is Ruslan Kogan?

MISSING: 32-year old Australian-Belarusian web entrepreneur, owner of Kogan.com, often bespectacled, history of saying outlandish things to grab headlines.

Kogan Wants To Sell You Groceries Online

Kogan may have started out in the world of cut-rate Chinese-made TVs, but in the last few years it has branched out into smartphones, home appliances, and household goods. Now the Australian-founded online supermarket wants you to buy your batteries, shampoo, razors and Pringles over the ‘net.

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