Kogan Agora 4G: Australian Review

Kogan isn’t alone in the low-cost Android game these days. Can it keep up with the bigger names in the fight for your bottom dollar?

This Is The New $229 Kogan Agora

The Android market seems to have been split in two of late: the battle of the biggest, baddest superphones alive with the Galaxy S5, One M8 and LG G3, and the war for the wallet with cheap phones like the Nexus 5, Moto G and Moto E. As of today, there’s a new contender that hopes to level the cheap end of the playing field: the latest, updated Kogan Agora.

How Rich Is Ruslan Kogan?

He runs a successful gadget empire, knows how to make a buck online from just about anything and drives around in $300,000 hybrid supercars. So just how much is Ruslan Kogan worth?

Kogan Agora 4K Smart 3D LED TV: Australian Review

Do you need an expensive 4K TV? Probably not. Unless you’re running a high-end PC gaming rig, you’ll be watching upscaled Blu-ray and DVD content anyway, which makes spending a fortune on a 4K TV pointless. Kogan’s 4K TV, though, is only $1500, and it’s surprisingly good for the price.

Breakfast Wrap: Tuesday Night's Best Stories

HTC One Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened The all new HTC One has launched overnight in the US, and we were there. We’ll also cover tomorrow evening’s Australian launch.

HTC One M8 2014: Everything You Need To Know Here’s all the nitty-gritty detail on the One M8, including specifications, design and availability.

The New HTC One M8 Is Real, And It’s Gorgeous Feast your eyes on its metal beauty.

Jawbone UP24 Finally Released In Australia It’s been a long time coming, but one of our favourite fitness trackers is finally here.

Kogan Expanding Online Sales To New Zealand The Kogan online empire grows some more.

Kogan Expanding Online Sales To New Zealand

Online electronics seller Kogan is expanding its digital storefront to New Zealand, offering most of the same products that it already has for sale in Australia. Kogan’s own-brand products join electronics and homewares from brands like Samsung and Sony, with Kogan claiming prices up to 75 per cent lower than New Zealand retail competitors.

Aldi Mobile Busted For 'Unlimited' Claims

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s battle against “unlimited” prepaid offerings for telco customers continues. This time, it’s Aldi Mobile that has fallen foul of the consumer watchdog. Ruh roh.

Kogan Agora Mini 3G Tablet Review: Bargain Basement

Kogan’s still at this tablet game then. We’ve been hands-on with the new Agora tablet, and found that while it’s better than its predecessors, it’s far from perfect.

TV Buying Trends: JB Hi-Fi Is King, Harvey Norman Sheds Customers

Consumer research group Global Reviews has released a report analysing the experiences of Australians looking to buy 46-55-inch televisions online. It found that JB Hi-Fi is the most preferred online store due to a perception of having the best prices. Harvey Norman, meanwhile, has a hard time holding onto would-be customers, with the majority defecting to another retailer before making their final purchase.

Kogan Agora Mini 3G Hands-On: Your Mum’s New Tablet

We’ve all been there. Your parents will ask you that question you always dread getting at parties and out at the pub: “which tablet should I buy?”. Honestly, this new Kogan tablet should be high on your recommendation list.

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