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Mother Makes Knitted Version Of Her Son For Cuddling, Still Can't Understand Why Real One Won't

It’s a good day to be frustrated with something ridiculous your parents did, because Marieke Voorsluijs will help put it in perspective. Frustrated with her teenage son’s reluctance to cuddle, she created a knitted doppelganger of him that makes whatever stupid thing your parents did seem not so terrible.

Learn How To Knit In Eight Easy GIFs

Do you want to learn how to knit? Sure you do! And, hey, you’re in luck; making a scarf is not as tough as you might think. Here’s how to in a few easy steps.

This Knit Galloping Horse Is The Most Mesmerising Thing You'll See Today

Welp, there goes my morning. Once I start staring at this looping experiment in stitchery, I just can’t look away. Instead of using photos, artist Sam Meech made this Eadweard Muybridge-inspired animation with 272 frames captured on a custom 13m long stretch of woven fabric.

Lightsabre Knitting Needles: An Elegant Tool For A More Civilised Scarf

Knitting in the dark is all but impossible unless you’re a craft savant. But with this fun tutorial over on Instructables, you don’t have to let the sun going down stop you from finishing that scarf, mittens or lovely sweater.

A Wind-Powered Factory That Makes Chairs, Scarves, And Pillows

It’s not often that we get to talk about engineering and knitting in the same sentence. But Merel Karhof, a Dutch-by-way-of-London designer, is an expert in both.

This Rocking Chair Knits A Wool Cap While You Kick Back And Relax

Is there anything more relaxing than the back and forth motion of a comfy rocking chair? Of course there is — rocking while sporting a stylish knit cap you made yourself, which is made all the more easy with this rocking chair knitting machine.

Bitmap Balaclava: The Perfect Disguise For Bank Robbers

In the past week we’ve seen robberies with giant sticks, muskets and crossbows, but thanks to CCTV their identities were easily-discovered. Here’s how to use Photoshop and a hacked knitting machine to create a bitmap balaclava. [Craft]

Japanese Fashion Designer Uses Cables To Knit Art

I’ve knitted a few scarves in my lifetime, and have a cupboard full of cables, so I’m thinking of whipping up a few winter-warmers like Japanese fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura. Though it doesn’t look nearly as soft as merino wool…

Knitted Lego Minifig Will Replace My Teddy Bear

Oh Lego Minifig, you were perfect in your plastic symmetry and Mona Lisa smile before. But now that you’ve been knitted, I just want to hug you. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this right away. You’ll have to do it yourself:

Open Source Embroidery: Technology Embraces Its Craft Side

A legitimate artistic movement known as Open Source Embroidery has sprung up to explore the relationship between, no joke, software engineering and needlework. It’s pretty awesome.

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