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Here's Your First Look At LEGO Dimensions' Knight Rider

June brought us the wonderful news that LEGO Dimensions — the video game that gives you the perfect excuse to buy more LEGO sets — would be massively expanding with pop culture franchises spanning the past few decades. In the preview we got glimpses of The Goonies, the A-Team, even ET, but we’re finally now getting our first look at Knight Rider.

Turn Your Car Into Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. With This Talking USB Charger

Remember that Flux Capacitor USB car charger that kind of turned your ride into the DeLorean from Back to the Future? If for some reason David Hasselhoff is more to your liking, there’s now an alternate version that will turn your vehicle into K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider isntead.

Knight Rider: Aussie KITT Replica Up For Sale!

That’s right, this black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am has been meticulously fitted out to match the Hoff’s favourite ride. 31 year old Heath Craddock from Newcastle, NSW spent over two years working on it – even taking a trip to the US to get moulding help from the team behind the show.

Handmade Scythe Car Looks Like a Toy, is KITT-like Computerised

It may look like one of the wilder fantasy toy cars you used to play with all those years ago, but Scythe is nothing like a toy when you look at its stats. Two steering wheels, twin-supercharged 1,005 horsepower engine, composite body handmade by Galpin Auto Sports, backwards rotating door design and a 3G-connected Shuttle PC inside. This handles realtime traffic and weather monitoring, and is voice activated for some KITT-like chatting car action. There’s even a set of flush-mounted external security cameras. OK, so that does make it sound a lot like a toy, but it’s a toy for fast-driving grown-up kids. [Jalopnik]

Knight Rider KITT GPS Now Available

Just a few days after the new series premiere, RadioShack has announced that it scored exclusive rights to sell Mio’s Knight Rider GPS in the US. I already have a GPS unit, but the geek in me wants to buy this thing just to hear William Daniels tell me where the nearest McDonald’s is. The KITT GPS is available now for $US270. [RadioShack via CNET]

Dude's KITT-Modded Car Apparently Does 550KPH While Parked

Do you think the original KITT’s dashboard was so overloaded with useless indicators and LEDs so dumbstastically stupid that it made The Hoff look like a Physics Nobel Prize in leather pants? Then you still haven’t seen this. Can anybody please tell us what the hell is the number in the middle of that christmas tree dashboard means?

So Sad: KITT Gets Carjacked

As if you needed proof that the new KITT was way lamer than the old KITT, the remarkable supercar of the future was jacked by a common thug during a Toronto event. It’s been a week since the occurrence that’s slowly leaked into mainstream consciousness and KITT is still being operated by a rogue agent. The occurrence is not believed to be a PR stunt (though the fact that all related videos were shot by first-time YouTube uploaders is pretty fishy). All we know is that if Hasselhoff were alive, he never would have let this happen. [via themovieblog]

Mio's Knight Rider GPS Now Available For Pre-Order

The Knight Rider GPS that everyone was drooling over a few months ago is now available for pre-order on the Radio Shack website in the US and Sears in Canada for US$270 and US$290 respectively. The device is set to ship on September 24th. [Radio Shack and Sears Thanks Will!]

Mio's Knight Rider GPS Test Drive Video (Verdict: It's KITTastic)

newVideoPlayer("/knightridergps_giz.flv", 476, 286,""); I got a sneak peek at Mio’s new Knight Rider GPS, and it’s more fun and cheesy than I expected. As you can see in the video, William Daniels, the original voice of KITT, guides you as you cruise the streets, fighting crime. Flashing red LEDs are synced up to the speech, and the screen marks your location with a Pontiac Trans Am icon. My favourite part is that is has 300 names built-in when you’re done pretending that you’re Michael Knight and you want KITT to call you by your real moniker. It’ll be US$270—a bit less than we thought—when it’s out in August. [Knight Rider GPS]

Knight Rider GPS With KITT's Voice!

I already have a GPS unit but I’ll be dammed if I’m not throwing it out because the guys at Mio have come up with a Knight Rider branded GPS unit with voice prompts by the one and only Mr Feeny KITT William Daniels. Apparently, you will recognise his familiar voice as soon as you fire it up and hear “Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?” As an added touch, the display is flanked by a series of red LEDs that mimic KITTs hood-mounted lights. Further details are scarce, but we do know the Mio Knight Rider GPS will retail for US$299 when it is finally released. [Next Autos Thanks Dan!]

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