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Amazon Is Releasing Two New 7-Inch Kindle Fires But No iPad-Sized One

It’s long been rumoured — ever since the first Kindle Fire was released really — that Amazon was making a 10-inch, iPad-sized version of the Kindle Fire. According to CNET, that’s going to stay a rumour because though Amazon is planning to release TWO new Kindle Fires, they BOTH will be 7-inch versions.

Could This Possibly Be The New Kindle Fire?

The Verge claims to have an image of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, which is expected to be announced next week. It’s possible considering we’re almost certain that a new Kindle Fire is on the way, and especially since the current Kindle Fire is sold out at Amazon.

Amazon: The Kindle Fire Is Sold Out

The Kindle Fire is sold out, Amazon says. Oh, that’s funny. Maybe that means we will get those new Amazon tablets next week after all.

Rumourmodo: The Most Ridiculous Kindle Fire Sleuthing You'll Ever See

Does this FCC filing reveal information about the next Amazon Kindle Fire? It’s hard to say for sure because, as exhaustive detective work by the Digital Reader reveals, it was filed by a front company for a front company that’s fronting for someone that’s maybe/probably Amazon. Oh the joys of poring over FCC documents!

There Are "Five Or Six" New Kindle Fires Coming? Nope, Probably Just Two

There’s a Reuters report out there saying there will be “five or six” new Kindle Fire models, according Demos Parneros, president of US Retail for Staples (like Officeworks for the uninitiated), but “five or six” doesn’t mean what you think it means, exactly.

Rumourmodo: Apple To Launch Smaller, Cheaper iPad While Amazon Goes Large

Earlier this month, reports from both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg suggested that Apple is planning to launch a smaller iPad. Now, citing independent sources, the New York Times is reporting that Apple plans to launch a cheaper 7.85-inch tablet later this year.

Kindle Fire Gets Jelly Bean Port

If you’re a Kindle Fire owner and painfully jealous of the new Nexus 7, here’s something to make you feel a little better: you can now install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your tablet.

Rumoured iPad Mini's Size Compared To iPad, Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire

The whispers and smoke and noise about the rumoured iPad mini — an iPad that would be 7.85 inches in screen size — are definitely getting louder. It’s by no means real yet, but the iPad mini could very well be an actual thing. But what would it look like?

Report: Amazon's Next Kindle Fire Will Have A Better Display

AllThingsD is reporting that the next Kindle Fire will be thinner and lighter than the current Kindle Fire with a better display, boosting the pixels to a 1280×800 resolution. Supposedly, Amazon is targeting the second half of the year for the release — late in the third quarter, to be a little more specific.

You Can't Beat The iPad Just By Losing Money

The most remarkable thing about Google’s Nexus 7 tablet can’t be found on its spec sheet. It won’t show up in any benchmark, and it has nothing to do with that zippy new operating system. If you want to know the true significance of the Nexus 7, all you need to look at is the price tag.

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