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Digg Founder Kevin Rose On The Life, Death And Rebirth Of Digg

Digg had a pretty spectacular life on the internet. It was one of the first massive community-driven news sites on the web, and its life was only overshadowed by its very violent death. Founder Kevin Rose now knows what he did wrong, and he’s laid his sins bare for the web to see.

What Will Kevin Rose Do At Google?

Kevin Rose is Google’s newest employee. If you don’t know Kevin Rose, he’s the mastermind behind the rise (and fall) of the social news site, Digg. But for the last year, he’s been wrapped up in Milk, a mobile app incubator that has hatched a grand total of one app: the now-defunct social review app Oink. This raises the question: what is Rose going to do for Google?

iPhone 3.0 Rumour Check: Rose Was Right

So it looks like Kevin Rose still knows what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to Apple-centric rumours…for the most part. The Digg founder was nearly perfect with his predictions that the iPhone would have cut and paste, but no video. His claims that the iPhone would have more Palm Pre-esque features was also more or less accurate. Granted, these weren’t as controversial as some of his other claims, but it’s still impressive. The one prediction Rose didn’t get right? He claimed there wouldn’t be MMS support this go around. Get it TOGETHER, Kev. You’re slippin’. [iPhone 3.0 on Giz]

Kevin Rose Nails Today's Apple News, All Known Associates Permanently Buried by Apple

So Digg’s Kevin Rose polished off his crystal ball prior to today’s Apple event, as he is wont to do. We posted on his rumours, with the necessary scepticism. And now as the dust settles on our live coverage, we doff our hat to everyone’s favourite iSight Carnac: just about every single detail Kevin hit, including the actual product shot of the redesigned Nano above, was 100% true.

Kevin Rose iPod Rumors: Price Cut, New iTunes 8.0 Features and Tall, Rounded Nano

Kevin Rose’s Apple crystal ball has been wrong more often than not (he was sorta right about US$199 iPhone), but this time he’s seen pictures people! (“It looks pretty cool.”) He says that not only will the new iPod nano be tall and skinny and giant-screened like we’ve heard, he says it’ll be rounded (like iPhone 3G’s ass-side, but all the way around), and even provides this handy rendering. His other rumourage, like a huge iTunes update with for-real new features, is all way more reasonable than his past forecasting, so they’re actually possible too!

Kevin Rose Sets Up Lame Home Theatre System (Verdict: BURIED!)

As any good tech aficionado, Kevin Rose has put together his new home theatre system all by himself. As any good rich tech geek, however, Kevin Rose has set up quite a ghetto setup, spending just around US$9,040 on it. Honestly, given his worth, I was expecting a Sony Death Star projector and a full Kaleidescape rack. Instead, we got this suburbia setup, complete with setup videos:

Kevin Rose Eats Funny Red Pills Again, Predicts iPhone 3G

After being absolutely wrong wrong wrong (WRONG) about the first iPhone, Digg’s Kevin Rose has now settled down for the obvious: he says that the 3G version of the JesusPhone will have a camera on the front for video-conferencing with other 3G iPhone and Macintosh iChat users. Most probably, he is right about this, but not about the rest of his predictions:

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