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NASA Just Recovered Its Drifting Kepler Spacecraft

After an inexplicable shift into Emergency Mode, NASA managed to partially recover its planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft. But we still don’t know what caused it to wig out in the first place.

The Kepler Space Telescope Is Broken Again 

NASA’S Kepler Space telescope might have gotten a new lease on life in 2014 when scientists figured out how to repurpose the damaged telescope, but it now appears that it’s in trouble once again.

First Ever Supernova 'Shock Breakout' Captured In Visible Light

When a star dies and erupts as a supernova it can produce a short, sharp shockwave that astronomers call a “shock breakout”. For the first time ever, astronomers have captured such an event as optical light.

How Astronomers Will Solve The 'Alien Megastructure' Mystery 

KIC 8462852 has quickly become one of the biggest astronomical mysteries of the decade. It will be months before we have any firm answers on this fitfully flickering star, but astronomers intend to get to the bottom of it. How?

Kepler May Be The Most Productive Broken Telescope Ever

The Kepler spacecraft came roaring back into the news last week, when scientists announced that the plucky little planet hunter had unearthed hundreds of new exoplanets in our cosmic backyard, despite being literally broken. But that’s not all Kepler’s been up to — by a long shot.

Kepler Has Uncovered A Trove Of New Planets In Our Cosmic Backyard

If you thought the Kepler spacecraft’s glory days were over, think again. This week at the 227th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, astronomers announced a whopping 234 new exoplanet candidates discovered by Kepler in 2014. The best part? All of them are just tens of light years away.

There's An Epic Storm Brewing On This Little Star

Astronomers are comparing it to Jupiter’s red spot: a forever storm large enough to swallow three Earths. Except this monster tempest appears to be raging on a star.

Why It Is Misleading To Compare Exoplanet Kepler-452b To Earth

NASA’s announcement of the discovery of a new extrasolar planet has been met with a lot of excitement. But the truth is that it is impossible to judge whether it is similar to Earth with the few parameters we have – it might just as well resemble Venus, or something entirely different.

NASA's Kepler Mission Discovered 1000 Planets In Its Quest To Find Life

It was six years ago this month that NASA shot the Kepler telescope to the heavens on a galactic, planet-finding mission. Today, the space agency released this graphic that could also be Kepler’s mic-dropping resume.

Ancient Exoplanet Discovery Boosts Chances Of Finding Alien Life

One of the crucial variables in calculating the likelihood that alien life exists elsewhere in our galaxy is the number of stars that possess planetary systems, and the proportion of those planets that might be suitable for life.

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