NASA's Prettiest Spaceship Yet Will Take Actual Photos Of Alien Worlds

PlanetQuest is NASA’s effort to search for new Earths, exoplanets like ours that would probably contain life too. They’re doing some really cool stuff, like this sunflower-telescope combo spaceship — “a cutting-edge effort to take pictures of planets orbiting stars far from the sun.” Imagine that — seeing the actual planets!

What A Rover Looks Like After A Decade On Mars

Curiosity is the hip name in Mars-rovin, but the Opportunity rover was doing it long, long before. Just yesterday Opportunity hit its 10-year anniversary on Mars — it left Earth 10 years ago in July. Not bad for a mission intended to last a mere three (Earth) months. In celebration it sent back a selfie.

Watch NASA's Amazing Monkey Robot Walk, Climb And Clear Obstacles

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory drew some raised eyebrows when it first announced its latest hi-tech robot, based on primates, called Robosimian. But now it’s being put into action — and it’s amazing.

This Is The NASA Curiosity Rover's Next Mission

First NASA had to build it. Then the guys and girls at the Jet Propulsion Lab had to land it in seven minutes of terror. Then they had to move around and find habitable surroundings. Now, the next phase of the Curiosity Rover’s mission is about to get underway, and NASA wants to explain it to you.

NASA's Rock Climbing Robot Could Tackle Everest With Ease

Last year NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory revealed a Spiderman-inspired grippy claw that would let spacecraft easily grab onto passing asteroids and comets. Since then the technology has been further refined and now integrated into a rock-climbing robot called the LEMUR IIB that could put Sir Edmund Hillary to shame.

Oculus Rift And NASA's Simple VR Rig Lets You Explore Mars From Home

Elon Musk wants to live on Mars, but he probably won’t have the pleasure. And you aren’t likely to either. But here’s the next best thing, thanks to the help of the Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni. Walk the red planet, without giving up the rest of your life to do it.

A Moon With The Most Volcanic Activity Of Anything In The Solar System

This moon looks even more like it’s made from green cheese than ours does, but it’s not. Lame. Io, the innermost moon of Jupiter, is the most volcanically active body in our solar system because of gravitational “tides” exerted by Jupiter and its other moons. And the constantly flowing lava gives Io’s surface frequent makeovers.

Curiosity's First Year On Mars In A Whirlwind Two-Minute Timelapse

It’s hard to believe it, but Curiosity has been out there roving the Red Planet for almost a year already. And like any good space vehicle, it has been meticulously documenting its every step(?). That’s a lot of documentation, so here’s the quick version: 12 months in two minutes. Ready? Go.

Robosimian: NASA's New Monkey Robot Designed For Search And Rescue

Researchers at Boston Dynamics have designed one of the most advanced humanoids ever to compete in DARPA’s upcoming Robotics Challenge. But NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is taking a decidedly different, and more primitive, approach. Like with the country’s first space explorers, NASA is once again turning to primates with its surprisingly capable RoboSimian.

This Is NASA's Solar Propulsion Engine Of The Future

This Tron-esque glowing blue ring isn’t the latest designer lamp. It’s actually NASA’s cutting-edge solar-electric propulsion thruster, which is currently being tested in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.