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The Apple Tablet Dates Back To 1888

Apple started working on Newton in 1989, but as this infographic shows, the first seeds of tablet technology were sown well over a hundred years ago.

Download The iSlate App On Your iPhone Now!

Could this be evidence that Apple’s little touchscreen portable thingamybob won’t be called the iSlate? Developer iBuiltThis may have a case on his hands if Apple rips the name off, seen as how his app has been available since November 2008.

Music Labels Briefed On Apple Tablet Only As A "Courtesy"

According to All Things D, we shouldn’t expect much news to come from the music industry along with the announcement of Apple’s new tablet device. That’s not as surprising as it may sound.

An Ad For Apple's Original Tablet, The Newton

The Newton might be in the valley between an iPhone and Apple’s upcoming tablet, but it’s essentially Apple’s first stab at the form factor. And here’s how they promoted it.

Apple Indirectly Confirms Tablet With Cease-And-Desist Letter

Apple has indirectly confirmed the existence of the fabled Tablet, after Valleywag started a scavenger hunt for evidence of its existence, offering up to $US100,000 for photos, videos or a chance to play with it.

Get Up To $US100,000 For Evidence Of Apple Tablet

Valleywag is offering up to $US100,000 – yes, One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars – to anyone who can provide them with pictures or video or one hour of touching and licking with the Apple Tablet. Here’s the juicy menu…

Rumour: Apple’s Tablet Is An “iPhone On Steroids”

One of our close Apple connects who haven’t steered us wrong dropped a little bit of information on us. Here’s what we know:

Apple Tablet Rumours Condensed In Handy Visual Guide

We’re just a couple of weeks away from Apple (supposedly) unveiling its tablet, or iSlate if you will, and while we’ve heard every possible rumour under the sun let’s revisit them in this handy visual guide.

How Will We Type On The Apple Tablet?

Speculation about the Apple Tablet mostly focuses on what the device is, not how it works. Text input, more than anything else, is the problem Apple needs to solve to make this work. So how will they do it?

Why Did Apple Just Now Turn Off The Lights At

Apple bought Fingerworks – a company that developed a bunch of multitouch accessories, interfaces and gestures – years ago, but left the site online until this week, even as founder Wayne Westerman popped up in Apple patents. It’s gone now. Hmmm. [MacRumors]

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