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New Apple Patent Could Stop You From Taking Photos And Videos At Concerts

If you’re the kind of person who takes lots of photos and videos at concerts, your days might be numbered. Apple has been granted a patent that would let the company to disable photo and video capturing in places where it’s frowned upon.

iPhone Rumours: Don't Expect Any Big Changes This Year

While it can easily be argued that iPhone evolution is largely incremental, Apple does have a history of taking bigger strides in design in alternating years. One year we will see a rejuvenated design, and in the next we will see updates to the features on that design.

Although this year was slated to be a “rejuvenating” year, reports are claiming it’s not going to happen, with the next iPhone design being pretty much the same as the iPhone 6.

You Can Wrap SanDisk's New Flash Drives Around Your iPhone

It doesn’t matter how much storage Apple stuffs into the latest iPhone, your ever-growing music, photo, video and app collections will max it out in no time. Instead of constantly having to delete files so you have room to keep adding new media, SanDisk’s new iXpand Memory Case will simply boost your iPhone’s storage capacity.

Deals: Here’s How To Extend The Charge Of Your iPhone

Ever tried to use an iPhone while it’s plugged into an electrical outlet for charging? It’s an uncomfortable task, especially when using the ultra-short cable that’s pre-packaged with Apple devices. It’s so short, it allows little clearance between your charger and a prime place on the sofa. Need we say more? You need the Extra Long MFi-Certified 3-Meter Lightning Cable in your life.

The Best Budget Smartphones For 2016

A phone doesn’t have to cost you a whole paycheck, even a good one. Affordable, fully-featured smartphones are popping into the market more and more often, putting previously premium features into lower and lower price ranges.

iOS 10's Coolest New Features In GIFs

Apple introduced iOS 10 this week during WWDC. While Apple suggested most people wait for the public beta when it is available in July, we decided to ignore that entirely and downloaded the developer preview. As you might expect, iOS 10 is currently full of glitches and lagginess, and some features just straight up don’t work.

New All-Glass iPhone Patent Looks Ridiculous

We’ve all been there: It’s late at night, you’ve had a few drinks, and you’re messing around with your iPhone. It slips out of your grip, smashes into the ground and the screen shatters. Now, imagine doing the same thing with a phone made entirely of glass.

The Best And Worst From WWDC 2016

The WWDC keynote is finally over, and if we learned one thing, it’s that Apple has fundamentally changed. Most of the news from the developer’s conference wasn’t too earth-shattering: There were no new apps being ported to Android, no allusions to any Apple hardware whatsoever and Tim Cook even seemed a little off during his presentation.

How To Lock Down Your Privacy Settings On IOS

Few of us spend time reading through licence agreements or tweaking default options during app installations, so it’s all too easy to end up sharing more personal data than you really want to. Here are the key settings you need to be aware of on iOS to protect your data and exactly how to use them.

A Band Of Thieves Dressed Like Apple Workers Keeps Stealing iPhones From NYC Stores

Earlier this year, three individuals stole a total of 67 iPhones from an Upper West Side Apple store. Last week, 19 more iPhones were snatched from a SoHo store. How could these criminals possibly infiltrate the impenetrable security of a retail store run by certifiable geniuses? By dressing like Apple store employees, of course.

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