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Woz To Apple: You Don't Know Jack

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is just as pissed off about the iPhone 7‘s reported lack of a headphone jack as you are.

Why Apple's Move Towards Health Is So Exciting

Apple’s slow creep towards becoming a health company just made a little progress with the acquisition of Gliimpse, a personal health data startup. It’s unclear what Apple plans to do with the company, but I have a free idea for Tim Cook: Let me control my health records on an iPhone. It could save my life.

This Is What The iPhone 7 Will Probably Look Like

Why bother with 3D renders when we have the technology to put together mock-ups of upcoming gadgets? Marques Brownlee got his hands on a faux iPhone 7, based on all the bits and pieces currently floating around about Apple’s next iteration on its mobile line. And well, it looks pretty darn good.

It Looks Like Apple Is Seriously Building An All-Glass iPhone

For months, rumours have swirled about Apple’s top secret all-glass iPhone. We’ve tracked the developments closely, saying that early concepts looked ridiculous and would break too easily. But as a new patent shows, Apple is serious about this all-glass iPhone idea.

Don't Fall For This Sneaky Lost iPhone Scam

Phishing scams have a history of employing some impressive web design skills to trick people into giving up their Apple ID credentials. But a new attack, thoroughly detailed by Joonas Kiminki at Hackernoon, shows just how far it can go, and how convincing these scams can be.

Watch: Maya Angelou Narrates This 'Shot On iPhone' Tear-Jerker

Video: No, no, it’s okay I just have something in eye.

Add a little beauty to your Friday with “The Human Family”, a short video celebrating humanity and diversity, shot on iPhone and narrated by the legendary poet Maya Angelou.

Sydney Cyclist Falls With iPhone In Pocket, iPhone Explodes And Causes Third Degree Burns [Warning: Graphic]

Gareth Clear was biking in Sydney this past weekend with his new iPhone 6 riding shotgun in his back pocket. After taking a “minor fall”, the 36-year-old cyclist says his iPhone exploded in his back pocket, melting away his biking shorts and causing third degree burns. Clear eventually needed surgery and a skin-graft.

iPhone 7 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

Every year for almost a decade, the most anticipated gadget release has been Apple’s iPhone. It makes sense. In 2007, Apple completely changed the way we physically interact with our digital selves and went on to sell a billion iPhones across the world. Even though the iPhone is losing its lustre with each passing year, an iPhone is still an iPhone.

Is The Apple Watch's Crown Dial Coming To The iPhone And iPad?

The thumbwheel was the signature feature of BlackBerry’s original handsets, and while touchscreens have made them mostly obsolete, the Apple Watch proves there’s still a place for physical dials. But is Apple finally planning to introduce that rotating crown to the iPhone or iPad? A recently published patent suggests that the company might be considering it.

This Guy Set Every Generation Of iPhone On Fire With Gasoline

Video: Phone makers have gotten pretty good at defying water’s electronic-destroying tendencies. But when it comes to fire, iPhones have a long way to go.

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