Apple Wants To Create A Way To Share Files With High Fives

Remember how fun Bump was in the early days of iPhones? Probably not because it was silly and kind of dumb, but based on a new Apple patent application, you could soon be exchanging any kind of data with any type of gesture, from hugs to high fives — and it actually makes sense.

Force Touch Is Reportedly Coming To iPhone

Ahoy, an Apple rumour! Unnamed sources tell Bloomberg Business Apple has begun production on an iPhone model equipped with Force Touch, the same haptic feedback feature that made its debut this year in the Apple Watch and the company’s new MacBook.

iOS 9 Will Delete Apps To Make Room For Updates

When iOS 8 was unleashed on the general public, the size of the update — 4.6 GB — caused many users’ iPhones to cower in fear and shame. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the problem, iOS 9 will free up space by deleting third-party apps before downloading (and then reinstalling afterwards).

This Clever Film Captures The Life Cycle Of An iPhone

Thanks to two-year contracts and our general clumsiness, smartphones don’t have a particularly long life expectancy. Filmmaker Paul Trillo captures the life, death, and eventual black-market reincarnation, all from the poor iPhone’s point of view.

This Could Be Best Way Yet Of Turning Your iPhone Into A Kickass Camera

Product designers have been trying to find a great way of combining the power of your smartphone with an attachable souped-up camera. So far, designs have been awkward and less than user-friendly. DxO thinks it has a better solution with the new One camera.

The Best Hidden Changes In iOS 9, In GIFs

The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS launched to much fanfare and showy new features. Side-by-side multitasking! A creepily efficient digital assistant! But the longer I use iOS 9, the more I’m noticing the tiny changes that make everything just a little bit better.

One Big List Of The New Privacy And Security Features In iOS 9

As Apple had its annual celebration of its own awesomeness, I tuned in to see how Apple’s new operating system will provide better security and privacy to its users.

Start Memorising Your Six-Digit iPhone Passcode

If you have an Apple device new enough to have TouchID, you’ll need to start thinking of new passcodes for iOS 9. Apple is getting rid of the four-digit passcode in its upcoming software upgrade.

Everything We're Expecting At Apple's 2015 WWDC

Hello Apple fanboys and fangirls. Gather round once again, and join us as we take a speculative spelunk into the dark chasm of Cupertino’s software recesses to see what the future holds for Apple.

Why A Weird Text Message Can Crash Your IPhone

Last week, it came to light that a simple text message can crash Messages on any iPhone it’s sent to. Apple has explained how you can fix it if you’re affected — but why can it happen in the first place?