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Some Apple iPhone 6s Processors Can Give 20 Per Cent Less Battery Life

The culprit here is apparently the new A9 processor, which is sourced from two different companies. Some users are seeing benchmark battery life almost 2 hours shorter, as well as a small performance different. So which CPU does your 6s have, and are you affected?

Apple's App To Help You Move To iOS From Android Is Designed For The Technophobic

In an effort to ease the transition of would-be iPhone owners who fear losing the contents of their Android devices, Apple made a simple tool to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Move to iOS works — even though it really doesn’t do anything at all.

Here's The Camera Compared In Every Single iPhone

Everyone knows the 12-megapixel iPhone 6s camera is leaps and bounds better than the 8-megapixel iPhone 6. But think about this: The first iPhone camera was only two megapixels. How much of a better photo does that equate to?

iOS 9's Wi-Fi Assist Is Eating My Cell Data

Amongst its big bag of tricks, iOS 9 has one seemingly innocuous feature: Wi-Fi Assist, enabled by default, which will switch to cellular data when your Wi-Fi sucks. This would be great, if I had an unlimited data plan. I don’t, but now I do have a very expensive mobile phone bill.

The 10 Best Things To Do With 3D Touch -- And The Things We Wish It Did

Hands-down, one of the coolest features of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus is 3D Touch, that subtle touch mechanism that lets you quickly access common tasks fast as hell. Here are our 10 favourite shortcuts so far.

Apple iPhone 6s: Australian Review

The iPhone has evolved — again. It now has 3D Touch, which adds the tactile, touchscreen equivalent of a right click to what was previously an all-or-nothing, tap-or-don’t-tap device.

It has a massively improved camera, and the ability to shoot GIF-esque Live Photos that function primarily as still images, but that come to life with sound and movement when pressed. It has a much stronger chassis, more than twice as sturdy as the previous model. It’s much, much more powerful and uses that power where you want it to, in the speed of Touch ID fingerprint unlocks and of apps loading.

All of these factors contribute to the iPhone 6s being, yes, the best iPhone ever.

Apple Sold A Ton Of New iPhones (Again)

Every year, without fail, Apple sells a ton of new iPhones. And every year, the company finds a way to spin the news into a press release about “a new record.” This year is no different: Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models in three days. A new record!

The iPhone 6s Might Be Surprisingly Waterproof

Apple certainly doesn’t market its phones as being waterproof, but drop your shiny new iPhone down the toilet, and all might not be lost (apart from your dignity): one intrepid and wealthy YouTuber has found the 6s can stand a full hour of submersion.

iPhone 6s First Impressions: The iPhone For Pros

Every year, the inevitable release of Apple’s new iPhone, usually sometime in September, is always a big event. Equally as inevitable are the rash of boring reviews stating the same thing over and over. “The best iPhone yet,” “Like the old iPhone but better!” So on and so on.

How To Survive A Long Flight With Just Your Smartphone

Even if you get the privilege of a rather clunky entertainment system built into the seat in front of you, having to sit inside a aerial tin can for a stretch of several hours is always a struggle. Thankfully, your most dependable gadget can help the time to (quite literally) fly by, even without Wi-Fi.

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