Bloomberg: iOS 8 Will Have Shazam's Song Identification Baked In

Can’t name that tune? No worries: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is partnering with Shazam to embed song identification software right into its forthcoming iOS 8.

A Simple Silicone Sleeve Turns Your iPhone Into A Game Boy

The touchscreen generation might not know any better, but those of us who grew up with Game Boys know that physical control pads and buttons will always trump on-screen alternatives. Entire this slide-on silicone sleeve, called the G-PAD, that turns your smartphone into an even better handheld gaming machine.

Before The iPhone Launched, Android Didn't Support Touchscreens

It’s virtually impossible to imagine now, but back when the iPhone was launched in 2007, Google wasn’t planning to make Android for touchscreen devices. Revealed in court documents that form part of the current Apple-Samsung legal argument, a Google report explains that Android “was designed with the presence of discrete physical buttons as an assumption.

App Review: Monument Valley Is The Perfect Hour

In a mobile gamescape cluttered with free-to-play fluff meant to while away weeks, months and even years rises Monument Valley, a premium perceptual puzzle game that offers just an hour of content — the most sublime hour my iPad has ever given me.

Mophie Space Pack Review: All The iPhone Storage You Need (Plus Bulk)

Mophie invented the battery-charging iPhone case aeons ago, saving legions of email addicts from midday phone death. With its new Space Pack case, Mophie hopes to once again give iPhone users something they have never had before: extra storage space.

The Most Elegant iPhone Speaker Is Just A Single Piece Of Blown Glass

Here is a sleek way to showcase your iPhone’s looks and sounds. There are no wires or buttons or even plastic in this passive amp — just a single piece of glass, handcrafted to exacting proportions, that can wrap a room in sound.

Reuters: Larger iPhone 6 Screens To Enter Production By May

Rumours of larger iPhones have been swirling around for some time now, and the WSJ recently suggested that two would arrive some time this year. Now, a Reuters report suggests that those rumoured larger screens may go into production as soon as May.

How To Make Browsing The Web On Your Phone Suck Less

No matter how big the screen or how effective the software, web browsing on your smartphone just doesn’t match the ease of browsing on a computer. It’s never going to be perfect, but it can be a lot better. Here’s how to make browsing on your smartphone suck less.

goCatch Now Rates Taxi Competition In Your Area

If you’re standing out in the rain and the cold trying to hail a taxi when none are around, you’re living in the past. There are a multitude of taxi-booking apps for your smartphone out there, and one particular app has just received a useful new feature. goCatch now lets you see how much competition exists for the taxis in your area, giving you a better idea of how long you’ll be waiting.

Microsoft Hedges Its Bets With Free Office For iPhone And Android

Alongside its new Office for iPad, Microsoft has made another piece of its vast software portfolio available to a wider audience. The Redmond software behemoth’s Office Mobile for iPhone and Android is now available in each respective app store, and it’s all free.