Clipp Bar Tab App: Australian Review

When you’re out for a night of dinner and drinks at your local bar, it’s often simplest to open a tab at the start of the night. But leaving your credit card behind the bar, along with your ID, seems a little outdated (and frankly dangerous, for the identity-theft-paranoid of us out there). Clipp is a mobile bar tab app for Android and iOS that streamlines the process, and does so almost seamlessly.

Why Your Old Mac Can't Use Handoff In OS X Yosemite

One of the coolest features of OS X Yosemite is Handoff, which allows you to transition your app session on an iOS device to a Mac and vice versa. Unfortunately, Handoff isn’t going to work with every Mac.

The iPhone 6 Finally Made It To China

It’s taken Apple a little while to take its latest phone to China. But, as a Wall Street Journal correspondent points out, now that it’s there, reaction to its arrival seems to be “decidedly low-key”.

Ryobi's New Accessories Turn Your Smartphone Into A Toolbox

It may never be able to slice through a 2×4 or mix cement, but your smartphone can still be a useful tool on a construction site with Ryobi’s new Phone Works accessories, which grant your device new capabilities while taking advantage of its large display.

Using iOS 8's QuickText On Tinder Will Not Get You Laid

Among the worst features of Apple’s iOS 8 is QuickText, a feature that believes it can figure out what you’re going to text someone before you even think of it. It could be magical, instead it’s only good for writing nonsense sentences and mangling famous movie quotes. But maybe, just maybe, you can use it to get laid on Tinder?

How Big Is Too Big (When It Comes To Smartphones)?

I’ve long maintained that any phone with a screen size over 4.2 inches is stupid and pointless, and then promptly went out and got an iPhone 6. It seems, though, that everyone’s acceptance of what the maximum screen size is varies pretty massively.

Microsoft's Xim Is The Easiest Way To Share Photos To Friends' Phones

Smartphones have all but replaced a digital camera for most users, but easily sharing those snaps is still a problem. Creating online galleries, emailing photos, or even crowding around a tiny display are all less than ideal ways to share. So Microsoft’s researchers created Xim, a surprisingly simple way to create temporary photo slideshows that can be shared across multiple devices at once.

iOS 8 Is Apple's Least Successful Update In Years

One of Apple’s favourite sticks to poke Android with has always been the sluggish upgrade rate of new versions of Google’s OS. While Apple still has the ‘droid handily beat in that respect, it looks like Apple might have a growing problem on its hands with iOS 8 adoption.

Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Is Going For $US99,800 On Ebay

Someone is selling what they claim is an iPhone 6 prototype on auction at Ebay; as of this posting, bids are currently over $US99,000. The photos show the phone running a different version of the iOS software, one that looks similar to the factory test mode software shown in previous leaked images of prototypes.

Tell Us About Your iPhone 6 Plus So Far

Well, Goldilocks, you’ve had about two weeks or less with your new, supersized iPhone 6 Plus, and we’re a little curious as to how things are going. Is it too big? Too small? Or is it just right?

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