A Simple Text Can Crash Messages On Any iPhone It's Sent To

A newly discovered bug seems to cause Messages on iOS to crash when a specific string of text is received — and if it happens while the phone is locked, it also seems to reboot the iPhone too.

Microsoft's Cortana Is Coming To Android And iPhone

Starting in June, you’ll be able to download Cortana as an app on your Galaxy or iPhone, even if you’d rather die than use Windows. The rumours are true: Microsoft is giving the non-Windows crowd a taste of its powerful voice assistant, bringing Cortana to Android and iOS.

I Want This Screen Protector That Magically Gives iPhones A Back Button

Why doesn’t it have a back button? I ask no one in particular. Why do I have to reach all the way up there to go back where I came from? Soon, there may be an answer for my iPhone frustration — a screen protector with a virtual back button.

iOS 9 Optimisations Could Deliver Better Performance For Older Devices

Apple’s iOS updates have a reputation for degrading the performance of slower devices. On one hand, it makes sense — more features require extra grunt. On the other, given the strict range of phones and tablets the company has, surely it can take a bit of time to tune its updates for specific hardware? Well, iOS 9 could signal a shift in Apple’s attitude towards optimising the platform for the likes of the iPhone 4S.

Apple Prophet Says New iPhone Is Coming

We are apparently so desperate as a civilisation for news of the next iPhone that there are Apple diviners who specialize in predicting when it will come. Now the best of these diviners, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, says he’s convinced the new iPhone is coming in August.

Well, This Makes The Apple Watch More Appealing To Steal

It took Apple seven years to learn one hard lesson: The right security features can deter thieves from stealing your devices. Unfortunately, the lesson hasn’t transferred to Apple’s new wearable.

Behold Mophie's Mil-Spec Waterproof Battery Case For The iPhone

Mophie has long made some of the best backup batteries and battery cases you can get. The company’s upgrading its line of Juice Pack cases for the iPhone with a new model that’s waterproof. Not even a toilet can conquer your iPhone now.

How The New Cold War Is Improving Your Navigation

Ever contemplated going to war with America but been thwarted when the Great Satan switched off your access to its navigation satellites? That’s potentially a real problem for China and Russia, but the real victor in this navigational arms race might be you; it’s improving the quality of location data on your phone and in your car.

PopSlate Lightning Review: An iPhone Case With An E-Ink Screen

What does the back of your phone look like? Is it covered by a case? Either way, I’m willing to bet it looks the same every day. What if you could personalise it with the push of a button, wirelessly beaming your favourite photos to an e-ink screen that lives in a special iPhone 6 case? Say hello to the PopSlate.

30 Years Of Apple's Guided Tours, From Awkward To Amazing

The Apple Watch starts hitting wrists today with one of the most incredibly enormous user guides ever produced for an Apple product: 23 topics, almost 100 pages, not even including the 10 videos produced to teach people how to use this thing. Apple started creating “guided tours” for its new products back in 1984 — here are some highlights from over the years.