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How To Watch Apple's March Event, Bright And Early Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow’s a day to set your alarms early, guys. Apple’s March event is finally upon us, and it’s an punishing start — here’s when you’ll need to roll out of bed and plug in your iPhone headphones.

Apple's Next New Thing is Indeed a Smaller iPad Pro, Says Case Leak

Apple’s next new thing was supposed to be an iPad Pro a few days ago, now there’s new information out there that says… yes, it almost definitely is. A photo of a case with a Smart Connector makes it look like Apple’s about to launch something akin to an iPad Pro Mini, with all the associated plug-in gadgetry that came with the hefty 2015 unit thanks to its Smart Connector.

What To Expect From Apple's March 21 Event

The invites for Apple’s big March 21 event finally went out today, and we already have a good idea of what to expect. According to the rumour mill, there are two new products that will be revealed: a 4-inch iPhone SE and an 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Apple Will Probably Reveal The iPhone 5se And iPad Air 3 On March 15

Apple is almost ready to talk about its first product event of the year. Two independent reports claim that the company will have a special media event on March 15. A budget iPhone, an iPad Air 3, and a Watch update will likely be the stars of the show.

Back To School: 10 Apps For Your Student iPhone or iPad

Depending on where you are in Australia and what year you’re in, school starts back again tomorrow or Friday — urgh. Here are 10 apps, as suggested by Apple, to install on your high school iPad and do some ol’-fashioned book-learnin’ — whether you’re in the classroom, on the train or bus, or sitting in your room at home.

How To Quickly Flush The RAM On Your iPhone

Apps misbehaving? Phone acting sluggish? If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your iPhone, then emptying out the device’s RAM can often do wonders. It effectively ditches everything the phone was trying to juggle in its memory at once. Restarting your iPhone is one way of doing this, but there is a quicker option.

What Are The Best Apps For Children?

For my son’s upcoming third birthday my wife and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of buying him another enormous T-Rex we bought him an iPad Mini.

So I have a question for iPad owning parents out there — what are some of your favourite iOS apps for children?

These $800 Lightning Headphones Make Your iPhone's 3.5mm Jack Redundant

If you don’t like using the 3.5mm headphone jack on your iPhone but demand high-end audio, you’re a rare beast. But a rare beast whose dreams have come true, in the shape of Audeze’s new headphones, which combine audiophile luxury with an integrated Lightning connector.

Apple's Most Downloaded App Of 2015 In Australia? Netflix (At Least On iPad)

All of Apple’s stats for the App Store downloads in 2015 are out, and one particular entrant is simultaneously very interesting and not at all surprising. The most downloaded free app of 2015 on the iPad was actually only available for nine months: it was Netflix.

What It's Like To Use The iPad Pro As A Tablet

Apple’s souped-up iPad Pro is supposed to be a laptop replacement — yet as many have already pointed out, it just isn’t up to the task. So I decided to use the iPad Pro as its namesake suggests: As a huge arse iPad. To my surprise, I liked it.

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