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Ruby App Gets Period Tracking Right

The company that makes the fertility app Glow released a new iOS app called Ruby today, which lets women track their menstrual cycles and sexual health without an obsessive in-your-face focus on pinpointing ovulation.

Oh No, An App That Makes It Easy To Shoot Your Own Music Videos

Have you ever watched a music video for a popular song and thought you could’ve done a much better job? Much to the chagrin of all your social media followers, with Triller, a new app for iOS, you can easily shoot and share your own version — no editing skills required.

Apple's New iPod: Just A Touch Short Of Being Useful

With the latest iPod Touch — Generation 6! — Apple’s iOS runt gets a better camera and powerful guts, which make it feel like a baby iPhone that doesn’t make calls. But why would you buy it if you already have an iPhone?

Apple's Home Sharing Is Back In The Latest Beta Of iOS

Apple upset a significant portion of its user base (case in point: the excellent email below) when it disabled Home Sharing for iOS devices in iOS 8.4. Thankfully, it looks like things will turn around by the time iOS 9 publicly launches.

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Welcome to another week of new apps! This week we get back to what apps do best — making your life just a little bit easier, whether that’s watching YouTube videos or just scrolling through Instagram. Take a look through these wares and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Why Does Asking Siri To Charge Your Phone Call The Cops?

Utter the words — and we don’t suggest you do — “charge my phone 100 per cent” to Siri, and your iPhone will try and call emergency services, after a five-second grace period in which you can cancel it. But why?

10 Tricks To Make Yourself An Apple Music Master

Sure, you’ve signed up for the three-month Apple Music trial, but are you really making the most of all it has to offer? Before you decide whether or not to stay on board with Apple’s new streaming service, try this collection of tips and tricks.

Free Games Friday: Omega, Infinity Blade, Fallout Shelter

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

Home Sharing Will Return In iOS 9

Last week, it turned out that Apple had quietly removed Home Sharing from iOS 8.4 in favour of taking your money for an Apple Music subscription. But, don’t worry, the feature is being reinstated in iOS 9.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Welcome to another Apps of the Week as we take a tour of all the great software fit for your 5-inch (or so) smartphone screen. As usual, photography comes front and centre, your smartphone can now power up into a wireless keyboard and Windows Phone finally gets in on one of the biggest gaming apps ever created.

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