Watch A Volcano Explosion On The Surface Of Io

Man, Jupiter’s moons are a lot cooler than ours. The spacecraft New Horizons captured this gigantic exploding on its moon Io, the most volcanically active body in the solar system. It seems crazy to see something so far away captured in such detail.

This Is How NASA Made Composite Images Before Photoshop Existed

You might think that this image looks a little bodged together, and you’d be right to. After all, it’s literally a collage of photographs obtained by Voyager I — all the way back in 1979.

A Moon With The Most Volcanic Activity Of Anything In The Solar System

This moon looks even more like it’s made from green cheese than ours does, but it’s not. Lame. Io, the innermost moon of Jupiter, is the most volcanically active body in our solar system because of gravitational “tides” exerted by Jupiter and its other moons. And the constantly flowing lava gives Io’s surface frequent makeovers.

New Google Maps Features Leak Ahead Of I/O

Ahead of Google’s I/O event happening early tomorrow morning, details of a bunch of new Maps features have leaked.

Google's New Head Of Android On The Future Of The OS

When Google’s Andy Rubin stepped down as head of Android earlier this year, Sundar Pichai took over his duties. Now, ahead of Google’s I/O conference, he’s spoken to WIRED — and spilled the beans on what the future holds for Android.

Matias Duarte Q&A: Jelly Bean, The Nexus 7 And The Wild, Weird World Of Android

Matias Duarte is the Director of Android User Experience at Google, which means he’s the artist who pretties up the green robot’s gears. We got some one-on-one time with him at Google I/O, and he opened up about the Nexus 7, Jelly Bean, and why we shouldn’t be so huffy about Android fragmentation.

What's Google Announcing At I/O?

With WWDC behind us and Microsoft’s Surface tablet out of the bag, it’s Google’s turn to take the lid off. Tomorrow’s annual I/O developer conference should offer a heaping buffet of new products and software developments. But let’s start with the usual amuse-bouche: a crapload of rumours. So what might I/O bring this year?

Nexus 7: This Is Google's New Nexus Tablet

Wondering what Google’s flagship I/O Conference announcement this week should look like? Wonder no longer. It’s a 7-inch Tegra 3 tablet running Android Jelly Bean, and it’s set to hit Australia in July.

When Will Australia See The New Google Goodies?

Google made a lot of announcements on the first day of its IO event in the US today, including the exciting Google Music service, Ice Cream Sandwich Android update and Android@home. But when will we see them in Australia?

Google TV Not Launching Internationally Until 2011

Lifehacker’s Gus is over at Google’s I/O at the moment, and in a piece for APCMag he explains that Google has confirmed that their Google TV offering won’t be coming to International markets until 2011.