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The Q Founder Is Fossil's First Android Wear Watch, Seems Pretty Average

For the past year or so, the smartwatch revolution has belonged exclusively to tech companies, who are better at designing electronics than fashion wearables. But earlier this month, Tag Heuer finally released its first Android Wear smartwatch, and Fossil isn’t far behind.

Intel Plans To Put Its Insane 8-Teraflop Supercomputer Chips Into A Desktop

Yesterday, Intel announced that it’s putting its insane 72-core Knight’s Landing’ supercomputer chip — its fastest ever — into production. But perhaps more exciting is the fact that it has plans to ship desktop workstations that contain the face-melting computational powerhouse.

This New Genuino 101 Uses Intel's Tiny, Low-Power Curie Chip

This is the latest addition to Genuino’s line-up of budget-friendly development boards, and it uses Intel’s cute-as-a-button Curie chip to power itself along.

A First Look At The Most Expensive Android Wear Watch Ever Made

Intel and Tag Heuer have done tons of hyping for its still upcoming, $US1800 Android Wear watch. But after hearsay that a November launch was coming, the Swiss luxury watchmaker is sticking with that rumoured game plan. The most expensive Android Watch ever made is coming 9 November.

Gaming PCs Are Getting Smaller, And That's Awesome

PC motherboards are getting more and more powerful and supporting faster CPUs and RAM, gaming-grade graphics cards are getting smaller and more energy efficient, next-gen storage is getting smaller and faster. If you like building gaming PCs, and you like putting them in the middle of your living room and playing games on your big-screen TV, you are witnessing the start of a golden age.

Intel Is Putting Its Promising Skylake CPUs Inside Smartphones

Intel’s new Skylake processors fit inside practically any computer. Soon, you’ll be able to get one inside a PC-on-a-stick. But it turns out that Core M computers can get even smaller still. Intel says it’s already testing the new processors inside smartphones too.

Live Stream Intel's IFA 2015 Press Conference Right Here

Keen to watch Intel announce the latest in laptop, ultrabook, all-in-one and wearable processors? The chip-maker is about to get up at IFA 2015 and show us the future. Get in here and watch the live stream with us.

Intel's New Skylake Processors: What You Need To Know

Stop. Don’t buy that new Windows laptop or tablet. Don’t pull the trigger unless you’re getting a truly amazing deal. Because today, Intel’s launching its latest processor — Skylake — and you’re may want one in your next PC.

Intel's Updated HDMI Compute Stick Is Getting A Skylake Speed Boost

Remember Intel’s $US150 HDMI Compute Stick? It’s meant to turn any screen you’ve got into a computer, provided you bring your own peripherals. Thanks to an update from the chip-maker today about its new Skylake processors, the Compute Stick is about to get much better.

AMD Gets Another Win As Intel Backs Its FreeSync Technology

After a noticeable dry spell, AMD is finally winning some important battles against NVIDIA. First punching above its weight in DirectX 12 and now Intel plans to side with it in the war on screen tearing, with the chip manufacturer giving AMD’s FreeSync tech the thumbs up.

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