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Americans Can Now Buy Drone Insurance From AIG

Nervous pilots might be able to command their UAV with a little more peace of mind now that AIG is willing to sell drone insurance.

Struck By A Duck: The Strangest Codes In The US Medical Billing System 

When Americans go to the doctor, there’s a medical code that determines how their treatment gets billed. Getting treated for urban rabies? Well, that’s distinct from woods-based sylvatic rabies, and the invoice will reflect that. Until today, the system in the US was the same one they used in the 1970s. But there’s a new catalogue of ailments, and some of it is weird as hell.

Why Choosing The Right Surgeon Matters Even More Than You Think

In February 2012, LaVerne Stiles went to Citrus Memorial Hospital near her home in central Florida for what should have been a routine surgery. The bubbly retired secretary had been in a minor car accident weeks earlier. She didn’t worry much about her sore neck until a scan detected a broken bone.

Tips To Make The End Of The Financial Year Faster, Cheaper And Easier

As much as throwing a tantrum feels like a natural option when it comes to organising your life for tax time, there are things you can do to make it seem less of a chore. While you’re organising your finances, it’s a good time to take care of other notoriously avoided tasks around the home. Here’s our list of the best deals and must-do tasks to get you sorted before June 30 rolls around (it’s not far away so get acting!)

I Lost All This Stuff In Vietnam: An Ode To Backups

Last month while riding a $450 motorcycle through Vietnam, I lost my backpack. It contained my camera, computer, and two hard drives containing seven months of RAW photos and videos. This is what I learned from the ordeal.

How Insurance Types In The US Make A Difference To Survival

We all know that having health insurance can make it easier for people to a see a doctor, and with access to care, people can stay healthier. But socioeconomic inequalities in the United States affect access to healthcare, and thus treatment and patient outcomes as well.

Report: Google Car Insurance Is Imminent

The New York Times reports that several recent moves by Google suggest that it’s set to launch a new car insurance shopping site in the near future.

Optus Has A New Blanket Gadget Insurance Plan, But Is It Good Value?

Remember phone insurance? Do people still get that? Optus certainly thinks so, rolling out a new plan that lets you insure all of the devices on your account under one blanket policy. Curious.

China Offers Smog Insurance For Sight-Seeing Tourists Who Can't See

China’s debilitating smog problem isn’t anything new at this point — at least for its residents. Tourists to Beijing, however, are still struggling with the fact that the sights they came for can often be virtually unseeable. To appease this growing group of angry travellers, China’s biggest online travel agency now offers smog insurance.

The Business Of Predicting The End Of The World

Most of us only think about natural disasters when we absolutely have to (or when it’s, uh, for fun). But for scientists and analysts who work for global insurance companies, predicting the next big catastrophe is a business — and an increasingly lucrative one, at that.

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