Watch Out For The Identity-Stealing Spambots Of Instagram

The latest crop of spambots on Instagram are employing a trick even slimier than just buying fake followers: They’re stealing profiles. As The Verge reported today, some Instagram users are getting followed by their bot doppelgängers, profiles made up entirely from their ripped-off images.

This Is What Your Average Instagram Picture Looks Like

If you’ve ever wondered what the average Instagram picture looks like, then wonder no longer. The web app Metagramme lets you create an average image based on the last 32 pictures you uploaded to Instagram.

Here’s How Instagram Hyperlapse Works

Instagram’s Hyperlapse allows you to create some very cool looking video timelapses while still moving the camera around. Here’s how it works.

Instagram Hyperlapse Hands-On: Video Simplified And Stabilised

Instagram has launched Hyperlapse, a super-quick and easy way to make timelapse videos with your phone. It’s an exemplar of simplicity, allowing even the shakiest of individuals access to smoothed out video in a flash.

Instagram's New App Creates Nifty Hyperlapse Videos With Your Phone

Wired is reporting that later today Instagram will announce an all-new standalone app called Hyperlapse, which allows the creation of stabilised moving timelapse videos. It’s a feature previously only available to those with more advanced photographic gear and know-how.

My Weekend Without Social Media

My name is Luke Hopewell, and I’m an unapologetic social media addict. Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Slingshot, Snapchat, Secret, Tinder and Bolt: hook them straight up to my veins. Last weekend my boss challenged me to go a weekend without my favourite apps, and I had a panic attack just thinking about it. This was my slow descent into madness.

Bolt, Instagram's Crack At Snapchat, Is Out In Australia

Self-destructing media! Not exactly hitting Da Vinci-levels of innovation, but an intriguing enough concept going by the popularity of Snapchat. Instagram, the other heavyweight in the “must photograph everything and spam it to my friends” space, has released a competitor of sorts called “Bolt”. The roll-out however is being done gradually, with Australia the latest country to get access to the app.

Instagram's New Bolt Messaging App Available For Aussies To Download

So much for the soft launch! Instagram’s instant photo messaging app, Bolt, is now available in Australia. If you feel like ditching Snapchat for something slightly different, now’s your chance.

This Is Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp For $US16 Billion

Briefly: WhatsApp’s throughput of shared photographs is astronomical and rising at an insane rate. (See also, the purchase of Instagram and the crazy offer for Snapchat.) [KPCB]

Instagram Went Nuts Over The Incredible Sunset In Sydney Yesterday

If you happened to be outside when the sun went down over Sydney last night you were treated to an amazing sky, as well as a whole bunch of people trying to capture it on their devices.

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