Flash Just Patched A Huge Security Flaw

Adobe just patched up a gaping security flaw that could affect anyone who logs on to eBay, Tumblr, Instagram or other popular sites. If you’re a person who visits any of those domains (or, really, any website out there that might use Flash), you really should update right now.

Instagram Bringing Ads To Australia Later This Year

Get ready to see ads in your feed, Aussie Instagrammers.

Instagram Update Adds More Sophisticated Photo-Editing Tools

An Instagram update that’s hitting today will add new more sophisticated tools to let you adjust 10 tools via sliders, including brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and other parameters. You’ll also be able to adjust the strength of the preset filters you apply

What's A Better Word For Selfie?

Love it or hate it, the concept of taking a picture of oneself and sharing it with the world is a phenomenon that refuses to die. But for the love of all things holy, can’t we find a better name than ‘selfie’?

Using Twitter, Flickr And More To Crowdsource A Wildlife Timelapse

In September of 2013, a giant wildfire dubbed the “Morgan Fire” burned through Mount Diablo State Park in California. It left thousands of acres of bush and forest charred, but researchers at URS have embraced the opportunity to study how the local ecosystem responds and recovers from the disaster, using crowdsourced timelapse images.

Adidas Is Letting You Make Instagram Shoes

Looking at every meal, snowflake and sunset through a sepia-toned screen is nice, sure, but you’re going to run out of battery at some point. Now, thanks to Adidas, you’ll never have to spend another Kelvin-free minute again — just look down.

Instagram Crashed And It Caused A Global Food Crisis

It’s a lovely Sunday morning, with the rain and wind of the last few days having calmed down. Sounds like the perfect day for brunch with friends, right? Wrong. Instagram is down, and it’s causing a panic among aspiring food photographers. Just look at these poor lost souls.

This Is The First Instagram From Space

We see wonderful images from space all the time, but now you can expect them to come dripping in Hudson, Sierra or Toaster — because Instagram has finally made it into space.

Twitter Now Lets You Tag People In Tweets Without Using Any Characters

Twitter is growing up, and the latest new feature set includes the ability to tag up to 10 people in a photo, as well as the ability to add up to four photos to a tweet. But — and this is big — those tags won’t count towards the total character limit. Suddenly, tweets seem kind of big.

9 Incredible Aerial Pics Of London, Seen From A Police Helicopter

London looks cool from street-level. London looks really, really cool from a helicopter — specifically from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Air Support Unit, a fleet of three that flies around providing support to the ground-bound team below. In between felony-fighting duties, the officers manage to take some truly incredible urban shots.

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