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This Online Font Lets You Write In Instagram Pictures

Like our new logo? Just kidding; this is one of the many results you can achieve if you type a string of letters into Type to Design’s new site, which renders your text in carefully selected Instagram photos.

Of Course Restaurants Are Designing Meals Just To Look Good On Instagram

It was only a matter of time. Though it’s not unusual for eateries to place plenty of importance on presentation (“we eat with our eyes first”, and all that), the rise of amateur food photographers means that one US restaurant chain has now admitted that it actively designs dishes based on how good they will look on Instagram.

Has Instagram Ever Nudged You To Make A Major Life Change?

You may have heard that many New Yorkers — perhaps even people you personally know! — are moving to Los Angeles. But apparently they’re not moving because of the harsh winters or the high rents or the bad Mexican food. They’re moving because of Instagram.

Emojis Are Becoming The Dominant Language Of Instagram

There’s no question emojis have become wildly popular. But on Instagram, the familiar happy faces, hearts and kissing lips are more than just a cute shorthand. They’re on their way to becoming the dominant, universal form of communication.

Microsoft Has Given Us The F**k-You Emoji We All Wanted

Briefly: Insult emoticons have arrived at last, thanks to Microsoft. Windows 10 will feature the first wave of blatantly offensive emoji, a collection of middle fingers in full F-you salute. One sad step closer to Instagramese becoming the de facto language of humanity.

How To Take The Perfect Selfie

In this day and age, taking a good selfie is an important skill to have — especially if you looking for more Instagram-cred. If you find that your selfies are a little underwhelming and just aren’t pulling the likes, here a few things to keep in mind so you can snap the perfect insta-worthy pic.

Can Instagram Be Used As A Tool To Track Climate Change?

In Los Angeles, the transition from spring to summer is heralded by the blooming of jacarandas, a photogenic tree that explodes in bright lavender fireworks and sprinkles flowers across the city like purple rain. But as I Instagrammed my sneakers against the rubbery petals the other week, I had a nagging feeling — this was way too early for jacarandas to be blooming.

Instagram Is Censoring The Eggplant Emoji Because, Well, You Know Why

Instagrammers with weiner on the brain will have to look elsewhere: Instagram announced yesterday it’s adding emoji hashtags, but you can’t search for photos hashtagged with the eggplant, a vegetable considered more penile than produce these days.

Because You Always Wanted Emoji Hashtags On Instagram

It’s the final nail in the coffin of word-based human communication. Instagram’s new feature: emoji hashtags.

Tinder Jumps In Bed With Instagram, And Everything Else You Missed

Tinder teams up with Instagram, handwriting makes a comeback, and Sony may release its next flagship smartphone sooner than you’d think. BitStream has all the news and rumours you missed in the last 24 hours.

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