Here's James May Explaining Selfies As Best As He Can

Top Gear‘s James May doesn’t take selfies. Mostly because he believes that machines will change what images look like to fool other people into thinking everything is fine.

The Instagram Accounts We Loved This Year

Not every Instagram account is pictures of semi-famous tweens or farm-to-table food. There are some very artful, very niche accounts out there that we adore simply for their aesthetic merits. We’ve compiled a catalogue of the ones we follow so you can too.

This Year's Top Instagram Trends Are Exactly What You'd Expect

Instagram and its many filters may be responsible for the wave of faux nostalgia, but now that the year’s winding down, it’s time for some actual nostalgia. Today, Instagram released their year-end review, and, well, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect. But it’s also a great excuse to post some gorgeous shots.

Sexting Comes To Instagram

Instagram’s private messaging service, Instagram Direct, is finally here. Why, though, with so many photo-messaging apps at our fingertips already, would you use a private channel for your filtered, edited, and enhanced brunches and sunsets? The same reason we do anything — sex.

You Can Now Send Private Photos Over Instagram Direct

At today’s mystery press event, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom officially announced the much-rumoured Instagram private message system, Instagram Direct. Instead of sending photos to your entire feed, you can finally send photos and videos to both individual friends and groups of friends.

Thanksgivukkah Was A Perfect Instagram Storm

Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Two holidays largely centred around bringing loved ones together over delicious traditional foods. Put them together, whip up a portmanteau-licious hashtag (#Thanksgivukkah), and you’ve got the recipe for a record-breaking day on Instagram.

Instagram-Printed Marshmallows: Equal Parts Delicious And Adorable

There are countless online services that will turn your Instagram photos into everything from business cards, to flipbooks, to coffee mugs. But Bloomf has taken a wholly original approach to making hard copies of your digital photos — except they’re not hard at all. The website will print your shots onto gourmet marshmallows letting you devour the photos of your favourite meals all over again.

Instagram For Windows Phone Is Here (Update: Yes, It Can Take Pictures)

Valencia. X Pro II. I dunno, Sierra. Ready your favourite filters, because Instagram for Windows Phone will finally and officially be here today. But it’s pretty half-assed.

This Stop-Motion Made From 850 Instagram Stills Is Incredible

Ever wanted to travel to some of the world’s greatest landmarks without leaving wherever-the-hell you are now? Try this from Thomas Julien: an Instagram stop-motion featuring hundreds of photos from over 850 different users.

Selfie Is Officially The 2013 Word Of The Year

Time to fire up Instagram and party like it’s, um, 2013, because ‘selfie’ has been named the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year.