How To Lie With Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is one of the most important tools we have to analyse data. But it’s just as easy to mislead as it is to educate using charts and graphs. In this article we’ll take a look at three of the most common ways in which visualisations can be misleading.

A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of The World's First Great Infographic

Data visualisation is an amazing way to get a point across. That is, when you’re making infographics that aren’t just dumb. Charles Joseph Minard’s famous visual telling of Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia is one of the first great examples, if a little intimidating at a glance. And this explanation by the folks at Numberphile really helps bring it home.

The Daily Schedules Of The World's Greatest Geniuses

How did Beethoven, Mozart, Freud, Dickens, Darwin, Le Corbusier or Benjamin Franklin managed to be so productive and create some of the most important work in the history of art and science? Check out this great visualisation by Info We Trust and find solace in the fact that some of them didn’t actually work that much.

Let's All Cool It With These Stupid Maps

Maps are great. Maps help us get where we need to go and can sometimes teach us things about the world we live in. But unfortunately, the internet has been infected by a scourge of stupid maps. And stupid maps are making us dumber.

A Simple Chart Shows How Dogs Today Evolved From A Wolf

How did we get from wolves to dogs of all sizes? How do pugs and chihuahuas and pit bulls and English bulldogs and German shepherds and so forth all come from the big Grey Wolf? Evolution! We domesticated wolves by adopting cubs and feeding them and slowly changing their habits. Over generations, the wolves changed and created a new species which we humans selectively bred (over-bred, probably) to exaggerate certain traits to perform certain tasks.

Gorgeous Infographics Show What Made The Beatles Great

It was 50 years ago today (well, next month) that The Beatles took America by storm. And a graphic design duo is marking the anniversary with a Kickstarter collection of gorgeous infographics delving into every detail of The Beatles’ first album, Please Please Me.

14 Complex Data Visualisations That Take The Form Of A Tree

Infographics might seem like a modern phenomenon — citizens of the internet love nothing more than a nice and tidy presentation of catchy stats — but data viz dates way, way back. In The Book of Trees: Visualiing Branches of Knowledge, interaction designer Manuel Lima examines a recurring theme: more than eight centuries’ worth of trees used as diagrams, and why botanical iconography has endured from those early days through to the digital revolution.

More Than Half Of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks.

Here's What Marketing Could Look Like In 2014

Since 2014 is only a few days away, design aesthetics probably won’t be stunningly different come the new year. So that’s all the more reason to make some predictions! Let’s do this.

This Infographic Shows How Crazy Christmas Toys Have Gotten In 50 Years

Philadelphia-based Abby Ryan Design came up with this fun infographic of the most popular toys from 50 years of Christmas shopping. If you were a child during any of that time, you’ll doubtless recognise something. Then you’ll scratch your head in bafflement at how damned expensive today’s most-requested gifts are.