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The Hotly-Anticipated US Version Of The Yotaphone 2 Is Cancelled

After raising nearly $US300,000 on Indiegogo, the highly-anticipated US version of Yotaphone 2 is cancelled. We’ve confirmed that backers can’t get the US version with Yota Devices. What a bummer!

Build A Custom Multi-Functional USB-C Hub With These Modular Bricks

USB-C promises to be the all-in-one cable we’ve all dreamed about, but the first companies to adopt it are being stingy about how many ports they give us. It means USB expansion hubs are en vogue again, and the Cusby is the first to let you custom build one for your specific needs.

A Motorised Automatic Umbrella Is The Best Kind Of Overkill

Your umbrella might pop open at the push of a button, but does it close all the way too? You probably need to grab its soaking wet canopy to retract it all the way, which is why the completely automatic HAZ smart umbrella doesn’t actually seem that ridiculous, does it?

Google's Top Hit For 'Greek Bailout' Is An Indiegogo Campaign To Fund It

What’s the top hit for a Google search of “Greek bailout”? Depressingly, it’s not a thorough economic analysis of how to get Greece out of debt. It’s a goofy Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund €1.6 billion. And the campaign is fast approaching €1 million.

The Campaign To Crowdfund Greece's Bailout Has Crashed Indiegogo

Yesterday we told you about a silly crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece. Apparently there’s been so much interest that Indiegogo’s servers have been overloaded. The campaign is currently down. No joke.

Someone Is Trying To Crowdfund A Greek Bailout Because Why Not

Greece is not doing well financially at the moment, to put it mildly. The country is broke and can’t repay its IMF loan, which is due tomorrow. So some folks are trying to help bail the country out in the way that the internet loves best: A silly crowdfunding campaign!

Genius Flat Edge Scissors Guarantee A Perfectly Straight Cut

There hasn’t been much innovation in scissors since Crayola started making safer versions for kids. That’s why Tamás Fekete’s Vector scissors are so exciting. They feature a unique flat edge design that allows you to cut perfectly straight lines with the help of the edge of a table.

Pornhub Wants Your Money To Make Porn In Space

There videos of people boning whilst skydiving. There are videos of people boning in scuba gear (I’m just assuming here). And if Pornhub and Indiegogo have their way, soon you might get to see sextronauts (yup!) making zero-gravity love.

A Clever Lamp That Requires No Batteries, Outlets Or Sun

About a billion people live without electricity, and they often turn to kerosene lamps: ultra dangerous, carcinogen-spouting, open flames that could turn homes into tinderboxes. So a new Indiegogo campaign’s out to provide safe, reusable lights that need zero outside energy sources.

YotaPhone 2, The Dual Screen E-Ink Wonder, Is Blowing Up On IndieGoGo

The general consensus about YotaPhone, the wacky Russian smartphone with a dual LED and E-Ink screen, was simple: I’m not sure how useful it is, but I want to try that. Now the company is funding a North American run for the phone on IndieGoGo, and damn, people sure are excited about it.

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