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George Lucas Has Had Nothing To Do With The Story For Indiana Jones 5

Which means we can probably look forward to George Lucas throwing shade at Indiana Jones 5 after it comes out.

This Gorgeous Fan Film Makes Us Want A Whole Indiana Jones Animated Series

Video: If you can watch this and not desperately wish that there was an Indiana Jones cartoon to accompany it, then you are a stronger person than I.

Does Lucasfilm Have A Long-Term Star Wars-Style Plan For Indiana Jones?

Rumours abound of an unlikely star for Predator. Get new looks at Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange and Skull Island in the lead up to Comic-Con. Plus, another new clip from Star Wars Rebels season three, the first look at the next season of Sherlock and new pictures from Fear the Walking Dead. To me, my spoilers!

Disney CEO Suggests Indiana Jones Will Be Rebooted After Part 5

If anyone knows what’s going on with the universes of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm, it’s the CEO of all of Disney, Bob Iger. In a new interview, Iger said he expects to make more Indiana Jones movies after part five… but that may or may not include Harrison Ford.

Steven Spielberg Pinky Promises To Not Kill Off Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford’s return to Star Wars actually becoming his prompt exit from Star Wars might have fans of Indiana Jones worried that the same fate will befall another beloved Ford hero when the actor returns for Indiana Jones 5. Not so, according to director Steven Spielberg. Or at least not so… for now.

Watch The Original Raiders Of The Lost Ark Trailer Side-By-Side With Its Fan-Made Remake

Video: When three young filmmakers decided to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark shot for shot, they had no idea where it would take them. Now, a documentary about the experience is coming out, and a new trailer has been cut that feels very familiar.

Celebrate 35 Years Of Indiana Jones With This Beautiful New Poster

On 12 June 1981, adventure got a new name: Indiana Jones. Now, 35 years later, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ film Raiders of the Lost Ark remains a revered classic and one of the best action films of all time. To begin the anniversary celebration, Lucasfilm has licensed a brand new, limited edition poster everyone can grab.

10 Brand New Characters Who Joined Our Favourite Series, And We Didn't Hate Them

The biggest challenge for the new Star Wars was to make us love Rey and Finn as much as Luke and Han. Mission accomplished! But most of the time, when a venerable franchise introduces new characters, it’s a horrendous failure. Here are 10 long-running series that actually made us care about new characters.

Watch The Exciting New Trailer For a Documentary About An Epic Raiders Of The Lost Ark Fan Film 

The story is legendary. In the early Eighties, three 11-year-old boys decided to embark on a shot-by-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. What started small turned into a multi-decade project that got the attention of the entire world. Now, it’s a documentary called Raiders: The Story Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made.

Steven Spielberg Didn't Have To Look Far For His Indiana Jones 5 Writer

Besides the name “George Lucas”, the biggest omission from the announcement of a fifth Indiana Jones film was the writer. It didn’t take long for director Steven Spielberg to land on someone: David Koepp, who wrote Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will be responsible for bringing Indy back one more time.

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