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How Spielberg, Lucas, And Kasdan Came Up With Indiana Jones

How did a “scruffy”, “rough and tumble”, “bounty hunter of antiquities” become one of the most beloved heroes in film history? Read this transcript from a 1978 meeting featuring Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan, as they workshop the concept of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I Don't Recall Indiana Jones IV Being So Damn Terrible (but It Is)

I think we can all agree that Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull is the very worst of the Indy movies, but I don’t recall it being as bad as this Everything wrong with… episode shows.

Watch Darth Vader Get His Arse Kicked In Stop Motion By Indiana Jones And Einstein

Anyone who’s seen an episode of Robot Chicken can appreciate the bizarre comedy that can be mined from toys and models filmed in stop-motion. It gives you the freedom to set-up some odd scenarios, say, Darth Vader getting destroyed by the likes of Indiana Jones, Jack Torrance and, er, Albert Einstein.

Scientists Discover Iron Man Found By Nazis Is Of Extraterrestrial Origin

Before you ask: no, it isn’t the plot for the next Indiana Jones movie. According to a research paper published on the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science, scientists have discovered that an Iron Man sculpture found by a Nazi expedition in Tibet is of extraterrestrial origin. Cue the music anyway.

Watch: Every Making Of Indiana Jones Documentary

Everyone loves Indiana Jones. That’s just science. But you’ve also probably seen all of them a hundred dozen times. So please allow us to present these wonderful documentaries about how the Indy films were made. So yeah, there’s your Saturday night. No time for love, Dr. Jones.

I Really Needed To Watch This Awesome Vocal Version Of Indiana Jones Today

With all the bad news today, I needed something to make me smile. Nick McKaig, famous for making vocal versions of The Simpsons and Star Wars came to the rescue with this fun and surprisingly perfect version of Indiana Jones’ main theme.

The Ark Of The Covenant Cake Is Face-Meltingly Awesome

The groom’s cake may be a bit of a consolation prize for otherwise being ignored on the big day, but that doesn’t men you shouldn’t milk it for all its pastry goodness. Like this guy, who got himself the Ark of the Covenant in cake.

It Turns Out You Probably Can't Survive An Atomic Bomb Blast Inside A Fridge

Of everything that was wrong with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — and there’s lots — the atomic bomb scene draws the most ire and criticism from fans. And surprisingly, it turns out it’s not even plausible. What?!

This Indiana Jones Ring Is Worth Way More Than Any Golden Idol

How do you propose to the ultimate Indy fan? Not with snakes or crystal skulls, that’s for sure. You pop the question with the snap of a whip. Or at least a whip ring.

Confessions Of A Hollywood Stuntman

Stuntman Vic Armstrong spent a career taking blows in some of Hollywood’s most iconic roles. In this exclusive excerpt from his new book, he describes what it was like to actually, physically, be Indiana Jones.