All Those Iconic Space Pictures Are Really Black And White 

Video: Most of the gorgeous images of distant galaxies we all keep in our minds were captured by the lens of The Hubble Space Telescope. But those lens can only take black and white images. The colour is added afterwards according to “the wavelengths of light that different elements emit in space”. This is how they do it.

What Makes An Image Go Viral? Could Be As Simple As Colour 

Never before in human history has it been so easy to share, like, pin, reblog, images. That’s, like, totally awesome for teenage girls showing off their prom dresses, but it’s also a pretty huge boon for scientists studying what makes images shareable. And it could be something as simple as colour.

How Digital Images Really Work

We take digital images for granted these days — hell, you’re looking at dozens right now. But when you stop and think about how the 3D world can be represented so neatly by 1D data stored on a hard drive, it’s really utterly amazing.

The Way We Deal With Photos Is Broken. This Company Wants To Fix It.

Think back to the last wedding you went to. Or the last birthday party. Even the last nice dinner. Odds are you took multiple photos, dozens even. Maybe you even uploaded one to Instagram. But have you looked at any of them since? Or sent them to anyone? Probably not. And, if you did, it wasn’t particularly easy.

Redesigning One Of Google's Most Useful Tools

Google Images is a great product, but there are a few areas where the user experience and design could be better. So, I spent a few days refining it. Too lazy to read? Jump to the bottom and watch the video for the tl;dr.

This Is What Your Average Instagram Picture Looks Like

If you’ve ever wondered what the average Instagram picture looks like, then wonder no longer. The web app Metagramme lets you create an average image based on the last 32 pictures you uploaded to Instagram.

This Clever Image Search Could Change The Way You Find Pictures Online

Compared to searching for text, searching for images is super hard. But a new way to index and navigate through averaged images — those blurry composites that pull together millions of images into one — could radically change the way that we search for photos or products online.

Neurocam Analyses Your Brainwaves To Take Photos For You

Pressing a button is so 20th century. And winking or asking Google Glass to do it for you seems like quite a lot of effort too. So, for the truly lazy, Neurocam analyses your brainwaves to work out when you want a picture taken.

Nokia's 'Black' Windows Phone Update: RAW Photo Support, New Apps, More

The latest update to Nokia’s Windows Phone build (which expands upon Microsoft’s GDR3 release), named Black, brings with it some features you may be surprised to learn Nokia handsets didn’t already contain… but here’s a big one for you: It also brings RAW support, not available on any smartphone before.

Google+ Now Works As A Serious Photo Editor, Provided You Use Chrome

Google+ is now rolling out many of the image adjustment tricks included in its Auto Awesome feature as manual tools — if you use the right browser.

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