Meet The Guys Who Store Humans At Freezing Temperatures For The Future

We Will Live Again is a fascinating documentary on the Cryonics Institute, the place where 99 dead human bodies are stored at freezing temperatures in hopes that they will be able to be revived and live again in another life. It’s crazy and bizarre and eerie in all the right ways.

10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life On Earth As We Know It

Video: A super volcano that creates a toxic ash cloud covering Earth. Gamma ray explosions. Shifting of magnetic fields. The robots. The bees. And even ourselves. If you want to give yourself a little scare, watch this video on the 10 things that could wipe out life on Earth. The idea of mass extinctions is riveting stuff.

Half A Kilo Of Human Body Fat Looks Horrifyingly Vile

Don’t worry, what you’re looking at isn’t real but rather a full replica of fatty tissue in a human body. Not that it makes it any better, because that’s pretty much how fat looks like inside your body. Which, well, oh my god gross. I don’t want a single ounce of this slimy goopy jiggle on my body anymore.

What If The Rest Of The Alien Universe Was Terrified Of Humans?

In almost every sci-fi movie worth re-watching, it seems that us humans are always less technologically advanced, dumber and only serve as a mere speed bump into an alien race eliminating humans to take over our planet and suck Earth dry of its resources. We’re always the weaker ones in alien wars. Well, what if we’re not? Tom Scott imagined a scenario where everyone else in the universe was afraid of humans. It’s fantastic.

New Research: Great White Sharks Are Surprisingly Similar To Humans

A new genetic study on great white shark’s hearts has found that these animals are strikingly similar to humans. More than zebrafish, in fact, which is now widely used to “study cancers, neurological diseases and blood disorders” because of their similitude to humans.

New DNA Sequence Shows That Neanderthals Liked Incest

Berkeley scientists just generated a pristine genome sequence of Neanderthal DNA — the most complete ever created — and what they found might gross you out. It might also blow your mind.

When Did Humans Start Wearing Clothes?

Determining exactly when humans began wearing clothes is a challenge, largely because early clothes would have been things like animal hides, which degrade rapidly. Therefore, there’s very little archaeological evidence that can be used to determine the date that clothing started being worn.

Humans Are So Lonely We'll Make Friends With A Robotic Stick

Humans want to have friends. This need for companionship in a soul-crushingly indifferent world can lead us to confuse mechanical motion with human emotion, as shown in this video by researchers at the University of Calgary.

Why Is There A Limit To Human Strength?

Want to be swole as hell? You can bulk up all you want, but once you get to a certain point, muscle growth is out of your hands. ASAP Science explains that our level of strength is basically pre-determined by our genetics.

Why Dancing Is Actually A Mating Call For Humans

As George Michael showed us once upon a time, the easiest way to get other humans to mate with you is to cut up a dance floor or hide in a bush in a random public park at nightfall. And dancing, it turns out, is actually an ingrained evolutionary trait!