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Android 2.2 Fix Now Rolling Out To HTC EVO Owners Who Downloaded Early Or Unofficial Build

Apparently the version of Android 2.2 which could be downloaded straight from HTC’s servers before the over-the-air updates even started wasn’t final. To fix any troubles those who downloaded and installed that update may be experiencing, Sprint is rolling out a fix:

Android 2.2 Updates For The EVO 4G Begin Rolling Out OTA

Woohoo! The promised Android 2.2 updates for the EVO 4G have begun rolling out over the air. Anyone spot theirs yet? [Engadget]

Android 2.2 Will Begin Rolling Out To The EVO 4G On August 3

Good news for EVO 4G owners: Sprint will begin rolling out Android 2.2 to its customers starting August 3:

Mugen Battery Pack Doubles Evo 4G Battery Life

The Sprint Evo 4G does a lot of things brilliantly, but endurance is not one of them. Until this Mugen battery pack came along, granting Evo owners’ wish of a full day’s use on one charge.

HTC Evo Shortages Make You And Sprint Equally Frustrated

One thing iPhone 4 and HTC Evo 4G fans can agree on: it’s a pain in the neck to get your hands on either. That’s making it hard for Sprint to get the 4G foothold they’d envisioned.

Idiot-Proof Guide To Rooting The HTC Evo

Why hack your Evo? Free Wi-Fi tethering and plenty of other benefits. OK, but how hard is it? Not too bad with the help of a few apps. This step-by-step, “idiot-proof” guide from Android Forums will hold your hand, gently.

HTC EVO 4G Receives OTA Update 1.47.651.1 (For Improving Wi-Fi?)

EVO 4G owners are seeing update 1.47.651.1 appear on their phones, which we heard about last week. It’s not a biggie by the sounds of it, instead rumoured to contain 802.11n Wi-Fi support and fix a couple of bugs.

Froyo Available On Sprint "In Near Future", Motorola Droid X In August

Google may’ve let Froyo out of the bag, but until the networks and manufacturers release it that won’t mean anything to those ready to kick Android 2.1 to the curb. Sprint and Motorola’s (rough/unconfirmed) plans are detailed below.

HTC EVO 4Gs Falling Apart Already?

Scroll any number of Android forums, and there seems to be a fair few HTC EVO 4G screens separating from the device. It’s surprising news as HTC’s build quality tends to be exemplary, but you just can’t ignore these stories.

Question Of The Day: Do You Want An HTC Evo 4G?

That HTC Evo 4G looks to be one monster of a phone. It’s got essentially everything us serious nerds are always clamouring for, and it’s the first WiMax phone to boot. So, do you want one or what?

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