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What Do You Get When You Cram A HTC Phone And Fake IPhone 4 Into A Game Boy?

Mayhem. That’s what you get. Modder “Goteking” hollowed out a Game Boy, and stuck a HTC Aria in, to peek through the Game Boy’s screen. Not to mention a fake white iPhone 4 for the back. Why? Err…

HTC Aria Coming To Optus, $49 Cap With 1GB Data

HTC and Optus this morning just announced their latest Android release, the HTC Aria. Available from mid-October for $0 upfront on a $49 cap plan, including 1GB of data, the phone will be an Optus exclusive.

HTC Aria, A Lower-End Android Phone, Gets Official For AT&T

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We’ve seen leaked pics and specs for HTC’s latest touchscreen Android phone, but AT&T just made it official.

Latest Leaked Pic Of HTC Aria Comes With Rumoured "Liberty" Name-Change

A clearer shot of the HTC Aria we saw last week has surfaced, however it sounds like the phone has been renamed as the HTC Liberty. Unless it’s a different Android phone altogether…

HTC Aria Looks Set To Be A Small Android, Exclusive To AT&T

They’re not blurry, but they sure are low-res. Nonetheless, these photos will pique Android users’ interests, as they’re pointed at being of the teensy HTC Aria, exclusive to AT&T.

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