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HTC Touch Diamond 2 Hands On: I Might Like the Original Better

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is similar to the Touch Pro 2, except it lacks the keyboard, speakerphone and conference calling capability. And though it’s a fine phone, I prefer the original Touch Diamond’s design.

Touch Diamond2 Apps Ripped for Original Touch Diamond, Touch Pro

As pretty as HTCs are, they’re nothing without their custom skins and apps. And as with seemingly every other new Windows Mobile product, the new Diamond2 assets have been ripped and made available online.

HTC Touch 3G Launches, Touch HD Nowhere To Be Seen...

It’s pretty easy to forget that when HTC first announced the Touch HD back in September, they also mentioned a couple of other handsets: The Touch 3G and the Touch Viva. Well, yesterday HTC officially launched the middle model for Australia – The Touch 3G – along with a refreshed version of the original Touch. Strangely, both models utilise the TouchFLO 2D software to try and hide Windows Mobile 6.1, not the TouchFLO 3D we saw in the Touch Diamond. And, obviously, the Touch 3G is HSDPA compliant, although not on NextG’s 850Mhz frequency. The 3G has an RRP of $799, while the refreshed Touch is sitting at $599. And for those of you desperate for the Touch HD, HTC reckon they’re working for a Q1 2009 launch, although nothing is confirmed at this stage…

Leaked HTC T8290 Has Touch HD Resolution, WiMax, Sharp Corners

These images of a new HTC handset from Nedge2k reveal a surprising addition to the Taiwanese company’s line: a half Touch HD, half Touch Diamond handset for which WiMax — of all things — is the most salient feature. Such a product might not make sense in most places, but Russia already has more than 20 million people soaking in their WiMax networks and other compatible phones in the pipeline. galleryPost('htct8290', 3, '');

HTC Touch Diamond Pops Up in Seven Colours

We were surprised to see the HTC Diamond just coming in white, but those in France now have the opportunity to pick up the Diamond in one of seven colours: White, blue, brown, fuchsia, yellow, purple or rose. Unless you’re packing up to move abroad, chances are you’ll never see most, if any of these Skittlesfied options. But we thought we’d show you just to rub it in. Happy Monday! [Phone and Phone via NowhereElse]

HTC Touch Pro Lands On 3: $1,099 Outright

Well Gizmodians, one of this year’s most anticipated smartphones has finally hit Aussie shores. Months after we first caught a glimpse of the smartphone, HTC showed off their brand spanking new HTC Touch Pro to a bunch of curious tech journos today. And the verdict: it’s surprisingly impressive.

In the flesh, the Pro looks a hell of a lot like its little brother, the Touch Diamond. In fact with its TouchFlo 3D interface, 3.2 megapixel camera, direct printing capabilities, internet access and a whole bunch of other fancy stuff, you can’t help but ask: why did HTC even bother releasing the Diamond?

The answer to that question lies in the phone’s profile.

Family Portrait: HTC Touch Phones

From left to right: HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Diamond, and HTC Touch Pro. Note that while the Touch HD’s footprint isn’t much bigger, the screen appears ginormous. [CNET]

HTC Touch HD Gets Fondled in French Video (Oh La La)

Let the drooling continue: The guys at “Generation Phone House” have run through HTC’s Touch HD (or the “ash tee say touch essh day” for the non-Francophone among us) in video, and just as we said in our first-hand impressions, it’s looking mighty nice here stacked up against an iPhone 3G and a Samsung Omnia. TouchFlo is looking smooth as ever here on that WVGA 480×800 screen. Release date please? [YouTubeThanks, Franklin!]

New HTC Touch Diamond Is White Like the Colour White

We know, there are other, more exciting HTC touchscreen phones one their way. But you shouldn’t forget about the good old Touch Diamond just yet. Why? Because, it’s coming to stores (somewhere) in white this October. Though in a similar fashion to the iPhone 3G, the back may have a new coat, but the front panel still comes in black only (probably to help the display’s colours pop). Here’s the mega pic version:

HTC Touch HD, Touch 3G and Touch Viva Hands-On Impressions

We got hands on time with the HTC Touch 3G, Touch Viva and most importantly, the Touch HD last week at CTIA. Although we didn’t get to delve deep into its Windows Mobile guts, we did spend enough time fiddling with the TouchFLO interface up top that we know how it’ll feel for you on a day-to-day basis. You’ll be pleased.

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