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You Know You Want This 60-Inch HD Arcade Machine With A Built-In Kegerator

What if you combined your three favourite things into one big toy? What’s that? You would combine beer, video games, and high definition TV? No need to imagine, folks. Such a machine exists, and it only costs $US5000.

Samsung Australia 2013 Home Audio: Wireless Sound Bar, 7.1 Surround And Powerful Portable Speakers

It’s a strange feeling to spend the night in a hotel when you’re looking out over your own city. But there I was listening to the new digital audio line-up that Samsung first previewed at CES in January. The HT-F9750W 7.1 channel home theatre system; the HW-F751 vacuum tube Sound Bar; and the $299 DA-F61 portable Bluetooth speaker. Updated industrial design, warm sound and a distinct lack of wires are this year’s audio hooks. Here’s why that’s fine by me…

Sonos Wants More Space In Your Home Theatre For Its New Playbar

Sonos continues its righteous quest to dominate every room in your house with easy, awesome wireless music with its new Playbar. The soundbar joins the Sonos subwoofer introduced last year as well as two standalone tabletop systems already available.

Budget-Friendly Yamaha Home Theatres Bring 4K Passthrough And AirPlay

Yamaha’s home theatres and soundbars have always been excellent — even before you consider that they offer great value for the money. The newly refreshed $US850 YHT-897 home theatre in a box might make it one of the best deals out there right now.

Home Theatre Showroom Shopping Essentials

There’s a pretty simple rule to follow when you’re looking at buying a quality home theatre system – don’t spend a cent until you’ve heard what the system sounds like in person. Fortunately, there are still a number of high-end audio showrooms around Australia to “try before you buy”, where you can go to check out different systems performances in a proper environment.

How Apple's AirPlay Is About To Change Your Life

Apple’s AirPlay, a new feature arriving with today’s release of iOS 4.2, marks a huge move into a (mercifully) wireless future, beaming music, videos and photos to speakers and screens all over your house. Here’s why it’s so damn cool.

Samsung's Latest Blu-ray Home Theatre System Looks Top Heavy

Designed to match their $10K Series 9 LED TV, the Samsung HT-C9950W 3D home theatre Blu-ray system is stunning. It also looks like it could topple over with the slightest touch, but maybe that’s just my paranoid-father-of-a-one-year-old-who-pulls-on-everything-within-his-limited-grasp mind talking…

You Want Pioneer's 3D Blu-ray Player With Armoured Chassis

What makes Pioneer’s first 3D Blu-ray player stand out? It’s got an armoured chassis. So you can throw remotes at it. And it’s iPhone controlled. Which is all Pioneer’s saying about the BDP-43FD, but expect it to be expensive. [Pioneer]

Sharp's 3D Blu-ray Player Is What PS3 Slim Should've Looked Like

A simple, skinny rectangle, Sharp’s 3D Blu-ray players pull in Netflix, Pandora and Vudu and plays back Divx files. There’s no built-in Wi-Fi, but it comes with a dongle. They’re $US430 and $US500. [Sharp]

Samsung's Combined Blu-Ray/PVR Launching In Australia

Given Samsung’s penchant for shouting “First!” with home entertainment products, it’s surprising that it’s taken them so long to stick a hard drive and a HDTV tuner inside one of their Blu-ray players to make a one-box shop for your home theatre. Especially considering Panasonic has been doing it for years. But now they have, and it’s coming to Australia.

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