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Breathtaking Helicopter Footage Of Cities Around The World

This is behind the scenes footage from some commercial that Hyundai shot that basically toured the world. I have no idea what the final commercial looks like and I don’t really care because I’m totally obsessed with this truly spectacular footage they got of cities around the world from the vantage point of a helicopter.

How Many Sailors Do You Need To Pull A Helicopter To The Ground? 

Five, but they all have to be on the staff rotor! Sorry, that’s an awful joke. Actually, this image shows a team fast-roping from a helicopter.

This Is A Ridiculously Perfect Shot Of A Chinook Helicopter 

Just look at this photo. On the highest mountain in North America, surrounded by stunning snowy scenery and beneath a sun halo, sits a 50-year-old tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter equipped with ski landing gear.

Peaceful Shot Of MV-22 Osprey Overlooking The Sun On Top A Mountain

The US Marines says this photo shows a MV-22B Osprey preparing to take off on top of a mountain in New Mexico. I think the picture is fantastic, the rear shot makes it look like the Osprey is being contemplative and its rotors are splitting the Sun at the perfect angle. Everything almost looks peaceful.

This Might Be The Perfect Photo Of A Sea Hawk Helicopter

This photo of a HH-60H Sea Hawk Navy helicopter, taken on April 12, is virtually flawless. The whole scene is like a well executed model diorama: the sea surface like broken sheet glass; the Sea Hawk hovering, still on its rope ladder stand; and those two tiny navy technicians clinging on for dear life.

Spectacular Night Photos Of The New Puma Helicopter 

These night photos of an AF Puma Mk2 helicopter being loaded onto a C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft, illuminated by runway lights at Brize Norton, the largest station of the Royal Air Force, are simply too good to handle.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (For This Anti-Piracy Dolphin)

In this spectacular and dramatic long-exposure night shot you can see a Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin helicopter — Dolphin, to its friends — being towed into its hangar aboard Ventôse, a light monitoring frigate of the French Marine Nationale.

'Uber For Helicopters' Is Gross, Absurd, And I Want To Use It Every Day

Helicopter rides are fun and fast; and ridesharing apps are booming. These are the core ideas behind Gotham Air, a helicopter rideshare service that promises to get you from helipad to airport in six minutes. Do you need it? Definitely not. Is it amazing? We tried it — and yes, it absolutely is.

This Helicopter Crash Is Terrifying Because Of The Noise

Listen to this video of a helicopter ditching into the sea while trying to land on the research vessel Viking Vision. I say listen, because you can’t see much but you can hear all the scary noises — the screaming engine sound and the water getting into the helicopter. It feels even more terrifying than seeing it.

How Insane Helicopter Pilots Harvest Your Christmas Tree At Mad Speeds

Once again, it’s time buy dead trees. Once again, we should marvel at the way they harvest them: Using insane helicopters pilots flying at full speed, ferrying trees from one side of a hill to where the trucks are. It’s crazy.

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