Incredibly Enough, This Helicopter Is Not Going Down In Flames

This incredible photo by Nir Ben-Yosef aka xnir — an Israeli photographer who specialises in aviation and air-to-air photography and production — may look really scary. But, fear not, because this AH-64A Apache is not going down in flames. It’s just releasing flares to show off.

This Helicopter Lifting A Giant Cannon Is Not A Video Game Still

It looks like Call of Duty. It’s not. It looks like a movie. It’s not. Instead it’s an incredible photograph of a Marine Corps Super Stallion Helicopter taking off with a M777 howitzer in the California desert. In real life. What a powerful image. The helicopter is lugging the 7,500 pound 35 foot long monster of a weapon like it’s nothing.

Watch NASA Crash A Helicopter On Purpose Right Here, Right Now

Want to watch a copter crash live and guilt-free? Of course you do. Well you’re in luck: NASA is serving one up right now.

Watch Top Gear Korea Crash The Cobra Attack Helicopter They Were Using

Top Gear is an international sensation, so much so that now Korea has its own version, and has since 2011. The Top Gear brand is synonymous with insane stunts that pit man’s greatest machines against each other set to tense music and shot with spectacular skill, but all of that went horribly wrong one day on the set of Top Gear Korea when a challenge ended in a Cobra attack helicopter crashed into the ground. Watch the video here.

Helicopter Crashes Right On The Beach

I don’t know what’s wrong with helicopters in Brazil, but they keep crashing them in the most idiotic ways possible. Check out this one, going a little bit too close to the beach until it finally crashes against the waves. [Bing]

Here's Kim Dotcom Being Chased By A Helicopter

Kim Dotcom just posted an image of an helicopter chasing his car. Is that the New Zealand police? The FBI in a rented helicopter? The press? A playful friend? He hasn’t shared any more details, but it’s pretty amazing, in a Ray Liotta’s Goodfellas way.

This Is One Weird Helicopter Accident

Nobody was injured in this weird weird WEIRD helicopter accident, so you can laugh away from minute one. I feel sorry for the people getting shaken so badly, but it is almost funny.

This Is Why You Shouldn't Land A Helicopter Next To A Giant Tent

When landing a helicopter, I guess there are a few basic rules to follow. Make sure you don’t land on people likely comes first, but a close second is probably to avoid landing near things that stand a good chance of getting blown away. This pilot didn’t remember that part.

Breaking Video: Jaw-Dropping NZ Helicopter Crash

Helicopter accidents are nothing to take lightly. What’s amazing about this crash in New Zealand is that the pilot walked away unharmed.

Multicopter Could Be Your Ticket To The Heavens

Why screw around with one propellor when your personal multicopter can have 16. I cannot wait to hover around my neighbourhood making everyone jealous and finding frisbees stuck on roofs.