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Samsung's New Galaxy Grand Doesn't Quite Live Up To Its Name

Samsung’s latest addition to its Galaxy line-up — the Grand — has just been announced. Sadly, it’s not clear that it entirely lives up to its name.

Samsung Building 128GB Flash Memory Chips For Next Year's Superphones

There might just be a 128GB memory option when it comes to upgrading to the Galaxy S4 next year or the S5 the year after, thanks to Samsung now mass producing 128GB memory chips for use in mobile devices.

New Snapdragon Chip Integrates LTE, Saves Power

Qualcomm’s next-generation system-on-a-chip is set to turn up inside consumer devices at the Mobile World Congress — and judging by its rumoured speed and integrated LTE technology, it could cause quite a stir.

Review: Using Your Phone As An Xbox Controller

Last week was a big week for Xbox fans. The latest dashboard update completely overhauled the user experience on the games console, iOS users got a dedicated app for Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7 users got the ability to control their Xbox using their smartphones. But how well does that work? We tested it out.

Fujitsu's Windows Mobile Mango Phone Could Arrive Early

Nikkei is reporting that the very first Windows Mobile “Mango” handset to hit the market could arrive earlier than the purported Fall launch window, courtesy Fujitsu.

You Won't Have To Say The Word MOTOBLUR Anymore

MOTOBLUR will soon be gone. Not the Android overlay, but the term itself.

Google Finally Fights Back Against Android Fragmentation

Openness has always been Android’s beauty and its curse. Google’s mobile operating system is available to any manufacturer that wants a slice, meaning you see it everywhere! It’s also historically been a place for hardware specialists and carriers to flex their software muscles, leading to custom alterations – skins – that often leave an elegant smartphone solution ugly, unusable, or both.

Samsung Reboots With Super-Thin, Super Sharp Galaxy S II

Not that this is any surprise given the massive leak of photos and impressions that preceeded today’s big Mobile World Congress event, but Samsung has officially pulled the trigger on an impressive reboot of the Galaxy S.

Possible Palm Devices Revealed In WebOS 2.0 Code

A bevy of potential Palm handset codenames have been revealed in a snippet of WebOS 2.0 code this weekend. If you’re curious, have a look at what we won’t be officially calling five Palm devices if they officially launch in the future:

Optus Adds The Motorola Quench To Their Android Lineup

Thirsty for Android, but not sure where to look? Optus and Motorola want you to look at them with their new Quench handset. And yes, that is probably the worst opening line to any post you will ever read on Gizmodo.

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