Huawei's Mobile World Congress Booth Gave Off A Weird 'Halo' Vibe

Image Cache: Mobile World Congress is massive. It’s a city of booths packed with phones, tablets and obnoxious thought leaders. Huawei is one of the owners of these booths, and as soon as I walked into it this week I got a weird Halo vibe thanks to the ceiling. Check it out.

A Halo-Themed Helmet That Protects Your Head On Motorcycles Or Warthogs

It looks like NECA is ready to stop teasing its Master Chief-inspired motorcycle helmet and finally start shipping an actual product as early as July of this year. And while it might look like a Halloween or cosplay costume accessory, this helmet is officially DOT-approved and will protect your noggin’ whether you’re riding a motorcycle, Warthog or Scorpion tank.

The Best Stuff At Toy Fair 2015

Once a year, toy companies from all over the world converge on New York to reveal what everyone will be fighting to buy their kids — or themselves — when the holidays roll around again. And once again we grabbed our cameras, put ourselves in the mind of a child (that was the easy part), and set out to find the most exciting new toys that will be hitting store shelves this year.

The Halo Needler Is Now A Real Dart Gun

Halo deathmatches are about to get real. (Except the whole dying part.) Mattel is turning the hit video game’s iconic sci-fi weaponry into awesome toy dart guns. First up: The infamous Needler.

Perfect Halo Plasma Rifle Replicas Prove The Covenant Has The Best Toys

Few of us have the necessary skills (or tools) needed to build our own replica props, but with enough disposable income that can be easily overcome. Triforce’s upcoming full-scale Plasma rifle replica from Halo 2: Anniversary Edition might cost $US600, but it’s a perfect hand-painted imitation that looks like it was snatched from a fallen Covenant fighter on the battlefield.

The Next-Gen Game I'm Most Excited For Right Now Came Out 10 Years Ago

It has been noted before that the transition into the latest generation of consoles has been weirdly soft and tentative. New games take ages to hit the market, and instead we’re left to play last-gen re-releases over and over until we wonder why we bought a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in the first place. Six months on and I find it’s still the case, especially because the game I’m most excited to play right now came out 10 years ago.

Gigantic Futuristic Metropolis Of Halo 5

Gallery: I don’t know much about Halo 5: Guardians but, looking at the scale and detail of these new environment concepts, I know that I would really like to play it. Give me an Oculus Rift and I will get lost in those city streets forever.

Here's The First Trailer For That Halo TV Series

Remember when Microsoft said it was doing a Halo TV series? Nuts, right? Well now, even though Xbox Entertainment has been shuttered, live-action Halo lives on, and this is the first look.

This Real-World Halo Energy Sword Is Pretty Damn Cool

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton — who has crafted swords for about 200 feature films — has made the Halo Energy Sword. The end result is pretty damn neat, but my favourite thing about Swatton’s videos is the process.

The Only Better Thing Than A Giant Lego Spaceship Is A Real Spaceship

My favourite Lego constructions are spaceships — precise models that fire my imagination better than any illustration. The two-metre Lego UNSC Spirit of Fire by Mark Kelso is an example of the perfect Lego spaceship. The detail in this thing is absolutely insane. I’m not surprised that it took four (FOUR!) years to complete.