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Slow Motion Laser Hair Removal Is A Tiny Massacre

Video: Laser hair removal might be the most requested cosmetic procedure, but how does it work?

Scientists Have Discovered The First Gene Responsible For Grey Hair

You can blame your parents for some of those grey hairs. A new study has identified the first gene known to be responsible for causing your hair to lose its colour.

Sorry, Rogaine -- We Can Finally 3D-Print Hair

Could this be the ‘killer app’ for 3D printers that finally makes them a must-have device for every home? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute have found a way to use 3D printers to create realistic-looking hair, bristles, and other fibres.

Could Humble Milkweed Replace Down Feathers In Your Outdoor Gear?

Down is the most effective commonly-available insulator for outdoors apparel. But it’s also expensive, loses its ability to insulate when wet (if untreated) and — there’s no way around this — is horribly cruel to most of the ducks and geese who donate their underfeathers. Now, there may be a real alternative: milkweed.

The Best Cure For Balding May Be To Pluck What's Left

Shaved heads have come in and out of fashion over the past few decades, but some people don’t have the option of allowing their locks to grow. Thankfully, for those who do suffer from hair loss, or alopecia, help may be at hand. Somewhat counter-intuitively an effective treatment for baldness may come from plucking a certain number of hairs — in a specific formation — from the scalp.

Iconic Hairstyles Of Famous Characters From Pop Culture

Our favourite TV show characters and movie stars and cartoons are often remembered for how they look. The outfits they wear, the cars they drive, the weapons they use, the swagger they carry and the hairstyle they have. Here’s an infographic showing 65 different famous hairstyles.

Why Dying Your Hair May Not Be As Safe As You Think

The basic chemistry of hair dyes has changed little over the last century, but what do we know about the risks of colouring our hair, and why do we do it?

This Is One Really Damn Cool Visual Effect

Video: Phenomenal, almost abstract video created by London-based directing duo Bif. I like how they managed to transform reality into a 1960s rug.

No, Your Hair And Fingernails Don't Keep Growing After You Die

Ever heard the morbid little Fun Fact™ that your hair and nails keep growing after you die? Well, it’s not true. It may appear that a dead person’s fingernails are still growing, but that’s only because the body is drying up. The skin’s retraction around the nail just makes it look like they’re growing.

Disney Research 3D-Prints Figurines With The Most Lifelike Hair Ever

3D printing can make an action figure copy of your body and face, but the hair usually ends up looking like a Lego minifig wig. The mad scientists at Disney Research just solved that, with an algorithm so powerful it can trace your hair’s shape and colour with ultra-realism.

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