Why Do We Still Have Pubic Hair?

It’s a biological mystery that has perplexed humanity through the ages — especially in recent times when so many of us go to such great lengths to remove it. What useful purpose could pubic and armpit hair possibly serve?

Did You Know You Can Actually Play A Violin Strung With Human Hair?

Artist Tadas Maskimovas used his own hair to string a violin in this surprising video. The hair is meticulously worked to form the right-sized strings and then is glued together so it becomes more resistant. The experiment was designed to prove that you can make music with almost anything you want.

How Testosterone Makes You Hairy

Male or female, most of us have body hair — some far, far more than others. This video explains how testosterone fuels the growth of hair all over your body.

A Nick In Time: How Shaving Evolved Over 100,000 Years Of History

Removing unwanted body hair has been a part of human hygiene since the dawn of history. Over the centuries, this practice has served to denote everything from high-ranking social status to acts of contrition. And as the tradition of shaving has evolved in step with global culture, so too have the tools of the trade.

I Can't Figure Out Which Way The Girl In These Photographs Is Standing

So her hair makes it look like she’s turned away from the camera, but her clothes are set up to make it look like she’s facing the camera. What way is she really facing? Honestly, I can’t tell. Malin Bergman loves to play little games with her Instagram pictures to make you question and wonder what’s really happening in the photo.

The Crazy Facial Hair From The US' Beard And Moustache Championships

There’s something to be said for imaginatively styling the follicles on one’s body. Of course, whether anyone will see said hairy designs is another matter entirely. For the blokes who participated in this year’s National (US) Beard And Moustache Championships, their works of art were on full display, some of which you can check out here.

Watch How Hard It Is To Wash Long Hair In Space

Chris Hadfield may be back on the planet, but luckily for us other spacestronauts are following his lead when it comes to making videos. Here we have Expedition 36 Crew Member Karen Nyberg making a fantastic case for getting a serious haircut before you go into orbit.

What Really Causes Baldness (Hint: It's Not Your Grandpa)

There’s an old adage that says if your mum’s father has lost all of his hair, then you’re probably staring down a future of hats and shaved heads too. And as ASAP Science explains, thanks to genetics, that’s technically true for males, but there’s more to the story.

USB-Powered Self-Misting Hairbrush: Thanko, You've Done It Again

Just when you think the industrial designers of the world have lost their inspiration for true innovation, Thanko comes along and opens a new window to improving our lives through technology. This time around it’s a USB-rechargeable hairbrush featuring a built-in water reservoir and misting pump, so the humidity is always perfect.

Hairy Electronic Skin That Lets Robots Feel

A coating of hairy electronic skin could soon help robots feel the slightest breath of air or detect the faint vibrations of a beating heart.