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The Future Of GIFs Is Killing What Makes Them So Great

Those wonderful looping animations we call GIFs are an unlikely story of survival in an age when digital formats come and go like the wind. The lure of the decades-old GIF format has caused people to ignore its flaws, but those looking to bring the format into modern times might just be inadvertently drowning its very soul.

Superior H.264 Codec Now The 'Official' Standard Among Popular Piracy Groups

Apparently, piracy groups get together periodically to discuss the finer points of their escapades. Who knew? At the latest gathering of the piracy world’s lords and ladies, they decided to promote the x264 codec for TV encoding duties over the venerable XviD. The move has caused a rather vocal response from their consumers.

Google Chrome Drops H.264 Support, Even Though It Still Loves Flash

Oh wow. Google’s dropping support for h.264 video in Chrome, because, they say, they’re only going to support “open codec technologies”:

H.264 Will Be Royalty-Free, Mozilla Still Doesn't Care

MPEG LA, the group who who licenses the h.264 video codec, has extended its royalty-free use (for free internet video) from 2016 until, well, forever. But Mozilla thinks that the better part of forever could belong to Google’s WebM format.

Elgato Turbo.264 HD Makes Converting Video For iPads, iPhones Super Simple

If someone you know would be daunted by an instruction to “just use Handbrake”, Elgato’s new Turbo.264 HD software makes it dead easy to convert video files from camcorders and computers for playback on iPads and iPhones and the rest..

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Finalised, You Can Download Now

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 just got finalised so if you want silky smooth HD video, go download it now.

Steve Jobs Is Not Impressed With Google's New Video Format

Google hopes to sidestep the entire HTML5 video debate with a new, open source, royalty free format called WebM. But will Apple ever support it? Judging by to the latest missive from Steve’s iPad, things don’t look great.

Giz Explains: Why It's Hard To Stream Video Over 3G

The thing about wirelessly streaming video to millions and millions of phones is that it’s, like, hard.

Is H.264 A Legal Minefield For Video Pros?

If you’re a digital-video professional – someone who records weddings, sells stock footage or edits B-roll – chances are good you deal with H.264. But after reading software licence agreements, you might well wonder if you have rights to do so.

The H.264 Encoding Boom

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs said quite confidently that alternatives like H.264 have already made the lion’s share of web video available to devices that don’t support Flash. This chart shows why he’s probably right.

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