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Strikingly Beautiful Pictures Show The Horrors Of The BP Oil Spill

Seattle-based photographer Daniel Beltrá took these images by for the book Spill. They’re beautiful, perfectly crafted shots despite their horrible — and gut-wrenching to the point of nausea — subject matter: The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Spill Round Up

One year on, we take a look at the technologies used to combat the worst oil spill in US history.

Why Capping Blown Oil Wells Is So Difficult

Last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill dumped an estimated 9.8 million litres of oil A DAY into the Gulf of Mexico – you’d think someone would have gotten on that faster. Oh, they did? Fire on the Horizon explains what took so damn long.

Burning The Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico

With BP closing its book on the oil spill disaster, we’re left to repair the damage – and look at Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s dramatic photos from the last few months, including the Q4000’s oil flaring. [Burtynsky via DesignBoom]

BP's Oil Spill Report Lays Blame On 'Multiple Companies And Work Teams'

After five months of investigations, soul-searching and naval-gazing, BP’s released its report today summarising exactly how a catastrophe such as their Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster could have occurred. And it’s a doozy.

Oil Platform Explodes In Gulf Of Mexico

An oil-production platform in the Vermilion Bay exploded today around 9.30am, with 13 people on board. One crew member was injured, and 12 are in the water in immersion suits. As of 10.30am the rig was still on fire.

Oil-Eating Bacteria Having Fun, Getting Fat, Munching BPs Spillage

You know when you drop some food on the kitchen floor, and eventually the cockroaches eat it all up and there’s nothing left? The same thing is happening in the crisis-hit Gulf of Mexico, with bacteria chomping up the hydrocarbons.

Prototype Robot Swarm Could Clean Up Oil Spill In A Month

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This solar-powered fellow is part of a robot group called Seaswarm. He and his buddies are cheap, autonomous, and communicate via GPS and Wi-Fi. And 5000 of them could theoretically clean up the Gulf oil spill in a month.

BP Sand Shark Hunts Tarball Prey On Devastated Gulf Coast Beaches

Meet the Sand Shark. Unveiled this week on the sands of Alabama, this imperfect tool is perhaps the best weapon yet against the oily disaster BP has wrought against the Gulf coast. Updated.

BP Declares Static Kill Cement Plug A Success

BP says they were successful in placing a cement plug on the leaking Gulf oil well, the final step of their static kill procedure. Their next effort will be the construction of a relief well.

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