This Guitar Blogs

What happens when you give Steve Benford, the Professor of Collaborative Computing in at the University of Nottingham, a guitar and some time? He creates an instrument that blogs is what.

A One-String, Pen-Sized Guitar That Almost Plays Like The Real Thing

They’re not as awkward to transport as a piano or a cello, but guitars are far from being the easiest instrument to travel with. If air guitar never really satisfies your desire to play while away from your instrument, this pen-sized single-string playable guitar might be a better travelling companion.

Gibson's New Audio Cable Automatically Records Everything You Play

Ensuring that no spontaneous but memorable riff ever gets forgotten, Gibson has teamed up with Tascam to create the next-generation of audio cables that actually records everything being played on an instrument, for up to eight solid hours on a single AA battery. It’s like a dashcam for catching musical accidents you definitely want to remember.

An Ergonomic Upgrade Makes Guitar Picks Easier To Grasp

Die-hard musicians might scoff at the idea of the guitar pick needing an upgrade, but the creators of the Pykmax believe they have created a far more ergonomic and comfortable way to pick and pluck at strings.

A Guitar Amp That's Going To Piss Analogue Purists Off

Line 6, the well-regarded guitar gear manufacturer that just sold to Yamaha, has a new guitar amp that’s going to give tube traditionalists — like me! — a migraine. Bluetooth?! iOS app? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. OK, but let’s not be luddites for the hell of it. What’s Line 6′s new Amplifi got to offer?

A Drum Machine In A Guitar Pedal Is A Genius Idea

Drummers are the worst, but for guitar players the options are limited. You either get a drummer or deal with a bunch of extra gear to replace a drummer. Which is why Beat Buddy, despite its really unfortunate name, is a totally intriguing. It could be the simple hands-free drum machine guitar players have been waiting for.

How The Electric Guitar Was Invented

For as far back as we are able to look into the prehistory of the human race, music has been a crucial part of the life of humans. Some scholars even speculate that human music may have come before language. From the beginning, people living in little groups sang and danced to self-made music. Drums and pipes were readily developed, and even today they can be found in use, still often hand-made, in every culture anywhere in the world where simple communities gather for group celebrations.

How Inventor Paul Vo Created A Little Box That Could Change Guitars Forever

The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesiser is one of the most innovative musical instrument products created in years. Strap one onto any acoustic guitar and you can transform the way it sounds by breaking — or at least manipulating — the laws of physics. Here’s the story of how inventor Paul Vo made a device that sounds like magic.

The Easiest Guitar Tuner In The World

Guitar tuners aren’t always the simplest gadgets in the world, even if they’re mostly charged with an impossibly simple task. In fact, advanced features on more expensive tuners might confuse someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. This one, however, opts for simple and cheap. There’s something to be said for that.

This Orange Guitar Amp Is More Powerful Than Your Computer

This Orange amp, called the OPC, isn’t like other guitar amps. Instead of being little more than a jumped-up loudspeaker, this thing packs more computational grunt than your main computer.